Chutzpah verses Fear


Chutzpah verses Fear

There was a time when fear ruled my life. Every decision I made a fear driven reality. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) fear became my life force.

Having MS meant for years that I could not count on my body even for a minute. No two seconds of living ever the same never knowing which part of my body would function and/or when. Life was very scary with MS winning almost every hand I was dealt for a long ass time.

Circa 2010 and I am studying to get my BA in Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. I fell in love with Narrative Therapy & the teacher who specialized in this post modern form of psychotherapy Charlie Lang. Narrative Therapy considers people are the expert in their own lives and uses language to recreate new narratives. Narrative therapy also considers problems we face separate from the person and that we all have the skills necessary to create change.

The start of each class Charlie asked for a volunteer to stage a 'mock therapy session' in front of the class. I literally jumped out of my seat begging to be picked. Little did everyone know I was about to give a real therapy session in front of everyone. My life filled with fear and I was no longer living.

At this time in life things were spinning out of control. MS was calling the shots which translated into a life faced with the choices of homelessness, institutionalization or I was contemplating suicide. I had little to no use of my hands, healthcare costs were so high my life savings almost depleted & I lived in constant pain. Trouble swallowing was increasing & I knew my days of using my body freely were numbered. At this point I had no hope & no tools to beat MS & fear was deciding every second of my life response to MS.

The day of class I found myself overcome with fear. Crippled by its power I was a complete mess & barely hanging on. Somehow I knew that Charlie could sense my urgency picking me to be in front of the class for the 'mock therapy' session.

Charlie starting by asking me what I would like to talk about during the session and I said fear. He asked what fear was to me so he could clearly understand what I meant by fear. I explained that fear was the leader in my life making all the decisions. I also shared how crippling it was making choices harder and harder to come by.

Next Charlie asked how long I lived with fear calling the shots and I explained since MS entered my body it was in charge because of the nature of its devastation.

The next question Charlie asked changed my life: 'Before fear what was calling the shots in your life V?'

I thought for what felt like so much time to answer this question. I remember sitting in front of everyone thinking back to before fear ruled my every move. Quite honestly I had forgotten what life was like before fear yet I knew it was not the ruler of my life journey before MS. It took me so long to remind myself of life before fear.

Suddenly it hit me! I had Chutzpah! Chutzpah ruled my life before fear!

Remembering this I began to feel better because quite honestly I had forgotten I had courage. Fear was so powerful I literally forgot who I was & the tools I had.

For the remainder of the class session Charlie had both us play the roles of Fear talking to Chutzpah and I was quickly reminded that there was more to me than fear. MS had so clouded my person that I forgot the tools I had inside me. This was a huge eye opening moment for me which began the journey to BAM I am living today.

By 2011 my fear was becoming less and less with my person making choices that were based on best life living and no longer motivated by fear alone. Before the year ended I saw the life changing TEDx by my hero, friend and mentor, Dr. Terry Wahls and was now ready to begin my journey to miracle status.

The work of the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady centers around changing our life narrative from autopilot to living. Often during this work many of us are reintroduced to the assets of love, survival and joy that live inside of us which are forgotten when we live a life of routine following both cultural and societal norms.

With 1 in 5 being disabled in the USA I am sure fear lives in many of us. My brands work focuses on reminding ourselves that we are not defined by what life throws our way, but how we respond. Somehow I forgot the power of me in the face of MS and all that is V. Today I gladly show MS who is BOSS which could only have happened once I kicked fear out of the building.

Got fear? Dig deep inside to remind yourself what defined you before fear entered the building so you too can tap your BAM.




Family Fued


Family Fued

Not going to lie one of the hardest things about living with a disease is how your family reacts.

Now most would like to believe that family are uber supportive & attentive when you get sick. The sad reality is for most of us this is not the case. Add the fact that diseases are often chronic & debilitating lasting decades & you hit a sweet spot for a less than supportive family. Make the disease invisible & you are almost set up for huge disappointment.

I know there are folks out there with families that are top notch. However as someone who lives with the community & dedicates herself to help others I can tell you without question family is often the #1 problem for the community I serve.

family cooking.jpg

For me the key to kicking Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb comes from diet and lifestyle choices. Eating whole foods as a Wahls Warrior coupled with yoga, meditation & healthy relationships are the core principles of being the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

  • Would you believe me if I told you more than 75% of those making choices regarding diet & lifestyle to get healthy are not supported by families?
  • Would you believe me if I told you most families expect to be fed a traditional toxic American diet while the one suffering eats whole foods alone?
  • Would you believe me if I told you most family members do not believe or support diet & lifestyle changes can create a healing platform for their loved ones?
  • Would you believe me if I told you many families take active steps to sabotage the efforts of those suffering?

It deeply saddens me that this all to often is the case. Families are like you do whatever you want, but I am out.

  • Imagine how that would make you feel?
  • Imagine the message it sends to loved ones who are suffering?
  • Imagine how powerful your actions stand to jeopardize a loved ones ability for healing?

Touring the USA living with strangers I have seen & heard it all. Nothing shocks me anymore.

I have to admit even with my own TEDx sharing how family & culture plays a role in this process never did I think the universal standard would be that families simply do not support diet & lifestyle changes.

My heart breaks for this reality. For successful change to happen it rests in those suffering. Sad, but true.

What do I mean?

  • If you live in a family unit & prepare the meals ALL participate with dietary changes inside the home.
  • If you have children feed them exactly how you eat.
  • If you are in a committed relationship your partner must support these changes when engaged with you.
  • If you entertain you only offer options that support your journey.
  • If you have a pantry it needs to be compliant to your wishes. Bye bye dueling pantries.

These changes show ownership of your commitment to heal. Without putting these in place your attempts are simply conversation for almost 99% of us because sustaining a healthy life becomes nearly impossible.

So often I hear from those suffering that they can't expect their kids to do this. I call bullshit. 

  • If you are not willing to demand support for your wellness journey than you are lying to yourself about how much you believe in diet & lifestyle to heal.
  • If you are not willing to demand support from your family than you are making a half ass attempt to heal.
  • If you are not willing to have a serious conversation with your loved ones about the changes needed to heal you have not begun to own your role in living with disease.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch because I am telling you the hard truth about making diet & lifestyle changes to live your BAM life.

Simply own the fact that just like in everything if you don't commit 100% you are only setting yourself up for failure & your own commitment level is not on point. In addition, if you really believe in the path you are taking toward conscious living how could you ever consider allowing loved ones to continue the 'toxic' way of eating?

When I cleaned out my pantry I personally struggled to give the items from my pantry that were identified as toxic to others. I felt if I would not eat it why would I give it to someone else? 

I ask how could your children eat one way & you the other once you get conscious?

Once you embark on the journey of consciousness regarding food to heal & support a wellness journey it is a family/household affair. Not something for only those suffering to embark on.

If you alone only commit to this than I questions the toxicity of your relationships & also the authenticity of your intentions. Loved ones who do not support you don't believe in your path & willingness to go it alone shows you too might have doubts.

Miracle status starts with believing 100% you are on the right path, totally awake in life & have community support. Without these things it is simply conversation.

The current status quo is that often families are not supporting dietary changes when someone needs to use food as medicine and this plan sucks & it is time we all woke up & understood what this truly means.

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PaleoFX 2017: New Products Round-Up


PaleoFX 2017: New Products Round-Up

Just back from my 5th PaleoFX & excited to share the latest products that caught my eye.

I did not attend talks at this year's PaleoFX as I seem to find them geared toward those early in their journey & not offering new insights to me personally. I highly recommend a full pass for those just starting their conscious life & for others a trade show floor pass is sufficient to get a BAM from your time at this event.

Vendors did not disappoint at all. So many old friends & new make walking the exhibit floor a good time.

For those who like to break a sweat the show has tons to offer you as well. I did note many of the activities that in previous years were free are no longer & have price tags ranging from $25-$35 for each session. Not going to lie this broke my heart a bit because exhibitors give samples of their products all day long & I feel anyone that makes money doing what they taught in a class should offer it for free. My 2 cents for what it is worth.

Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth Capsules

This is a BAM. I thought the dehydrated Bone Broth protein powder was huge& this takes it to an entirely different level. I am so excited to see this new addition to the line of products from my good friends at Ancient Nutrition. Their entire line I love & also includes individual serving packets, 30 serving tubs & now supplements. Can it get any better? Thanks Ancient Nutrition.

Eating Evolved: Keto Cups

These little BAM's are so key for me personally right now as I committed to giving up natural sugar (honey, maple syrup) forever. I am a true sugar addict & need to end the constant struggle once & for all. I have been on the search for a tasty alternative and these WIN! Check out that ingredient list too. All organic & all YUM!

Legit Bread Company: Sandwich Bread & Bagel Mix

Have not tried these new products from my friend Jennifer aka Predominately Paleo, but have them on the top of my list. Post after post others share their love of this product & I am ready to give it a go. Traveling for the tour makes it hard for me to cook breads, but I am hoping to share it with someone on the upcoming leg of my tour in exchange for use of their kitchen. Hang on for a tasty review in the near future. Jennifer's recipes have never disappointed so I am certain this will be a huge addition to any kitchen.

Guiltless Goodies: Skinny Donuts

I love a good chocolate iced donut like anybody else. Cannot remember the last time I had one until these yummy Paleo donuts entered my world. Love at 1st bite is my story. They are sold in a 6 pack and uber tasty. Reminds me of the old school Hostess donuts mom would buy however these will not kill you one bite at a time. All healthy ingredients with this line of donuts.

Malk Organics: Nut Milks

Finally a nut milk company not adding sugar to the entire product line. I hate that most organic coffee shops I go too offer nut or coconut milks with sugar added. Say what? It feels so opposite the message of the business I find myself walking out often not feeling like the owners are true to the mission. To me organic means consciousness & the ingredients of the products you serve should have a conscious lens also. Hoping to someday find this line served in most coffee shops. I tasted each of their milks falling in love with each sip. They even offer a cold brew so check them out.

Picnik: Butter Coffee

Words cannot describe the love affair I have with Picnik. This place has meant so much to me in my conscious life since day one when I ate at the little trailer on S. Lamar. It was the 1st time I ate out or anywhere that supported 100% my lifestyle. Never will I forget the joy in this experience. Since than every time I am in Austin you can find me at Picnik daily. The food, staff & owner are a huge reason Picnik has grown to add another location which is a full restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner/7 days a week. Taking life one step further Picnik now offerse buttered coffee to go and these are all delicious!  Dirty Chai is my favorite, but I love all of them. Literally delicious is all I can say. Try all of them to pick your favorite.

I hope you find the above helpful & know that each of these companies are filled with amazing individuals who produce products with a conscious. Having the pleasure of meeting them at PaleoFX & other shows throughout the year I can confirm that this community is a supportive, loving & conscious group whose main goal is to improve the lives of others through food. It seems we all get to this journey based on need & I can honestly say when you support companies like the ones listed above you are supporting change regarding health & wellness.

Namaste friends.

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Managing a Sugar Addiction


Managing a Sugar Addiction

Sugar continues to be my drug of choice. I am a full blown addict who craves sweetness all day long. Yes my sugar comes from natural sources like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, sweet potato, fruits & other veggies. No matter what it is sugar, I love it & crave it 100%.

Since becoming conscious my sugar addiction has evolved all with the thought of overcoming this strong addiction.

It took me about 17 years of effort to overcome a strong addiction to Coke. I had the hardest time giving up 1/2 of a small can. I would sip it all day long many days not finishing the can, but still 'had' to have it.

I used to eat cookies everyday with cake & pie's too. Now I limit my sugar to natural options, however I still find it to be too much for optimum health. I have had a plan to end this & I thought you would like to hear about it.

I feel as if I am about 1 year to 18 months out of totally conquering this addiction of life & it has been a concentrated journey for almost 6+ years. Slow & steady has been my mantra always during my miracle life.

In order to live a truly conscious mindset & life as a Wahls Warrior I need to stop eating these types of foods in excess. MS hates sugar of any kind. It took hard work, but I did give up pizza, bread & gluten filled options & did not replace them with Paleo substitutes, but sweets are another thing all together. I have taken the slower road to this victory.

When I first started my conscious journey I ate about a 1 pound jar a week of local, raw honey. Literally I would simply put the spoon in the jar & go to town. This was how strong my addiction was that I had to consume large quantities of honey just to cope with the mental & physical changes happening from giving up refined sugars.

The next step for me was to do Whole 30 challenges.

These challenges are strict for 30 days with an automatic reset if you make a mistake. The competitive person I am did not ever have the need to reset & in the 1st year I did 7- Whole 30 challenges.

In the last year I decided to take it up a notch & do Whole Life Challenges.

Whole Life Challenges are 8 weeks and offer a few more elements to the challenge than the Whole 30 that I like. In addition to the time of the challenge being double a Whole Life Challenge offers several lifestyle goals & habits that also need to be met. It is not an all or nothing competition & has a scoring element that helps me to work even harder due to my competitive nature. Currently I am doing 3 of these yearly with each one limiting the amount of natural sugar I can consume helping to control my addiction.

The problem with both the Whole 30 and Whole Life Challenge is that when I am not participating I am back to consuming natural sugars & the addiction appears out of control.

Once I begin eating I eat it all. Not one cookie, but all the cookies. This is what I need to fix. This is where my issue lies just like any addiction. My hope is that after my next Whole Life Challenge I plan to not turn off the 'sugar' button because it is time to say goodbye to sugar foods forever. I am not going to allow myself to turn it on with compliant cakes, cookies & more for the last time.

Binging on foods during the off challenge times is not a good look & needs to stop for good so my body can have another level of healing.

I am hopeful this transition can happen & my sweet tooth can finally turn off so that living my best life will elevate to another level. Last year giving up booze was a huge step toward overcoming this addiction & I believe helped set the tone for me to overcome sugar this year & I am ready to make it happen.

Saying forever goodbye to sugar is the last piece in my food as medicine journey. Rome was not built in a day & my healing process has followed this mantra. I have worked consciously since 2011 to heal my body using food and this would be the final step & obviously has not been easy.

I am confident I can do this & have build a community of support with 5 other friends who are cheering me on & agreed to be my mentors. In addition I will be identifying several non sugar options to satisfy my temptations for the 1st 6 months with a plan to eventually weed those out eventually. I believe overcoming the need for 'something' after a meal is the behavior I am changing.

Wish me luck.

Have you given up sugar? What were your steps? Share below so we can all inspire each others journey.

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"Free Your Mind & the Rest Will Follow"


"Free Your Mind & the Rest Will Follow"

So often during my tour & with my work as PaleoBOSS Lady I hear from the community that they are eating healthy, but still have not achieved miracle status. Food is only one piece of the puzzle. Actually the key to successfully healing for this gal began with getting my mind right.

The psyche is the key to a successful miracle outcome.

Getting your mind right is where the healing starts & ends. For so many of us we refer to eating whole foods as a diet. This alone presents a problem for healing. Giving up processed foods is not a diet it is a conscious choice to honor your body & your person. I personally consider this step #1 in tapping your miracle.

As long as we believe eating healthy is a diet failure will be part of the equation.

free yourself.jpg

When I sit down to eat I look at my plate with joy that I now get to thank my amazing body for all it afforded me that day. I find myself excited & grateful to nourish myself with each bite.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years I can tell you that food truly is poison or medicine.

I can also share that the autopilot of life will be the quickest way to end up with disease & suffering. 1-5 are disabled in America alone with the number projected to be 1-3 in the next 4 years.

Simple facts like gluten is directly connected to inflammation which is connected to autoimmune disease cannot be denied or ignored yet many of us still to this day think going gluten free is a fad or only for those with Celiac. Wrong.

Waking up to what we are eating & putting in our body should be the societal norm.

However in the consumer driven world we live this is far from the case. Most food choices are based on taste & often price alone for many of us. Seldom if ever are we reading ingredient lists. Often we simply eat whatever we want with zero consciousness regarding what we are eating.

Eating foods without knowing what ingredients are in them is simply mind blowing & the result of marketing success by the companies that make the products.

With over 85% of grocery stores selling processed foods clearly 'mad men' are winning.

So how do you free your mind? How do you begin to wake up?

Step 1 is to commit to opening your eyes & mind to daily life. Literally asking & answering the why of what you do all day every day especially regarding the foods you eat.

A simple step is to realize what you are eating each day. Walk over to your pantry or kitchen cabinets & begin to simply read ingredient . This can be a very powerful & eye opening experience.

I suggest if you do not know EXACTLY what an ingredient is do not eat it.

Here is an example of an ingredient list for Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa:

Sugar, corn syrup, modified whey, cocoa (processed with alkali), hydrogenated coconut oil, nonfat milk,, calcium carbonate, less than 2% of: salt, dipotassium phosphate, mono-and diglycerides, carrageenan, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, artificial flavor. contains: milk.

Every ingredient listed I do not know what they are even sugar & corn syrup. Refined sugar is a modified form of sugar meaning it is not natural. Corn syrup can be filled with GMO's which is not clearly noted. Literally this drink is toxic waste dump we often give our kids without any hesitation.

Eating consciously is not a diet it is self respect married to self love.

In order to free your mind you need to remove the autopilot of life to stop living a life based on consumer driven societal norms.

Freeing your mind happens when you wake up. Literally it is that simple.

Yet somehow we feel like it is hard & not sustainable. I believe in you & hope this inspires you to begin to live a life of BAM because you know each action you take should be about being the best version of YOU.

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14-Day Gut Shot Challenge


14-Day Gut Shot Challenge

We all have heard that the core to beating disease & good health happens in the gut. Today you can find peer reviewed study after study talking about the gut microbiome & the huge role it plays in health & well being.

The gut flora is essential to keep our mind/body connection flourishing.

Often lifestyle choices change the gut health setting us up for sickness which can often be long term & very destructive. My mom was a prescription pill drug addict who freely gave us antibiotics like candy & never did we finish an entire script. We also lived in a high stress household with my father suffering from PTSD post WWII coupled with mom's many emergency room visits due to overdosing deteriorated my gut health & quickly. From childhood I was always sick.

Needless to say my gut health was horrific.

As a kid until the age of 30 I suffered from IBS & was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by the age of 24. My health declined to the point that by the age of 37 I became legally disabled. Within 10 years of disability I lost the use of my hands & had trouble swallowing. My life was beyond desperate & hope was leaving the building at a rapid pace as I faced homelessness, institutionalization or death.

Healing my gut was the 1st order of business when I decided to get conscious about my life as a Wahls Warrior following The Wahls Protocol.

By using diet & lifestyle to heal from MS I knew the key was to focus on healing my gut. Probiotics are essential to restoring gut flora & Wildbrine has been a key element to my gut healing. I can tell you personally my gut flora took over 48 months of 'no cheating' & extreme consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle to heal. Today I have a healed gut & I am 100% asymptomatic from the devastation known as MS.

In order to accomplish this huge feat of becoming one of the most healed from MS using diet & lifestyle it took a village with Wildbrine being a part of this journey.

Daily probiotic pills & healthy doses of Wildbrine kraut with each meal are two key elements that aided my healing beyond being a Wahls Warrior.

When Wildbrine asked me to participate in the 14-day challenge I was excited to see what the outcome would be. Being uber in tune with my body I pay close attention to any changes that may take place & I was interested to see how the challenge would play out.

I started the challenge the day before I was leaving on a 41 city tour across America as part of the "Taking it to the Streets Tour." At 1st I thought this would be hard to maintain & maybe not the best idea. However it actually turned out to be a life saver.

Several days on the road driving 7+ hours made consuming probiotic rich foods a challenge with each meal. I found myself successful for 1 meal a day, but did not worry because I knew I had a morning live Kimchi gut shot on board. As a result the challenge ended up aiding my wellness plan while traveling tremendously.

Each day I took a gut shot 1st thing after my morning Bulletproof coffee. As someone who eats 2 meals a day I would have Wildbrine kraut with one meal complimented by my morning live gut shot.

I have to say I noticed the biggest difference which involves talking about poo. The sign you have a healed gut flora resides 100% in your 'morning constitution.' The gut shots helped me to maintain a consistent ritual even when traveling which for me is often a huge BAM. No matter how healthy my gut has been recently I always struggle to maintain the ritual simply by traveling. This was not the case during the 14-day challenge.

In addition my mental clarity increased which for those suffering from MS this is often a struggle. I believe this had a lot to do with my capacity to gain a great nights sleep for the entire 14 days during the challenge. To test my theory I did not take a shot on day 15 and my sleep was compromised. I know personally that days lacking proper sleep effects my clarity & psyche greater than anything else. Having my gut health top notch puts all of these concerns to rest.

I drank each like a shot of tequila & really enjoyed the flavors.

The gut shots come in 3 delicious flavors Citrusy Japanese, Spicy Korean & Zesty Thai. Each made with whole ingredients, no added sweeteners, extracts or lab cultures. They are naturally fermented resulting in a savory taste. Each is gluten free & supports a vegan lifestyle as well.  With over 5 billion CFU's per bottle your gut will begin to establish a healthy microbiome for optimal health.

I highly recommend we all give ourselves the opportunity to participate in a 14-day challenge. No matter where you are on your wellness journey I am sure you will notice health benefits by adding Kimichi live shots to your daily routine.

Let me know how it goes as you up the volume on YOU!

Thank you to my friends at Wildbrine for allowing me to participate in this challenge. My body also thanks you.




The Role of Your Past


The Role of Your Past

I am not going to lie I live in the narrative world & after years upon years of therapy have finally been able to understand the role the past plays in my life today.


Now don't get your panties in a bunch & hear me out. Sure the past can often be stamped into our memory so strong we cannot seem to forget. My past was nothing short of being filled with gut wrenching hardship & truly remarkable joy. Yet neither of those define who I am.

As someone who did a TEDx on the power of culture to influence life you might think otherwise. Just as my culture has had a role in the person I am it does not define me.

I define me.

In a narrative world respect for the past is understood yet it strives to re-tell your own story. I sat many hours in a therapist office hearing how the past was responsible for my current story. I beg to differ believing that the I get to author my own story by constructing new meanings to emotions, thoughts and outcomes from the past. 

The past does not define me.

As someone living in community invited into people's homes & having the opportunity to be vulnerable with each other I hear quite often how the past is the reason for this or that. "I am this way because when I was raised..." are common responses to why things are the way they are or why growth is not happening.

As I shared in my TEDx "Cultural Collision" I think many of us choose an autopilot existence allowing for the past to become a scapegoat for all things important in tapping our miracle life.

Once I began to get conscious with the who, what & why of my life story the past became a story that I got to rewrite & not one that defined me. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) used to define me until I was able to realize the story is not written by MS it is written by me. If MS was defining me it was because that is what I allowed for.

My mother was an addict which for many years did define my life. Even in therapy all the hours spent were often talking about the role having an addicted mom played in my life outcome. I felt like I spent years in therapy talking about mom & her why which produced nothing to help me tap my best life. Instead it provided me with 'reasons' for my struggles offering zero tools to rewrite the story.

I say hogwash to that.

The narrative of my life included an addicted mom this is true however the story I tell is mine regardless of how my mothers life was defined. Her actions are her life.

My actions only define & are responsible for my life.

I personally believe that once we can start to realize we are the only creators of our story can we tap our BAM. As long as we let the actions, idea's and outcome of others share in our narrative we are going to be unable to raise the roof on our own lives.

Autopilot living which includes many cultural norms make it impossible to have a narrative that is a path to your miracle life. We each need to recognize the past as a script that we get to re-write so we can define our journey and not as the reason for our why.

Your story today is written only by you not your past.

Not going to lie this concept has been so freeing for me similar to ditching the scale & no longer counting calories all of which were cultural norms I adhered to for far to long.

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How Can I Help?


How Can I Help?

"Find yourself in the service to others."   Mahatma Gandhi

As the requests keep coming in for visits during the tour I am reminded of how much each stop means to the community I serve. In addition those I have visited continue to inspire the journey with their new found BAM's that happen almost daily.

The truth is the tour changes lives with my own included. So much so that this crazy girl decided to extend the tour to 5 years & all 50 states. BAM.


Since touring the last 11 months I have learned a lot that I would like to share with all of you hoping you are inspired to answer the "How Can I Help?" question on your own.

The "Taking it to the Streets Tour" is a no judgement tour that says yes to anyone who asks for a visit. Many times the community I serve cannot offer me & Gidget a place to stay. Regardless we will visit if you ask. 

Within the 1st year of the tour I personally will have traveled over 30K miles, 90+ cities living with close to 50 strangers which is a huge BAM. 

To date over 200+ requests have come in for me to visit, talk or work with the community & there appears to be no end in sight. The need for the work that I do is beyond real.

After having an honest conversation with myself about why I started this tour it has become clear that there can be no stop date as long as the need exists. However some changes are needed for the tour to continue & this is where the "How Can I Help?" part comes in.

Touring involves changing locations almost every 3 days which means I am loading & unloading quite often. For those who don't know many with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) often have issues with their rotator cuff & as luck would have it I am one. Lifting & carrying my stuff are extremely taxing on my body which is something that will need to change in order for me to have longevity on the tour. The last words my PT said to me before touring was that I can end this real quick by lifting a lot. I heard him & have only light small bags, but it still proves hard for my body to handle with MS on board. This needs to change for me to continue long term there is no doubt.

Remember how I mentioned if you ask me I will come? Well this is regardless of anyone's ability to offer a place for us to live. Since I am homeless & still come to visit no matter what this translates into housing costs that average more than I can afford living on social security.

Not complaining, but costs like this leave me with days of forced fasting due to no money for food.

Yes fasting heals inflammation & my body does well, but the psychological element of not having money for food is not a best look & often my body needs food to put forth this huge effort making fasting not the best overall look for me while touring. 

"How can I help?" is a question others have asked & I finally have the answer.

I am hoping to buy a trailer & small SUV to be able to keep my costs down, save my body & allow the tour to continue as long as the demand is present. These purchases will stop the need to carry in & out saving my body which is huge. It also cuts any housing costs down tremendously.

Did you know small considerations like $25 a month are a BAM for this tour?

The 'Taking it to the Streets Tour" is about serving the community 100% & I hope you will consider being a part of an initiative personally or as a company. The 'Taking it the Streets Tour" provides hope, tools of empowerment & community resources to all of our brothers & sisters whom I visit.

The tour to date has served ages 6 months to 99 years old supporting mental, physical and age related issues. It does not discriminate, judge or have any preconceived idea's of how to support the community. All of the work I do is customized to the needs of each individual.

In addition It would also mean the world to me if you would consider sharing the tour with others. With 1-5 in America disabled we all know many who can use help tapping their miracle life.

Hopefully this speaks to some of you to take action today & commit. Imagine the satisfaction of being a part of the tour that is building a grass roots movement of consciousness changing lives daily for the cost of about 2.5 lattes.

If this speaks to you please click here to learn more about the tour & to join me in changing lives with each mile I drive. You can also use the tab on the link or if you prefer I accept both Paypal: or Vinmo: diane-capaldi

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Expo West 2017 Hot New Products


Expo West 2017 Hot New Products

Once again Expo West did not disappoint this conscious living girl.  I was able to connect with many of my favorite product vendors & learn about what is new & exciting for 2017.

I am not going to lie the show itself can be exhausting & intimidating.

With over 80,000 attendees Expo West is no laughing matter & quite the event for all things organic. I have friends who celebrated their 25th year at Expo sharing the history & growth of the movement. Passion clearly sits at the heart of Expo West & I am thrilled to have been involved for the last 2 years. I am even more thrilled I had the chance to meet someone I have respected & been inspired by for many years: Laird Hamilton.



  • Nutiva:  They have done it again making me fall in love with everything they do with their new product line for liquid coconut oil. Not going to lie until I went on tour I did not have to deal with coconut oil as a solid. Literally living in Southern California most often coconut oil is a liquid. You can imagine once I started the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" I realized how different my love of coconut oil felt due to be challenged with a solid mass in my jar. Nutiva has changed all of that & added a garlic flavored liquid coconut oil that jazzes this Italian girl.


  • Suja Juice: You all know I love my good friends at Suja for helping to change the narrative around sugar filled drinks consumed by families everywhere. I love all of their organic fresh pressed juices & am a huge fan of the 12 essentials. Their newest line of drinking vinegar's are nothing short of amazing & this coming from someone who does not like the taste of vinegar.  With flavors like Lemongrass Lime & Blueberry Lemon how could you possibly go wrong? The healing properties of vinegar make these new drinkable versions a huge BAM for those looking for ways to incorporate this into daily life. I am not going to lie I have tried to do the shot of plan apple cider vinegar each day & failed due to taste. This new twist from Suja changes the narrative for me to try again adding vinegar to my daily wellness plan.
  • Laird Superfood Creamer: Not going to lie I tried this the 1st time in Ecuador when traveling to tour organic & sustainable farming of red palm oil. Another guest brought this product along & I instantly became addicted. This nut free creamer is s a dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free coffee and beverage enhancer. It combines a unique blend of coconut milk powder and Aquamin™ (a mineral-rich calcified sea algae) with nutrient-packed coconut and red palm oils from my friends at Palm Done Right. New flavors were announced Turmeric and Cocoa which this gal enjoyed both at Expo West. Now they offer a sample pack so you can try all 3 to pick your favorite.



  • Jack's Paleo Kitchen: Cookies. Cookies. Cookies are my drug of choice. When my daughter was younger she would ask if I could have one last meal on earth what would it be & my answer was always cookies. I have been a cookie girl since I was a little kid & the love affair continue to this day. Until discovering Jack's I was unable to find a ready made Paleo cookie that was delicious & offered many different flavors to choose from. Almost every morning of Expo West I was in heaven having my morning cup of organic coffee with a side of Ginger Molasses Cookies for the win. I literally was giddy to think I could once again enjoy a Paleo cookie that was delicious & made using ingredients like red palm oil from my friends at Palm Done Right. Jack's offers many versions of delicious cookies with free shipping on some orders. You can also find them at fine retailers by checking their list online. I highly recommend Jack's for the cookie lover in all of us.



  • Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips: Have mercy on my soul everything about this company is a huge BAM. From being a family business offering products that are delicious & raising the roof on the narrative in the kitchen I simply love everything they stand for. If you have not tried these grain free tortilla chips now is the time. They offer sea salt, lime & nacho for your eating pleasure. Be warned you can easily eat the entire bag in one sitting which I may or may not have done on more than one occasion. If you have not tried their grain free tortilla's I suggest you run to make this happen right now & get your Siete on.



  • Stoneworks Laundry from Grab Green: I have been a huge fan of Grab Green products since meeting them a few years back at Shiftcon. Literally this eco-friendly line has contributed to my wellness as my conscious life began to include thinking beyond food. I love this line which includes essential oils, minerals and also works hard to decrease the ecological footprint. How much more of a BAM could you ask for? They have dryer sheets and so much more with a line that includes: rose petal, olive leaf, oak tree, rain & birch branch.  I highly recommend this entire line.


  • Ancient Nutrition: Not going to lie I LOVE everything about this product line. I am also super grateful they announced individual packets of bone broth protein. These are ideal for whatever you can think of when traveling or simply being away from home. As many of you know I have bone broth daily due to its huge benefits to my hands, joints and limbs. Having Multiple Sclerosis I have found bone broth to be in my Top 3 wellness tools from the ever famous "Bag of Tricks." Don't forget all the delicious flavors offered by Ancient Nutrition so you are bound to find one or several you love. I personally even like to mix flavors like banana & chocolate or chocolate & vanilla. No matter what a single serving packet does body good & will certainly raise the roof on you.


I am sure I may have missed some new exciting products, but can tell you I personally visited over 40 vendors who offer conscious living options that support my miracle journey. These are my TOP PICKS and I hope they inspire your journey. Many of these fine companies help to support the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" & I am honored to have such great company believing in my work.

Did you know Expo West is open to the public too? Maybe next year I will see you on the show floor & we can up the volume on life & living together. Namaste.

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Balance in Imbalance


Balance in Imbalance

Times today feel somewhat out of balance. Especially for those troubled countries at war in any definition. America as a world leader is in transition & balance not the status quo. Each day we are being faced with moral issues involving our rights & our government.

Somehow we became a divided country overnight. Somehow we became out of balance as a community. Somehow my balanced life is grounded on imbalance.

This division in America shook my core. It put me in a place where I was scared my wellness plan was not going to be enough to continue to support kicking freaking Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb. It is times like this I am thankful for my "Bag of Tricks" filled with resources to help maintain balance in my life when the outside world is running on empty.

Daily I run to my "Bag of Tricks" to see what resources I have to support this imbalance in my American life. Here are some of my favorite tools to keep balance in an imbalanced world:

  • Mantra's: Repeating statements like "I cannot control the actions of others I can control how I live my life." I love to say things out loud & believe this helps to manifest our dreams. It also helps to 'fake it till you make it."
  • Meditation Apps: Thankfully I use the app Insight Timer. I love their guided meditation option which I have been using for each meditation post election. I still have not been able to tap the calm of silent meditation so the app's various guided meditations are essential to my wellness during the current imbalance. Having a mind that is talking all the time & hard to silence during these times of unrest in the world make this app a life saver for me.
  • Essential oils: The use of oils have been a proven winner since the late 80's in my life & continue to have a strong hold in my "Bag of Tricks" offering help no matter what life throws my way. The beauty of diffusing oils is they can be customized to support the needs I have each day and time of day.  Oils help with energy, calm, clearing the toxic air, breath work and so much more I find a solid supportive use for essential oils everyday. If you spend any time with me you will know I am always diffusing or burning something. The air I breath is a conscious & huge part of my wellness journey.
  • Dancing: When they say dance like no body is watching that translates to mean dance like you are in the club on the bar to me. Literally I am a dancing fool and this part of my day has became essential to both my mental & physical wellness. There are days when the club is too much & I like to simply feel the music with lights out and candles lit while moving without thought. Sometimes simply moving through the emotion of the song & feeling the moment is a wonderful alternative. Dancing should offer the space to be free from thought beyond self expression of the music & how your body feels it. Dance. Dance. Dance.
  • Music:  Simply listening to music I find is the heart beat to the soul.  I love picking my intended feeling for the day & have it reflect in my musical choices. I am someone who gets 'hooked on a feeling' often playing the same collection of songs over & over again. Seems I stay with certain thoughts for long periods of time. I try to let the tempo define my mood & this is how I pick the music I play. Even if I am not dancing having music playing for me is a huge wellness tool. Not going to lie my childhood songs are my favorites from the 70's. I prefer to have my memories at the beach in Brigantine, New Jersey.
  • Narrative Change: Something new & challenging needed to enter my life now that the imbalance in America is a daily reality. I had to focus more on good than bad outcomes. Defining my role in this transition was key. Once I was able to realize what self help tools were going to support this journey I was able to begin changing the narrative back to balance in my life regardless of what was happening around me. A new narrative has been a key to wellness which sometimes means simply creating the space for change.
  • Bliss Boards: Sure vision boards help to manifest your vision, but doing a bliss board reminds you of the things in life that fuel your BAM. Consider having a Bliss Board party to fuel your soul & bring community into your journey. Community. Party. BAM.

Sure I voted, marched & sent postcards, but that simply is not enough for me. I also decided every action of my life will reflect who I am & the community I serve. This was solidified in my person. The next step was the most important.

I needed more to keep my wellness plan in check when things outside of my immediate life were spinning out of control.

The loss of friends & family alone have been huge since the election in America. In all of my 53+ years I have never once witnessed such a divided country except during Vietnam & I was too young to understand. This time in my life I knew that I needed to make changes in me to 'off set' the changes I could not control. The current state of affairs in America presented changes to my personal life balance & stood to shake up my wellness plan without me realizing the effect would be so great or really preparing.

Having a "Bag of Tricks" once again proven to be a key resource in my miracle life.

Times are changing globally with our food & water systems being threatened daily & our governments changing constantly. There is not much we can do day to day beyond excellent self care, conscious living & creating change in ourselves. Once we are able to master our own purpose than we can have an impact on the global outcome. However for most of us the 1st step it going to be to look in our 'Bag of Tricks' to identify the tools you have vs. what you need then to get busy making sure your person is on point & ready to lead by example.

Times of imbalance in our global world call for balance in our private life to be essential so we can continue to thrive no matter what life hands us.

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My Battle With Anxiety


My Battle With Anxiety

Never in my life did I think anxiety would be a crippling force for me. I always identified with my birth sign, Taurus the bull. For most of my life I saw myself as someone who has been overcoming obstacles since the day I was born because I was a fearless bull. 

Until I wasn't.

My mom was a prescription drug addict & my dad suffered from un-diagnosed PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as a WWII war hero. The combination presented a very colorful & often hard childhood. Yet in spite of this I was an honor student & overall great kid. Never once did I get in trouble like most kids & even with my parents issues I was able to maintain a strong relationship with both filled with love.

I really believed I had it all together regardless of my childhood. I could not have been more wrong.

At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis & this is when anxiety started to become a noticeable issue.

Google's definition of anxiety is: "a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks."

I really had no idea I suffered from anxiety until it became so great I swore I was having a heart attack. When anxiety got so bad my heart would feel like it was going to beat out of my chest, I could not catch my breath & my body temperature would elevate leaving me to see this as symptoms of a physical issue not mental.

This was not my truth. My issues were 100% psychological.

Looking back & as early as I can remember I suffered from anxiety. Anxiety comes in many forms with phobia being one & this gal has the same phobias since childhood: I am afraid of heights & closed spaces.

I also lived on 'edge' most of my childhood into adult life which is another sign of anxiety. Almost fight or flight since birth is how I would describe it. When your mom is a drug addict you never know what each day will present & on top of that having a violent father meant mom's actions would trigger his frequent outbursts of violence.

I also suffer from OCD & have since early childhood. I maintain being a neat freak who cannot have things out of place. When I was a kid my part of the bedroom was organized every morning, my drawers neat & orderly plus I had many personal 'routines' that need to be adhered to or I simply lose my mind. All signs of anxiety yet I had no idea. In fact I was praised by my parents & grandparents for these 'honorable' traits as a kid. Like most kids my sisters were messy & always forgetting stuff yet my parents would often tell me how proud they were of my anxiety driven behaviors which often left me far removed from normal kid activities.

Last but not least I lived with crippling irritable bowel issues from childhood until almost the age of 30 & never once did a doctor share the trigger might be psychological.

You see my friends anxiety has been my partner for most of my life since childhood yet I had no idea.

When life got crazy & Multiple Sclerosis became my life partner anxiety became a much harder thing to ignore. Anxiety now meant a life driven by fear resulting in a feeling that I was going to die from a heart attack.

I was so overwhelmed it became impossible to function & Xanax became the answer. 

Doctors instructed me on days that I felt 'overwhelmed' to take Xanax so I did. This resulted in several days a week for long periods of time living on Xanas yet my habits, behaviors & thoughts did not change. Xanax simply made it almost impossible for me to 'get worked up', but did nothing to manage my fears.

I did not question that Xanax was a nothing more than masking symptoms & really was not aware of the fact that Xanax was not the right answer to resolve anxiety.

Today beyond being an extremely neat person I no longer have anxiety in my life or take any drugs for the treatment of anxiety.

What changed? How did this happen?

  • I woke the fuck up is what happened.
  • I took ownership of my damn life is what happened.
  • I know who I am is what happened.
  • MS no longer defines me is what happened.

By living a conscious life I have been able to make choices outside of the cultural & societal norms that involve changing the way I treat my person & my body. Using food as medicine is a great example of this. Being a Wahls Warrior following The Wahls Protocol created the space for my brain fog to lift enabling me to wake up.

A daily yoga & meditation practice have also fueled this journey with years of psychotherapy & community support added to my conversations around consciousness.

Anxiety in any form is crippling to many who experience it. I see more & more struggling with this in their lives. I would ask you to 1st look at mindful ways to get moving & consciousness regarding food to be the 1st few steps you take. It is hard to make changes & control negative behaviors when our body is not given the proper foods & love it needs to be the best version of itself.

Community support is always a great way to achieve any goals especially when stress triggers are present as with most anxiety outcomes.

Rome was not built in a day & consciousness takes time to change this narrative. Stay present, stay with it and believe you too will overcome anxiety in your life. Simply treating it with medication is not the only answer. Owning your life & your actions sets the stage to offer a life free of anxiety with many tools in your 'Bag of Tricks" to kick it to the curb for good.

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The Art of Living Your Joy


The Art of Living Your Joy

It was the last event I was doing in 2016 & one of the funnest nights of the tour. The guests were so engaged, excited & interested it truly was a great night. The home hosting the event simply breath taking & every detail spot on. I literally was walking on sunshine making my way to the car about to head out calling it a night. Tired yet so excited this was the last day of the tour in 2016. The next day Gidget & I would begin making our trip back to LA for a rest month. All I knew was that my heart was full & it was a great night.

Then a magical thing happened that I never saw coming.

One of the guests came out to the car to tell me I had really hit on something during my talk that was kind of a 'brick hit forehead' situation.

The moment I shared I wake up with joy in my person everyday.

The guest literally said hearing those words immediately brought their attention to their own life & they realized joy was missing. They had a lot to be thankful for, but could not remember the last time they felt pure joy.

The definition of joy is something like feeling happy or having great pleasure says Google. For me joy is being conscious about life.

Funny isn't it that by society standards I might be considered 'not a good look.'

  • I am homeless & have virtually nothing with my total possessions close to only 50 items.
  • I have no clear idea where I am going to be resting my head from month to month and cannot tell you what the future holds.
  • I live at poverty with a disease that is known to bankrupt almost 90% of those suffering followed by the high probability of becoming homeless or institutionalized.
  • I am single and alone.
  • I am a disabled American from the devastation known as Multiple Sclerosis.

Literally I see on social media almost every day how 'different' my life is than to almost anyone I know.

For the large majority of us by the age of 50+ our homes are close to paid for, kids almost out of the house, grandchildren beginning, retirement in sight, 2nd homes often purchased, yearly travel and marriages that are close to 25+ years filled with history, family & tradition.

For me not so much.

In fact my life could not be further from that if I tried. I spend Christmas alone and literally live a life that is mirror opposite to almost everyone I know.

Funnier to think I made these choices before me:

  • Being homeless is voluntary
  • Having less a desired outcome
  • Being single my mantra

My lens toward joy comes from truly knowing I am & have enough .

Truth be told looking at social media & being awake every moment of my life it appears that most do not have enough.

Instead they have possessions and many of them. How many have garages packed with shit? Closets you cannot open or better yet a storage facility because you have run out of room? The answer is a lot of us.

How many of us wake up each day excited?

Sad reality on my tour over 75% of folks did a job they were not 100% happy with. Imagine spending the bulk of your life not being happy with what you are doing. Jobs usually are the largest time suck when living in this energy space & most are not satisfied with what they do.

To make matters worse the resistance to change jobs almost always consumer driven.

Mad men winning often translates into loss of joy. Once we realize what the meaning of living a life of "enough" is all about you will begin to find joy. 

Getting conscious sits at the foundation of a joyful life. Knowing that each step you take & breath creates an opportunity to do exactly what you want at that moment.

A dear friend a few nights ago shared that at a recent trip to Rome they felt such a connection to the country because they were certain at that moment they were exactly where they belonged.

This my friends is enough. Knowing all in your life is right where you belong.

Living a purpose driven life starts with the belief that in this journey you will be provided for in every way you need. All you need will come so no need to worry beyond your purpose.

Joy in enough makes purpose possible.

This to me is a better look than consumer driven tales of joy.

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Why I No Longer Have Annual Medical Tests


Why I No Longer Have Annual Medical Tests

Living a conscious life has been such a huge brain fuck regarding all I have been taught verses how I live today. From culture to societal norms I have literally struggled with each step of my conscious life. If you have followed my blog you know that I have questioned the status quo regarding everything about my life only to find that most of what I was doing dictated by cultural norms and nothing to do with my own views or best life living.

Today I am 100% conscious about everything.

I was the girl who did whatever the traditional western medical doctors said. Always proud to be the ideal patient. If they said yearly MRI's with radioactive dye being injected into my body I said "YES." If they said every 3 years to have an EMG test which is painful beyond belief to check my nerve response times I said "YES." If they wanted me to travel over 1.5 hours to see a special physical therapist I said "YES."

Whatever the fuck they wanted me to do I said "YES." Without question really.

Until I started questioning my life & thinking so outside of the box there is no box. This is when it became clear to me that yearly mammograms, MRI's, age specific tests like colonoscopies and more are more money making machines than necessary.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch if one of these tests have saved your life. I am not discounting the power of them especially of you live an autopilot life. I am just saying yearly anything is no longer in my play book. Nada. No more because of how I live my life.

Even my brand would preach get your check-ups yearly boosting how proud I was to always be so good about annual everything. Every January this & every August that. I had it scheduled in for decades & it truly was a source of pride for this gal.

Until I woke up.

I had my 1st colonoscopy at 50. This almost took me down. My body became so freaking violently sick I I was begging for mercy. I felt so bad for whatever I did to my body to have it react this way. Literally it was devastating and I was afraid. Really afraid.

My friend dropped me off at home & almost instantly my body literally blew up. I thought there was something living inside me that needed to get out. Every ounce of my person was in spasm, screaming in pain for over 24 hours.

I will never forget how bad I felt after this test.

I thought about this a lot. What the fuck caused this kind of response? The answer for me was simple now that I am little miss conscious.

I became toxic while having that colonoscopy. With my totally clean lifestyle this body was letting me know whatever I was doing was not a good look. Not working at all and it needed to get that shit out.

Having anesthesia is no joke. Having MS will blow your mind how damn powerful anesthesia really is. The combination of the 2 are not a good look at all. No sir they are not.

Literally having a colonoscopy for me set my body back about 3 months of healing.

Any misstep when you have MS hanging out is never an easy thing. MS literally sits waiting for the opportunity for you to fuck up & then it quickly reminds you it is alive & well. This being done because I was 50 years old nearly took my sorry ass down.

I was poisoned by anesthesia.

In my reading, research & conversations with others married to the voice of my body I will no longer have any annuals or age related tests beyond a pap for the rest of my living days. If I am having a problem that needs to be checked out than I am all game. Having tests based on my birthday are not happening ever again. Nope.

I live a life of prevention & they are for early detection.

farmers market.jpg

When you live a conscious life like I do early detection is a joke. Do not get it twisted for one minute that I am talking about anyone but me here folks. Not telling you to run out & say "I am not doing it V doesn't." This is my shit & my thoughts alone.

The docs said come back in 3 years for another colonoscopy. Nothing to worry about, but just to be sure. Sure of what? How is 3 years a determining factor if you are concerned about anything? Or is the Standard of Care saying every 3 years to continue driving the money making surgi-center owned by the doc doing the test defining the need for more?

Even if they found something what would I do differently?

Probably nothing that involves a surgi-clinic or traditional western medicine doc. These types of doc are not in my healthcare team anymore. My docs do not have surgi-centers they have wellness centers offering yoga, vitamins, diet, lifestyle, labs, tons of their time & clinical advice to support your journey.

For the last 3 years I thought about my next colonoscopy with great concern, fear and trepidation. Early in my tour driving from Santa Fe to Denver on the scenic route I came to the conclusion that prevention is my healthcare.

Early detection is another consumer driven idea that I do not subscribe to any longer. Again for those whose life has been saved by early detection do not get all pissed off. This is my life & my view.

Oh shit remember this is my life we are talking about. It is not me saying you do this.
It is me saying live a life with your eyes wide open & a deep understanding of the why.

Why do you do what you do? Should always be an answer you know.

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Are you a Fat Burner or Sugar Burner?


Are you a Fat Burner or Sugar Burner?

The truth is I can pretty much tell you without even knowing you which way you roll. Are you someone whose body gets its energy from sugar or fat. Yup! All of this information can be known merely by asking a few questions. The truth is I never knew there was a difference until a few years ago. Learning this information has been the biggest BAM of my miracle status.

So lets find out about you: do you consume sugar & carbs?

If the answer is yes you are a sugar burner.

If the answer is no you still can be a sugar burner. Damn it.

Sad to say it is not the easiest thing to become a fat burner. Not because our body struggles it is because we struggle. Actually our bodies for most of us act happier when the energy source is fat.

I know, I know must of us are low fat consumers. We have been told time and time again that fat is evil and not I am saying that high amounts of fat in my diet was the biggest BAM to the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady. Would it surprise you if I told you the whole idea about fat being evil was a consumer driven idea? Meaning companies that stood to have financial gain from sugar sales were behind this concept.

The traditional diet of almost all humans tends to be heavy on the sugar, carbs and dairy and very low on the greens, protein & fruits. In order to be a fat burner you almost exclusively have to give up carbs and all sugar & consuming what may appear to be large amounts of fat.

For over 5 years I have followed a Paleo lifestyle. I have even taken it a step further and follow The Wahls Protocol. The Wahls Protocol differs slightly from simply Paleo. Dr. Terry Wahls developed a protocol that supports your body at the cellular level. Using a combination of 6-9 cups of fruits & vegetables offers our body mitochondria support and for many of us that results in transitioning your body to becoming a fat burner. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells so becoming a Wahls Warrior means you are eating at the cellular level. Food is about nourishment to your body & no long based on taste buds alone.

Ketosis is the state your body enters when you are a fat burning fool and this is what I am talking about. Ketosis from an uneducated lens happens when your body starts to develop ketones. Ketones start to be seen in the body when you stop consuming sugar & carbs while increasing your fat consumption. Think Atkins on steroids.

I am no expert and this blog shares my personal experience. There are other things you can do to help Ketones arrive and to get in the state of Ketosis. Fasting is a huge tool many who enter Ketosis incorporate almost daily. For Ketosis many will typically ast about 18 hours between their last meal and their 1st meal. I personally do a daily fast on average of 10 hours a day. In order for my sugar loving body to get into Ketosis I am an 18 hour a day faster. This actually was the key to my 1st successful round of true Ketosis meaning it lasted for more than a few days.

Science continues to show that a state of Ketosis helps cancer risk, decrease inflammation, weight issues and overall health. Eating healthy whole foods, intermittent fasting combined with a state of Ketosis yearly have been my miracle script.

About 3 years ago I started my 1st attempt at Ketosis and failed miserably. My carb consumption was too high and fat not enough. I couldn't get it through my head that this much fat was okay. Years of being told the opposite made this transition hard for me. So I would say my 1st year was a learning experiment. I actually gained 15 pounds. Oh my.

I remember when I told Dr. Wahls she said to try again and to increase the fat and add fasting. Dr. Wahls also recommended switching the fat source from primarily coconut milk to meat fats or uncooked EVO. The next year I followed her lead and Ketosis was a much different experience for me. I lost weight, my energy was amazeballs while MS continued to run scared of my bodies power while in Ketosis.

I am not going to get into the steps to take for Ketosis and recommend you all spend a little over $10 to grab a copy of The Wahls Protocol. This book is not for MS it is for everyone. Level 3 is the one where ketones become your friends. This book belongs in every damn medicine cabinet & should be read if you really care about you and your body. Dr. Wahls work is approachable, easy to understand, ground-breaking & the only one based on human, clinical trials.

If you have never consciously been a fat burner it is time to consider doing it. Give yourself ideally 90 days, but 30 would be a great start. At the end of 90 days hit me up & fill me in on how you feel. If Facebook is your thing there is a private group called The Wahls Protocol which is a great community to support your journey.

I believe in you.

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. Means so much & I am grateful for everyone who reads my chatter.

Crush the week everyone. Namaste


Suicide by Sugar


Suicide by Sugar

I am at the plateau of my yearly sugar addiction. The one that really starts during cherry season. Yup you heard that right back in the summer months.

I love sugar. I am an addict.

Gave up refined sugar 5 years ago. Have never looked back.

I love honey, maple syrup & coconut sugar. A lot.

I also love banana's, apples, sweet potato, beets, carrots & all forms of foods high in natural sugar.

Never really missed refined sugar because I had replacements or healthy alternatives shall we say. 


They are consumed in excess. Which is my pattern.

A pattern that begins in July during the peak of summer fruit & cherry season. I begin to consume large amounts of locally grown fruits increasing my sugar consumption. Turning on the all too familiar sugar addiction.

Next somehow sweet potato's, bananas and apples are on the menu weekly. Sometimes daily.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Love. Love. Love.

In anticipation of the festive holiday season yearly I begin to scale back consumption from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving hits the Suicide by Sugar lifestyle begins in full force.

Holiday treats arrive & I am giddy which for me translates to Paleo cookies, dark chocolate, plus high natural sugar fruits and carb filled vegetables. Like a true addict I consume & consume beyond acceptable limits.

How do I turn it off?

Being a competitive prick is how I stop the Suicide by Sugar cycle.

Every January for the last 4 years I do a challenge that forbids these foods. Challenges long enough that I overcome the cravings all while regaining control of my eating life. When doing these challenges I don't cheat ever. I want to be a 'winner' aka in a top position on my team. Being a BOSS means you always play to win.

Community as always holding the key to success for this miracle.

I never get mad at myself for the natural sugar overload. I just wonder if it will ever change?

My addiction is obviously very real manifesting in a new way since becoming conscious.

Will the day come where sugar does not rock my world? Will a holiday season come without eating too much dark chocolate, Paleo cookies and pies?

Or will the cycle of Suicide by Sugar be a life long reminder of just how powerful this addiction really is?

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Why Resolutions Matter


Why Resolutions Matter

So many of us hate the idea of New Year's resolutions. In fact I know many people who simply will not even consider one.

Resolution : A firm decision to do or not to do something (Google definition)

If you are conscious & tapping your miracle life resolutions are a must. Sorry not sorry to tell you that in order to be awake you need to resolve.

Now there is no rule stating it has to begin on January 1st with the New Year, but it certainly helps to use this time to reflect & resolve for the coming year. My thoughts are why not use the New Year? I also do it quarterly using the New Year for my big dreams & ideas to begin.

Just to give you an example of resolutions I have made & successfully done whose idea's were decided with the New Year yet had the sentiment to be done before the year is out:

  • Quit Smoking Cigs
  • Gave up Drinking Alcohol
  • Selling all my Possessions
  • Touring the USA as PaleoBOSS Lady
  • Moving to California from the East Coast
  • Ending Toxic Relationships
  • Becoming a Wahls Warrior
  • Fasting
  • Ketosis
  • Yoga Every Damn Day
  • Becoming Self Empowered Regarding Movement
  • Whole 30 Challenges
  • Whole Life Challenges
  • Following my Circadian Rhythm

All of these things are HUGE changes in my life & have 100% contributed to the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

Each step was a very, very conscious act that took hard work & mental preparedness to make happen.

This gal cannot simply wake up & decide to do something. I have to prepare myself mentally 1st and foremost. The mental game is the only game that matters when you are trying to live your best life. I personally have to play mental chess for quite a long time to decide what I am going to work on.

I never, ever like to set myself up for failure. Once I commit to something I do it knowing I am ready to make shit happen.

I have already tried to anticipate any obstacles that may appear & how to navigate them. That is what I call mental chess. Asking and answering questions before they happen.

If I do this what could happen? What might it effect? How will I handle it?

Having conversations with yourself need to be honest & done over time. You do not simply wake up one day deciding & BAM it happens. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but they are not the norm. Most of us need reflection time to resolve what will constitute our best life. Most of us need time to consider the desired outcome & what it will take to get to our chosen BAM.

Nothing worth anything is easy. In fact the greatest rewards come from when we are most uncomfortable. Resolutions are usually uncomfortable idea's that lead to an unknown territory.

I encourage all of you to begin NOW asking & answering your best life questions. Decide the New Year will bring a starting point knowing that in 365 days you will have mastered your chosen idea's to deliver a better life energy you.

Do not let this season of rebirth seem like a season of depriving. Instead I encourage you all to view it as a reinvention of your spirit that reflects the best you to date.

Go ahead. I believe in you. I wish you all the joy resolutions bring so that you too can up your volume to miracle status.

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Handling the Holiday's Happy


Handling the Holiday's Happy

I remember when I worked as a respiratory therapist at a teaching hospital the holidays were always when we worked to get so many patients well enough to go home. It seemed for every one that we sent home 2 were admitted.

I also remember my mom always struggling to "keep it all together" during the holiday season and often having hospital stays sometime in the month of December.

It seems many of us struggle to keep our psyche on point during the spirit of the season. Stress comes from so many different places making it often hard to juggle. Money, family, being "Martha Steward" and so much more are elevated expectations during what is supposed to be a season of joy.

How to manage it all without stress is a huge concern for a lot of us. Stress is the #1 killer and trigger for all of us especially those living with disease. Sadly for many it is what manifests disease especially during the holiday season. Managing the holiday spirit is important for both our mental and physical well being. This blog is all about ways to handle the holidays so you can jingle all the way.

The 1st thing is we once again need to wake the fuck up and get conscious about what the holiday spirit really is. From Thanksgiving to Christmas life is not the Hallmark consumer driven idea of holiday spirit. Gifts under the tree & cookie exchanges are not what the holidays are about. These are the consumer driven holidays. The autopilot holiday cheer.

The core of the holiday season is to have joy in life, good will toward men and gratitude for family/friends. Nothing that costs a damn penny & all are intention based actions.

Sorry folks it is not packages under the tree. The Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas & the movie It's a Wonderful Life are great reminders of the true spirit of the season. Somehow we all watch them year after year then walk away writing our wish list for Santa. WTF?!?

I am not blind to the cultural norms of the holiday season as outlined above. I am also not so silly that I would say it is hard not to get sucked into the rat race of holiday bliss, but nothing worth anything in life is easy. Instead I ask all of you to ask & answer some real questions that result in action.

Leading by example I would like to share how over the years especially during the years my kid lived with me how we were able to navigate the true meaning of good will toward men.

Cooking: It's a family affair. Whoever said one person cooks while everyone else eats is an ass. Cooking is the foundation of wellness & all about what fuels our body. Cooking consciously especially during the holiday season offers the perfect time to up the volume as a collective. Many of us bake holiday treats or huge party meals & this offers the best platform ever to put some holiday music on, pour a cup of bone broth (chocolate by ancient nutrition is like cocoa), grab the entire household & share in the magic of food. As a collective, a unit & a family of cooks. No one ever said they hated cooking during the holidays together yet somehow this tradition most often falls on the shoulders of one.

Shopping: It is not the how of shopping that is unconscious so often (this would actually be another blog). It is the who of shopping that needs a conscious check-in. Introducing the idea of shopping for someone who needs a hand should be at the TOP of all of our lists. When we sit on Santa's lap we should tell him 1st how we want to help others in need. Not a list of 10+ things we don't need. I simply do not find age an excuse here. Sorry not sorry.

When my kid was living at home each year we made our gifts for the family/friends we held dear while also adopting boys who were released from detention centers into the care of a ministry. They literally had only what was on their backs when they came out. The young men would give us a list of needs from underware to PJ's, books, shoes & more. As a family we would shop, wrap & on Christmas eve deliver boxes upon boxes of gifts to be put under the tree. When Christmas morning came each boy had a delivery from Santa and his elves. Today I am proud to say my daughter continues this tradition & instead of buying gifts to exchange with her boyfriend. They opt to continue the true meaning of the season based on years of a tradition that changes the giver and receives life.

Decorating & more: What happen to stringing popcorn & cranberries? What happen to going door to door caroling? Roasting chestnuts & so much more? Once again when my kid was young these were the things we loved the most about the season. Simple things that involved making spirits bright as a collective. Our tree & holiday decorating was an example of history, community & familial love. Not Martha Stewart has arrived in our home.

One year we got married in our home at the time on December 14th and the wedding florist decorated the banister. Every year from that Christmas forward we would spend time recreating as a family. It would often take days to complete this holiday tradition that was a symbol of when our family started. This more than the tree was the joy of the season for us because as a collective we were reminded of the special day we became one. The decorations were about union & togetherness having nothing to do with Martha.

Reflection: Since childhood I have used the month of December to reflect on the current year while contemplating the coming year. New Years resolutions are a thing for me & growth toward a better me a conscious effort. To simply have one year end and another begin without consciousness to me would symbolize a life not lived.

We all need to pause. We all need to aspire. We all need to believe in our ability to reach for our dreams.

Vision boarding has been my favorite tool & there are many others that can help inspire you to tap your BAM. The consumer driven nature of the holidays should not overshadow that a year is ending and another beginning. Never should a year simply come & go without ownership & reflection with measurable goals.

When the holidays are filled with the true spirit of the season stress is gone.

There is no stress in being a collective cook. There is no stress in caroling for a few neighbors. There is no stress in thinking about how to be the best you & what your future holds. There is only stress when we attach ideals of expectations which once again are cultural norms having nothing to do with the spirit of the season.

Isn't it time you got your real jingle on & stopped the holiday spirit that is filled with expectations, worry & for many of us debt?

I believe in you. Personally I wish you & yours the holiday season we all deserve: one filled with love, light and togetherness.

The Christmas Song: The Grinch
"Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores
Welcome Christmas Come this way
Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores
Welcome Christmas, Christmas day
Welcome, welcome fahoo ramus
Welcome, welcome dahoo damus
Christmas day is in our grasp,
So long as we have hands to clasp"
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The Standard of Care a Consumer Driven Machine in America


The Standard of Care a Consumer Driven Machine in America

Standard of care: 1. A diagnostic and treatment process that a clinician should follow for a certain type of patient, illness, or clinical circumstance. (

The "Standard of Care" is what hospitals, doctors and clinicians are expected to follow when caring for individuals. It dictates everything & many who live consciously find themselves being informed of this standard by their healthcare team.

I have heard time & time again from doctors who have had their chief of staff talk to them about not following the "Standard of Care" when they talk to patients about using food as medicine.

To make matters worse many patients such as those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who refuse to take disease modifying drugs are being told by their doctors they will only see them until they have a relapse. Once they have a relapse if they do not go on the drugs the doctor will end their relationship due to legal liability based on the "Standard of Care" issue.

Healthcare in America offers standards that are tied to the use of drugs which dictate the current standard of care used by most doctors & hospitals. Using diet & lifestyle are not considered in this equation at all therefore deemed outside of the acceptable standard of care most doctors are allowed to follow. Imagine nutrition falling outside of the standard of care!

In fact cancer has a standard of care which is chemotherapy even though study after study shows sugar is cancers #1 friend.

My neurologist made it simple for me. When I started using nutrition to heal my body I was asked to sign a legal document stating my doc nor the hospital were liable once I stopped taking the so called "disease modifying" drugs for MS. To make matters even easier the drug manufacturer called to record me stating that the doctor did not advise me to discontinue so they too could cover their asses.

When a standard of care regarding our health rest solely on the use of big pharm you have to believe we are all fucked. Literally the consumer driven machine wins once again at our expense.

To hear a doctor tell you they will only treat you as long as you are willing to take the drugs is beyond unbelievable yet many who live with disease hear this time & time again. The system is not only consumer driven it is also legal liability dictated. The law coupled with big pharm dictating how healthcare is done is the standard of care hospitals, doctors & clinicians subscribe too.

Literally all of this is simply disgusting & once again confirms to me personally that our healthcare system has nothing to do with wellness.

I remember a good friend who is a very successful OB sharing that he delivers most babies c-section no matter what to keep his malpractice insurance rates low. Are you kidding me!?! Where does our well being fit into this equation?

I say this in almost every talk I give & have witnessed this in every city I have traveled that hospitals, surgery centers & urgent care facilities continue to grow, expand & rebuilt. They are making money & the machine continues to crank out more dollars to support the expansion. Doesn't this tell you something?

Healing, wellness & eradicating disease are no where on the business plan for any of these organizations. Growth, expansion & continued abuse of the public are.

Isn't it time you woke up to the reason why 1 in 5 are disabled in America, why autoimmune disease is the fastest growing sector, cancer rates continuing to sore & drug companies along with hospitals and insurers continue to grow all at our expense.

My life as a BOSS is dedicated to saying F YOU to the systems in place & the powers to be that took most of my life to date away from me knowing full well what they were doing and all in the name of the almighty dollar. Son of a bitch.

As someone who lived most of her adult life as a millionaire & now lives at poverty I can without question tell you the real power in life comes from waking the fuck up.

Having the balls to own your life, stepping outside of the cultural bull shit and opening my fucking eyes were the ticket to miracle status. My life today is filled with joy because without a doubt I know who I am, where I am going & why I am here by living a conscious life. Bye Bye autopilot living.

Trust me when I tell you no one gets the right to fuck with me ever because I am awake & in charge. Sadly the system & those in power set us up for failure when we play by the standard of care game in America. Healthcare in America is governed by big business & has nothing to do with wellness. Going to the doctor is predicated on an autopilot life & most of us freely subscribe to the bullshit. WTF.

There I go again talking my thoughts out loud. Sure you might be pissed off at what I say, but the reality is it is true. Don't kill the messenger. Time to wake up is my story.

We all know it & I am just being honest. You think any doctor that has me sign legal releases because I won't take the drugs after watching me heal before their eyes using diet & lifestyle cares about healing? No fucking way.

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Slow, Steady, Sustainable Steps


Slow, Steady, Sustainable Steps

This is my mantra regarding conscious living. People always ask me how to start the process & I recommend you begin by having a real honest conversation with yourself. What can you do that will be sustainable for life? Not for today, a month or a week. A lifestyle change that you can commit to 100%.

Often our inclination is to go from 0 to 60mph. However history has shown that this will set us up for failure & we all kinda know this. Remember all the times you went from never working out to 3 days a week only to have it end within a few weeks or months of starting? Or the time you gave up ice cream before bed & it lasted not very long? You get my drift I am sure whether these examples are spot on or not that without clear motivation beyond the thought we are depriving ourselves failure is almost guaranteed.

Do not kill the messenger! Damn it.

Slow & steady wins the race. Remember the fable about The Tortoise and the Hare? Same holds true with conscious life changes. Slow & steady folks wins this one.

Really ask yourself & answer the question about what you can do that will be lasting & is a change you believe in to help live your best life.

Changes that feel like deprivation do not last for anyone.

  • Maybe start by committing to walking one day a week for 10 minutes?
  • Consider parking your car in the farthest spot for the entrance at the office, the mall or grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • How about cutting sugar out one day a week.
  • Make each meal a rainbow of freshness on Sunday.

You get the idea. Simply do something that you can commit too!

Next begin asking yourself after a few weeks if you are ready to add a another day or make another change in some fashion. Always knowing that the change you commit too are lifelong. Not a diet, not for now, but forever. Your conversation has to include the forever part.

The 1st step in the conversation is to recognize this is a journey motivated by self love and nothing more.

Some BOSS thoughts:

The idea of food as a pleasure source is consumer. Yes folks it truly is based on principles developed by the manufactures of the shit they sell. This concept has nothing to do with best life living.

Consider the concept of breakfast, lunch & dinner. These idea's everyone at some point each of us have agreed are how we should eat during the day. To make matters even more exciting what we eat at those meals are also defined for us. By who? Those in power making this shit.

There is no healthcare reason why we eat 3 meals a day. There are no wellness reasons why bacon and eggs are for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch & a hearty meal for dinner. These are manufactured idea's that we all play along with. Double Damn it.

Our bodies are a like plants. We need water, sunlight & healthy nutrients from the soil to grow. Somehow we all have been programmed to believe we need only foods that taste good to live. I call bullshit!

This is just another example of consciousness that I hope opens your mind to what I am talking about. Ask and answer the questions regarding everything you do learning the reason why.

For me personally once I learned the system altered our foods knowing damn well gluten & sugar were addictive substances adding it to almost everything it was easy to say fuck you to the foods I grew to love.

That poison took almost half my life from me & I will be damn if it will take my final quarter.

Today I gleefully work out on my yoga mat daily paying homage to my person & life for another day. I meditate feeling pride connecting with myself & quieting my mind in this hectic world & every time I sit down to eat a meal I am literally giddy with joy that I can honor my body with nutrient dense goodness.

Not one ounce of me feels deprived or that I am missing anything.

Before getting conscious my life was all about being deprived. I was deprived of living a full life because Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was calling the shots. I lost years of being the best me due to real pain and suffering.

My daughter is a singer and has been performing her entire life. When she was younger having vocal classes etc there were many times I would be laying on the floor in the studio unable to move due to MS. These images live in my brain & haunt me often enough to know that those times will never appear again. My life as a mom will be full and rich because I give a shit about myself enough to know how to thrive. The heartbreak of not being able to be the best mom ever will forever be a distant memory because living a life of purpose & self respect delivers a miracle mom that no longer can barely be present.

Isn't it time you began the real journey of self love through consciousness? What is your 1st step going to be?

I believe in you.

Make today the day you begin to wake the fuck up & live YOUR best life. Stop letting the systems in place define your path.

Tap the miracle inside you & raise the roof on life!

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When Healing Hurts


When Healing Hurts

Strange concept that when you heal from anything this can cause great pain & heartache. The pain of relationships is what I am talking about. Alienation, jealousy & anger are often the result of healing especially if you are a miracle.

I wrote a blog awhile back about being addicted to the chaos of MS & how personally it was hard when I no longer identified as someone who had MS 1st & foremost. I personally struggled with this new outcome for myself & was astonished by this.

Today's post is about how healing hurts regarding relationships.

When my life was unmanageable & MS seemed to be winning I began to make drastic changes to help live my best life. At this time I was asked to be in a 'family' wedding as a bridesmaid. I was still very sick when the bride & groom asked me to join the bridal party & had been about a year into my conscious life journey. 

About 4 months after accepting with excitement to be in the wedding I made the decision to shave my head in an effort to save hand usage which was now at a premium for me. When the bride to be found out she literally begged me to wait until after the wedding stating folks would think I had cancer as I walked down the aisle.

I was like so what if I did have cancer does this mean you would not want me to be in your wedding?!?

To make matters worse for this bride I had decided to no longer wear toxic make-up on my body especially my face. Learning there was almost zero regulation of the chemicals used in the cosmetic industry clearly made this choice a smart next step. Bridezilla hired a make-up artist which I refused to use for the "big day." She was livid especially after delivering each member of the bridal party a 13 page excel spreadsheet of how & what was excepted of each member of the bridal party.

To keep things the most exciting I was about 4 months into my Wahls Warrior journey & requested to have a Paleo meal at the reception. This was received so poorly the bride contacted her soon to be mother in law upset wondering why I agreed to be in the wedding which resulting in a pleading call for me to drop out of the bridal party after buying the dress & paying for alterations all simply because I was trying to save myself. Remember all of these choices were to heal my body, but everyone else saw them as me simply being difficult.

This was the 1st time healing hurt.

When I first started my healing from MS using diet & lifestyle I attended every conference I could to learn more. I reached out & made connections with almost every leader in the field to gain as much 1st hand knowledge as possible to kick MS to the curb. Along the way quickly learning MS was not the only thing many globally where healing through consciousness.

Almost immediately I ran to share this news & information with loved ones suffering from Lupus, RA, Diabetes, Autism, Cancer & the list goes on. Each time being met with no response, anger or completely being cut off forever. Many stating that they did not want to hear about my journey at all & to simply keep quiet. Even though their health & well being continued to decline almost daily.

This was the 2nd time healing hurt.

As the years have gone by with my healing clearly being miraculous the distance between me & many grew wider & wider. I remember being on vacation with a group of friends about 2 years ago where someone rented a house. I chose to bring my own food much to the organizers dismay. I simply packed a cooler choosing not to participate in the group shopping everyone in the house was contributing too.

The organizers were not happy & tried to pressure me into participation & contribution many times. When it was clear I was not going too they became hostile whispering like high school girls the entire vacation about my actions.

My presence clearly threatened their choices especially when you can no longer deny how good I look & how much I was kicking MS to the curb. In addition my brand was growing & the community I represent getting stronger & louder with each passing day.

This group even went so far as to alienate me almost the entire time. I knew after one night this was going to be the last time I would be in their company knowing they would never include me again. I was right & have never been invited since then. Remember all of this simply because I chose to use lifestyle choices to live my best life.

This was the 3rd time healing hurt.

In the last year my healing from MS has taken a huge upswing. I have had huge leaps in my ability & this body is doing things it has not been able to do in almost 30 years. I look younger every day, my weight is optimal & literally I run like a well oiled machine. No one not even strangers can deny that I am simply glowing while radiating the picture of health.

Over the last 5 years I have stopped eating gluten, dairy, grains, sugar, no longer smoke or drink alcohol, go to bed at 8pm waking at 4am, meditate every day, move for a few hours daily, get vitamin D, grounding energy and consult my angels for the win.

These changes are DRASTIC to say the least & have changed everything about my person. In addition the brand I started known as PaleoBOSS Lady has grown to be over 50K strong with close to 1 million global impression weekly & I am considered an influencer in the world of consciousness.

As of the writing of this blog I am several months into a USA tour supporting the community I serve based on moral obligation alone. I am a minimalist whose ever possession fits in my little red fiat.

Quite honestly I am the best version of me for the 1st time in my life!

There is no doubt this is true with confirmation coming almost daily from the global community I represent. In fact last week I gave the talk of my life as a TEDx Speaker. BAM.

In the last year I had a family member share with me a dream they had of having children was not going to be possible. They found out there was a problem that traditional medicine was unable to fix. After a few surgeries they decided there was no hope of full filling this life long dream. We both sat devastated about this news.

In typical me fashion I decided to consult Dr. Google to find out more. As luck would have it one of the leaders in conscious living had the same situation and I knew him. I dug a little deeper & was able to confirm diet & lifestyle changes could support the dream coming alive again. With great joy & tenderness in each word I sent an email sharing the news offering to do whatever I could to support & connect the two to change this narrative. I never got a single response to this email. Never heard a single word. Silence.

This was the 4th time healing hurt.

Most recently during the week of my TEDx I was met with anger, resentment and jealousy by two individuals who were once family. Each one showing their true colors in different ways, but so painfully blatant I was no longer able to do nothing. For those who are not familiar with a TEDx it is a great honor known as the talk of your life & a huge accomplishment to be an invited speaker. One of the proudest moments of my life to date.

Each of these individuals gave a different reason why attending my TEDx was not going to work for them. One was simply too busy as they had been for the last 5 years regarding anything I did & the other was simply standing in unison with the 1st.

However the 2nd chose to add elements of torture to my person with days of insults, badgering & negative talk after inviting me to stay in their home before announcing their decision not to attend the TEDx which came the night before with a bogus excuse. Days after & when they could no longer contain themselves beyond torturing me mentally for days they shared they hated the person I have become over the last 5 years and how I had changed.

It was true I was no longer the person they knew 5 years ago. I was also damn proud of myself in every way & worked my ass off to get here!

5 years ago I was sick, scared & crippled by the devastation known as MS. Today I am loud, proud, applauded, a sought after speaker & influencer in the conscious living world. This BOSS is no longer needy. My fear driven life over with all pain and suffering gone from my body. I would say I am quite different!

I am a freaking miracle & the one of the most healed from MS in the world all due to my hard work & tremendous effort. 

I told busy bee # 1 to go fuck themselves while passive aggressive #2 I packed my shit & left their home after having them throw things at me. Are you kidding me? The healing me which all are unable to deny brought out the true colors of each individual.

This was the 5th time healing hurt & also the last.


It was also done by the hands of those who dealt the 1st healing hurt. How am i not surprised? I just wish I learned this long ago before enduring more hurts along the way.

Silly me to think this would change. There was no doubt my volume would increase as I continued to perfect my miracle status & this alone would cause further alienation. I just wanted so much to believe that healing would only bring joy to all who came in contact with me especially those who acted as if they loved me. However this is not the case. Instead the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady often brings a mirror to others they do not want to look into. Love often turns into hate, anger & extreme jealousy when outcomes are so great.

I chose to have none of this penetrate my being knowing my person provides hope to many, is selfless & of service to others.  There is no room for jealousy, resentment or anger in the life of a miracle only joy.

I have the great pleasure to be in front of the community every day & can tell you that there are ways to prevent the hurt from healing many of us may experience:

  • Lead by example only. No need to tell others or offer unsolicited support.
  • Those in your life who do not applaud your healing need to go. These groups never were cheerleaders during my wellness only sickness. Their relationships strong during times of weakness only show true colors & should have been noted.
  • Stay strong knowing you only have to answer to the man in the mirror. For everyone I have lost in life I gained 10 more supporters, friends & angels along the way. Do not fear the loss celebrate the gains.
  • Love yourself no matter what & vow to live your best life. Those who do not support your wellness are typically only interested in the 'me' of your relationship having nothing to do with the us.

I believe in you & will always be a cheerleader you can count on as you tap the miracle inside yourself. Namaste.

Oh shit I feel so much better simply sharing this pain I have endured. Clearly time to move on & I am once again grateful to be the BOSS I am knowing my life is elevated with each step I take.

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