Food Intolerance


Food Intolerance

As someone who travels all over living with others sharing all I know about conscious living I have seen first hand the power of food intolerance testing to help change the narrative in many lives.

I wanted to know for myself, but was not motivated to go to a lab to have the test done.

I travel all the time and somehow this never got checked off my to-do list when I am back home visiting in Southern California. As much as I really wanted to know it never happened.

Not going to lie as I continue to bio-hack my body regarding food I have less and less real knowledge of where to go. Most of my choices have been based on science I have read and how I feel. I have been eating consciously since 2011 and bio-hacking ever since this way.

My life always has a yearly healthcare goal that involve changes regarding various areas of my wellness plan  and food is one of them. This year I decided it was time to know for sure what my body liked and struggled to like. Food Intolerance testing was going to happen.

I decided to take an at home Pinnertest.


This test was the answer to my prayers and made the issue of finding out food intolerance a breeze. I actually did the test at 5am in the comfort of my kids home and in less than 10 days the results were sent to me in an email.

The kit includes all you need. It comes complete with the return box and postage so once you are done simply put in the mailbox and BAM results will come to you via email.

A Pinnertest involves a few simple steps, which does include a finger prick. I am not going to lie I was a little scared to do this even after self injecting for almost 2 decades with a drug for Multiple Sclerosis. Silly me because it was a joke and nothing to even get your self worked up over.


Pinnertest supplies a lancet that looks like the cap of a pen. You wipe your finger with a swab and place the mechanism on your fingertip. Next you simply push down and BAM it is done. Apply 3 drops of blood onto a collection card they provide, seal it up and mail it away.

It is simple and takes like 5 minutes start to finish.

When the email came I was excited to see my results and grateful the labs are easy to read and understand. Zero learning curve, which is huge. Pinnertest checks 200+ foods to see for intolerance and also rates the level of intolerance. It is a laboratory blood test that measures IgG molecules that react with commonly consumed foods.

They also rate the intolerance by levels from 1-3 which I like and find helpful. I am proud to say that I had only 5 food intolerance issues. Even my naturopath said she never saw so few. This gut is healing like no bodies business is my story.

My issues were with foods I could care less about except for one of them. I am grateful the one I care about was rated the least worrisome with a number 1. For me I will take this year to figure out a plan to eliminate it from my diet.

Here are my results:

Level 3 (being highest intolerance

  1. Pineapple
  2. Anchovie
  3. Shrimp
  4. Swordfish

Level 1 (least intolerance)

  1. Pork

I always heard most with autoimmune issues should not eat pork. However I chose to ignore this with bacon being the original gateway drug to Paleo. Today it is not even bacon I care about as much as my pork sausages and pulled pork. I will pick a 6 month period to give it up and reintroduce noting any changes in my body. I can say it took me many years to bring eggs back, but I have and using Pinnertest I will continue to bio-hack my body to keep my gut healthy.

I am super proud to have Pinnertest offer my followers a $60 off code. FREE world wide shipping too! Simply type PaleoBOSSLady in at check out and SAVE.

Without question I highly recommend you and your adult family members consider learning how to ‘harmonize your diet with your immune system for wellness.’

Keep me posted!

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Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up


Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up

I have to say having Expo. West and the time change happen in the same week almost did me in. Still recovering and hence the delay in getting this blog post done.

I spent 4 days at Expo and still did not see everything. Heck I was not even able to say hi to the vendors I already know and love let alone new companies. I am grateful to have had 2 early morning strolls that allowed me to cover a lot of ground where I caught quite a few products I am tickled pink to see.



  • Zevia Tea:  My good friends at Zevia just introduced an organic ready to drink tea line. Like all Zevia products, these items are sweetened with stevia, and contain zero sugar. In addition, Zevia Organic Teas are non-carbonated, non-GMO, brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea, and will carry the USDA Organic seal. The flavors include Black Tea, Green Tea and herbal flavors, featuring two caffeine-free options. BAM.
  • Nutiva: Boy did Nutiva blow me away with the new MCT Powder. The 1st of its kind and quite delicious if I do say so myself. I love this and Nutiva made the MCT powder with those who have a sensitive stomach in mind. Many complain about MCT liquid being a little harsh on the tummy and this powered MCT has got you covered . Nutiva has included ingredients that help to minimize stomach upset making this a huge win. Looking forward to this coming out in April 2018.
  • Siete: I literally lost my mind when I tasted the cashew tortilla wrap. OMG they are delicious. Siete  also launched a chick pea wrap, but I am on team no chick pea so I did not taste. History leads me to believe it will be delicious. Now stand up and scream 'Hell Yes" Siete also announced new chips with ranch! Drops mic and walks off stage. BAM.
  • Bubba's Fine Foods: I love a good serving size pack and even more when I get to chose if I want bourbon vanilla un-granola, Nana chips or a savory original. Single serving size packs keep me from embarrassing myself and eating an entire bag in one sitting. Thank you Bubba's for helping a girl out with your cute little bags of YUM.
  • Abeego: Beeswax wraps rule. I love these and literally almost hugged the woman who is the CEO of this company. What a great way to say bye bye to plastic wrap and foils. These wraps are washable and last. They come in many different sizes. Side note: For vegans this will not work.
  • Further Food: Daily Turmeric Tonic is a must have for everyone. I added turmeric to my life a few years ago and in the last year have increased how much I consume 2 capsules daily and notice a great difference in inflammation. Further Foods Turmeric Tonic is tasty and a great way to say hello turmeric and feel special doing it. Trust me.
  • NutRaw: Pistachio milk for the win. I was giddy when I tasted this line and this company is all about anything pistachio. I could see this in my refrigerator on a monthly rotation. I love all the nut milk choices don't you? Not going to lie I really liked pistachio milk a lot.

If I had to pick my favorite product for 2018 it would be the beeswax wraps from Abeego. Not to discount the foods I mentioned because all of them are delicious game changers. The wraps are a narrative changer in the space many of us still hold many toxic habits. Wraps, foils and plastic containers are filled with all kind of toxic stuff and this not only creates the space for a conversation to happen it also offers a wonderful solution.

I am grateful for shows like Expo West for many reasons. Everyone under one roof makes life easy and I get to see people I love in one event.

I look forward to trying these products and seeing if they make it to my regular rotation. Let me know if you get your hands on any of them and what you think. Wishing luck to all the companies who showed and hope Expo West exceeded your expectations.

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Would love to have you join the tribe.

Crushing life one post at a time.

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Review of Green Enough


Review of Green Enough

The book Green Enough is a book filled with tips, tricks and insights into how to detox your home from top to bottom. Written by Leah Segedie this book offers a lens for the entire family to learn how to live consciously.


I first was introduced to Leah's work about 3 years ago when I attended ShiftCon. Shiftcon is an eco-blogger event founded by Leah. Shiftcon is also the most supportive environment I ever participated in with my peers. From the moment you enter ShiftCon and at event you are supported, educated and respected for your contributions.

I was excited to read this book knowing Leah personally and how much she has opened my lens. I thought I was conscious and as I turned page after page I realized just how much I still need to learn. Love being a student! In addition not a handful of pages into the book when the 'f' bomb was dropped. I nearly jumped for joy. seeing this. I love someone who keeps it real. I fired a literary agent and co-writer for a book I want to write because they told me no one will respect me if I use curse words. They told me it tarnishes all the words on the page. How wrong they are because after reading Green Enough I confirmed once again the use of 'swear' words merely serve to get our attention and exclamation to our words. .

I love how Leah breaks things down in each chapter focusing on a different area of your home and lifestyle choices.

So many of us get caught up in the auto pilot of life and forget to really make sure we are awake and aware of what we are eating, and putting in our homes. Environmental toxins are everywhere and Leah helps to cut the barrier to entry so we can really understand just where toxins may be leaking and steps we can take. I love how the book puts things in categories for so many of our favorite things letting you know what are the worst, medium and best choices we can make. Immediately I felt empowered with my knowledge.

From room to room and in every important aspect of your life Leah inspires the reader to begin to question the status quo in an easy to read and powerful book.

The book includes recipes, how to clean your home 'green', DIY household product idea's and even goes so far as to call out companies not walking the walk. I love Green Enough for its straight forward approach to life and the drops of wisdom on day to day living mixed with approachable science.

I think Green Enough is a must have for every home and everyone. Brava Leah. You have done it again with excellent content. BAM.


The Road to Minimalism


The Road to Minimalism

By society standards I am a minimalist with less than 100 possessions to my name. This process took years to achieve and I believe is one of the most powerful tools in my ‘Bag of Tricks.’  Funny thing is that as with everything in my healing journey this is opposite from where I was when I was at my sickest.

I believed for most of my life that the person with the most possessions wins. Isn’t that the American dream?

pic of me.jpg

You can’t have your eyes open for one second without a consumer driven message appearing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but especially in America we are always being encouraged to spend, spend, spend.

I bought into all of it.

It was only 15 years ago I was the girl with the gold & diamond Rolex, 3 carets in each ear, tennis bracelet and only couture. Had several homes, cars and even a 40 foot RV that was the envy of many. I was also sick and my life was driven by fear and money.

Today I have little to nothing and I am homeless (who is days away from living in a converted van). To most I am the American dream gone wrong.

My lens sees this life as someone who took 54+ years to wake up and define his or her version of a best life. Prior to getting conscious I lived a life based on societal and cultural norms with little thought to consciousness.

For more insight into how amazing these norms can be and how they truly deeply played a role in my life. Take a minute to check out a video I did about the roll cultural plays in our subconscious life. Enjoy friends:

Minimalism is more than limiting how many possessions you have. It really places a value on this life that I did not have before. I was the Target consumer who believed clothing and many household items were seasonal and new was the mantra for each year. No value was placed on anything beyond instant gratification. I thought nothing of a new season meaning a new wardrobe and household 'freshen; complete with new bedding, bath and kitchen items.

This was my life and all of my neighbors. Each season had a decor and holidays added a whole new level. Are you kidding me I had the best in the business custom make all of my bows and wreaths I so bought into it. Hook, line and sinker. Just typing this it sounds insane and yet it was my life and I worked hard to make this happen.

The truth is the more I had the less I was able to freely move my body, live pain free and have healthy relationships. Today with so much less (a hair away from poverty by American standards) I have no pain, move my body freely and toxic people have left the building.

Minimalism helps you to really have a clear understanding of what you need to live your life to the fullest. It spills over outside of possessions by the nature of the thinking regarding minimalism. If you are only equipping your life with what you need than relationships will enter into the picture at some point. I appreciated this aspect of minimalism because it allowed me to clear my ‘house’ from top to bottom.

Top 5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Minimalist:

  1. If you have no worn it in 6 months donate or sell it. This does not include seasonal items like winter coats, gloves etc.
  2. If is does not fit you it has got to go.
  3. If it is in need of repair it has to go or get fixed.
  4. When you buy a new item and old one gets donated. Example: A new pair of shoes means an old pair gets donated kind of thinking.
  5. Have a wardrobe that is mix and match like you do for 5 year old kids.

They say that life happens outside of your comfort zone. No matter where you are mentally with your relationship to possessions this process will find you feeling like you are in uncharted territory. Hang on and enjoy the ride. I promise it will deliver surprises to your life you never considered.

As someone who most would define living the rags to riches to rags story I can tell you with certainty that my life today is the most joyful and rich I have had to date. It is purpose driven and no longer consumer driven.

Who the fuck knew this would be the answer???

It is completely the opposite message society shoves down our throats daily and yet somehow living almost entirely outside of all societal norms: I get to be potentially the most healed with Multiple Sclerosis in the world. Not only that, but I do it using ONLY diet and lifestyle. No docs. No meds.

Really in all of this I finally get to be V and that my friends fucking rules. I found V becoming a minimalist and I am pretty sure you would find YOU.

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Cinnamon Breakfast Bars

There are few times in life you meet people and you know from the moment of introduction you know they are 'good people.' A few years ago I was at a party thrown by the founder of Tin Star Foods and I met Sadie & John the founders of Otto's Cassava Flour and knew from the word go they were 'good people' as my grandmother would say.

Hearing the company was named after their son Otto confirmed my gut feeling.

I have decided to give up nuts for 90 days at some point in 2018. I have terrible allergies that we cannot seem to get under control. Allergies are an autoimmune issue and I am committed to changing the severity of my allergies. I am allergic to mold and many nuts are prone to mold. So nuts gone for 90 days will happen. Until this becomes reality I will be working hard to find replacement foods that support me mentally and physically during the transition.


As luck would have it cassava flour is not only gluten and grain free it is nut free. BAM.

I have been working on the menu list for the tours cooking classes and knew I needed menu idea's that were nut free. Grateful Otto's Naturals Cassava Flour makes it easy. I have been busy in the kitchen these last few weeks and decided to try a cinnamon breakfast bar recipe using Otto's.

Luckily I am living with a friend who was more than happy to be my taste tester and we could not decide on one recipe so I will share two versions: a paleo and primal.

The difference in the two versions involves using grass-fed butter or Ghee.

Believe it or not the texture and taste is quite different. Me and my friend Clair agreed that both were worthy of sharing. You will have to be the judge as to which you like better.  Enjoy and report back.

Thank you Sadie, John and Otto for making my healing transition delicious and easy using your Cassava Flour. I am pleased to say that Otto's has joined the tour as a sponsor and is helping support the community I serve. BAM.


This recipe was adapted from Back Porch Paleo's Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes




  • Combine flour, salt, baking soda and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in a bowl and set aside.
  • Add 2 tablespoons coconut sugar, ghee or butter, egg and date paste in a bowl using a mixer blend well until creamy. Next add coconut milk mixing well. Note mixture will be thick.
  • Grease a square 8 inch pan and place in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes or until done.
  • Once out of the oven mix the remaining coconut sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and sprinkle on warm bars. These bars are delicious hot or room temperature. The texture changes based on temperature and both are BAM.





The Art of Making Love


The Art of Making Love

It is so funny I spent my entire adult life wanting to be a good lover to find out I have been and just didn't know it.

In case any of you missed this I am a person who has always worked out. Since the early days of "Jane Fonda" I have loved to get my sweat on. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) also required daily movement if I want to move my body.

A typical 'self love' session lasts anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 depending on what my body is telling me married to what I may be asking of me that day. These loving sessions usually include yoga, stretching, meditation, dancing, hula hooping and ball rolling. In some form or another most will be included  somewhere in my day.

Another thing you may have missed about me is that I am voluntarily homeless. To date and for almost 2 years I have lived with friends or strangers almost full time. Although this will change once the BAM van is done for now it has me couch-surfing full time which means many witness my self love sessions on the daily.

One universal truth holds true when others see watch me day after day host my self love sessions and that is their comment about the vocal part of my workout. Everyone says it sounds like I am making love. To which I respond, "I my body."

Little did I know until this kept happening that I truly was making love to myself.  Not only was I doing it, but that I was damn good at it. The art of making love I have on lock.


How do I know I am good at the art of making love?

All of the millions I spent on western medicine bullshit were directly connected in a large part to physical therapy. The good news is that I paid attention and learned the many tools that live in my "Bag of Tricks" and keep me a walking miracle.

The art of making love for me is so perfected this gal has zero out of pocket health care costs associated with movement. No PT, yoga classes or massages. This is how I know I am damn good at the art of making love. One time not that long ago and for decades this stuff cost me $730/weekly. Today I spend zero because my love making sessions are so on point it is an art.

In addition to what I do on my own there are tools I use that support the art of making love:

  1. The MS Gym (on Facebook): This is s private page and not limited to MS only although it is the focus. Trevor & Misty Wicken are the founders and all I can say is the work happening in this room contains one of the most important steps in tapping your BAM and that is moving and getting to know your body.
  2. RAD Rollers: Are a system of tools to help you to perform the healing modality of self myo-fascial release. The fascia are connected throughout our body and often get stuck to the bone. By using the tools RAD Rollers offers one can work the fascia themselves to move better in their body. This work is essential to use my hands and feet on a daily basis. In addition my neck , jaw and head are greatly supported too.
  3. Yamuna Foot Wakers: I have had this lover in my "Bag of Tricks" the longest. These little prickly 1/2 balls are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to needing acupuncture married to reflexology. I do a sequence on the wakers over about 4 minutes using my feet. This time offers a healing power that has been essential to my best life for almost 15 years.
  4. Knot Out: All sizes of these are in my "Bag of Tricks." I start big and work down rolling my feet and nothing has ever hurt so good. Loving my feet a huge part of my ability to use my body. It is amazing how connected your feet are to so much.
  5. Yoga Tune Up - Alpha Ball: I have all the different balls from this company, but find myself using the Alpha Ball the most. This is my IT band destroyer. I suffer from strong IT band pain on the daily and rolling on this ball is how I kick it to the curb. I have had the same ball for over 5 years so it is also longer lasting than other YTU balls which average about 6 months.
  6. Affirmat: I have had my share of yoga mats and need to be honest this mat helps my practice. Having wonderful affirmations on my mat when I am getting in and out of poses is my jaunt. I love it and have been a fan for 5+ years. You can even custom design your own. I love my Affirmat.
  7. Hula Hoop: My friend Crazy Amy gave me my hoop. I can tell you it is a portable weighted hoop made to fit my height. It is best to take a class to find out what hoop size works best, but don't be discouraged everyone can hoop. Size matters here! I consider this a great aerobic work out and fun.
body mind.jpg

The real 'Art of Making Love' is a solo affair and a true union.

I lived for 49+ years not connected to my body behind it being a vessel. Today my body is my hero honored daily loving it for all it affords me with my diet and lifestyle choices.

This is the "Art of Making Love:" loving yourself with intention, adoration and respect.

Are you making love daily? If not 2018 is your year to perfect 'The Art of Making Love."

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The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food


The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food

  • Special Edition Blog Post!

  • Featuring V Capaldi and Trevor Wicken of The MS Gym!

Now once again please don't freak out by the title simply because my brand is named PaleoBOSS. Hear me out. As one of the most healed with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS), former board member of the Delaware National MS Society and someone who tours the USA living with others I would think my insights are valuable. 

Food was my last piece to the miracle life puzzle. It is 100% important,but not the most important.

So often I meet people and they are trying so hard to use food to change their life outcome and are seriously struggling and big time. When I 1st started touring I was shocked at how many people were failing at trying to heal. Until I realized most were just starting and doing so with food. 

I personally disagree with this as the 1st step and know why most if not all seem to feel they are failing.

I spent hours working on figuring the why and as usual my reference is my own personal experience leading me to realize the order to a miracle life starts with moving your body, loving yourself followed by consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle. 

There was a common thread in all of this and after a year of living with others I noticed this pattern. Most are coming to a holistic healing lifestyle by way of food and it stops there. I personally don't think that is the right approach and it certainly was not mine.

I also don't believe food should be the 1st step. I believe it is the last step and not because it was my path. 

I can count on one hand the number of people I have met who are able to stick to a food as medicine lifestyle. Most seem like the stereotypical New Year's resolution and launch with great momentum then die off. Time and time again I see this as a common thread.

Believe it or not I have the answer to this problem and I know it is the golden ticket like Willy Wonka. 

When Movement and getting your mind right are the start of your journey into miracle status you not only start a conscious relationship with yourself it has shown to motivate you to make other healthy lifestyle choices. Getting to know your body through movement is key and will be a huge part of your road to BAM.

Thoughts from Trevor of The MS Gym-


Moving your body does 3 things: 

#1 Exercise releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. 
These hormones work to inhibit the pain receptors in your joints, muscles, and brain. Endorphins also act as natural anti-depressants and anti-anxiety chemicals to bring your body back to a state of calm and composure to ward off things like panic attacks, depression, and dementia. 

Daily exercise like dancing, dynamic stretching, yoga, balance training, core strengthening, full body resistance exercises, and sustained / interval based exercise has also been proven to:

- Boost self-esteem
- Improve sleep
- Increase memory
- Allow you to focus better
- Clear brain fog

Moving = Happiness

#2 Exercise improves Your Over All Health & Physiologic Function of your body:
Exercise not only helps your body counteract your stress and fatigue but also helps you manage and reduce the intensity of your MS symptoms. When your body functions better, it can find a balanced state of functioning quicker and maintain that balanced state better. 

This is super helpful for MSers since your body is constantly riding the MS roller coaster and having to re-adjust on the fly as your symptoms can change week to week or even day to day. Exercises teaches your brain to find alternative pathways around your damaged MS nervous system and improve your strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. As these physiologic components improve, your body gets stronger which trains it to fight off MS better. 

With this, Exercise also has these added health benefits: 
- It strengthens your heart
- It increases energy
- It lowers blood pressure
- It improves muscle tone
- It strengthens and builds bones
- It helps to reduce body fat
- It makes you look and feel fit and healthy

Movement Is Medicine. Take your daily dose!

#3 Exercise flushes out toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients
As you exercise your heart rate, respiration, and blood flow increase. When this happens, it signals your blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow in and out of your tissues, more oxygen to get into your lungs and bloodstream, and more toxins to be filtered out of your body. 

This means that your cells are absorbing more nutrition to feed your muscles and nerves, delivering more oxygen to your cells which decreases fatigue, and flushing out bad chemicals and waste out of your body that cloud your thoughts, stiffen your muscles, slow down your nerves, and destroy your body. 

Movement is one of (if not THE) MAJOR driving force behind all physiologic function in your body. If you move you live. If you don’t you die. Period.  


Thanks Trevor for these words of BAM regarding movement!

Once you are loving the movement portion on the road to a miracle life you often start feeling better about yourself which creates the space for a kinder & gentler you to emerge. This often brings a loving lens which allows the conscious awareness self love work to easily be brought into the journey. It is in this space you bring about a lens that will support a healthy food journey. A road that exists without deprivation, fear, anger and a fight it out of mentality. 

i say it often and I mean it with 100% certainty that I am not mad I have MS. In fact the things I love about myself are a direct result of living with MS. This my friends is how we heal. Food seals the deal after you got steps 1 & 2 down.

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Join PaleoBOSS Lady and friends as we raise the roof on life tapping our BAM.

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Failure to Launch


Failure to Launch

Touring is a life changing experience and I am learning every day. Being invited to share others lives is a great gift and I am humbled daily that this is my life.

I am also no longer surprised at how much we live in a world that includes what I call, 'Failure to Launch.'

The work I do deals mostly with individuals/families in need who are dealing with a physical or psychological issue. Most of what we do based on psychology and the idea of a Failure to Launch' seems to happen often in many households.

When you are dealing with any area in life that requires help from another we begin to set the ground for a failure to launch. Last time I checked we all come up against this because truly living does not happen without a little help from our friends. A 'Failure to Launch' seems to be something we all face and work to overcome at least once in our lifetime. For me it has happened more frequently.

When your need for help is almost daily a 'Failure to Launch' really becomes an issue.


Seldom does a daily need have to become a life script yet many have trouble stopping this from happening. More often than not actions viewed as helping can have the opposite outcome serving to be enabling and condoning of someones situation.

With anxiety and autoimmune disease being huge problems in American I often see families dealing with these issues on the daily. Building a padded house and lifestyle is not the answer. Supporting a sustainable lifestyle is and changing the household narrative to support the needs of others is most important here.

Helping in excess can cripple the ability to overcome any life adversity. When illness comes into play we all want to help. However help has to be as conscious as the work needed to grow. When we continue to keep doing everything beyond a triage situation we hurt rather than help. Don't discount the role an autopilot life plays in a 'Failure to Launch' specifically when the role of parent/child comes into play.


Here are a few words of advice:

  • To the person or family dealing with anxiety and depression of a loved one be sure to engage then daily and encourage their life. Don't walk on egg crates and stop challenging their life choices. Be present with them everyday.
  • To the family whose dealing with a disease that makes a loved ones mobility a challenge remember this does not mean they are unable. It means new ways of moving and working have to be constructed to support the challenges. Doing is not helping.
  • To the person dealing with a physical or mental issue stop abusing the generosity of others. Do whatever you can for yourself always and no matter what. How long it takes is not an issue. The freedom to care for yourself is your greatest gift. Do not freely give it away and take care of whatever you can for you.
  • To the family surrounded by changes due to any illness remember we all have the right to live our best life and define how this looks. Judgement and lack of support stand have no place here. Different or conscious does not mean difficult. Supporting our life choices is a huge healing modality.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but these are patterns I can personally relate too as I have lived times that included the 'Failure to Launch' life.

By understanding the fine line between helping and harming a failure to launch can be avoided.

Being conscious about life is not always easy so be prepared to have to take a stand and be brutally honest with yourself and others especially when you are in need. Many times we realize in this journey that cultural and societal norms play a huge role and often dictate actions that set the stage for a 'Failure to Launch.' Needing help and giving to another are actions that should be clearly defined with goals so that the stage is not set to fail either party. Simply helping or being helped are not enough. Goals, activities and measurements for success need to be clearly defined at all times so helping does not become hurting.

I still cannot believe this blog won 'Best Of' from Paleo Magazine for health and wellness!

My heart is humbled and my spirit overjoyed.

I would not be mad at all if you wanted to share this with your family and friends.



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The Caretakers Curse


The Caretakers Curse

I often say the two hardest and thankless jobs many of us experience are begin step parents and care takers. They both offer no play book and are most often two critical roles to families.

Care taking comes in many forms and for me personally it came in the form of helping my father after he had several strokes which left him unable to care for himself and live alone. I moved my Dad to an assisted living facility in the state I was living and for 6 years saw him almost every other day assuming management of his day to day needs.

This was one of the hardest jobs of my life to date becoming my parents parent. A role no one ever imagines happening until it does.

  • Most care takers love deeply those they are caring for.
  • Most care takers have no advanced warning of their job.
  • Most care takers make huge life sacrifices in their own lives when taking care of another.

I remember after my Dad had passed and been gone for several weeks and my family was heading to a Sunday afternoon movie when I announced I better call my Dad after the movie because he is probably worried about me and where I have been. My family looked at me with concern reminding me that he had passed weeks ago.

I literally was almost shocked for a second that I did not even remember. All I could think of is all I needed to do for him. I was overwhelmed at that moment how much the stress of care taking had played in my life.

It literally took me 6 full years to heal from my role as a caretaker. I was forced due to my fathers death, but many of us are lucky enough to have this role change due to healing.

When healing happens many caretakers struggle to heal.

It is actually exactly the opposite reality of what you would think would happen. Of course every caretaker wants their loved one to heal. However when it happens they often experience emotions that they never saw coming. This happens on both sides of the equation and often is the hardest part of healing.

Imagine finally healing and yet your caretaker holding you back from living your life.

Truth be told this happens all too often and is another form of a Cultural Collision which I shared in my TEDx talk. The collision happens when the caretaker identifies so strongly with their role and the sickness that defined this outcome they can no longer see the individual for who they are. They only see what brought about the care taking role.

I remember when I started healing from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body and suddenly did not have at least 9 hours weekly of appointments with my healthcare team. I did not know what to do with myself. For almost 3 decades this was my life and all of a sudden my body no longer needed all of these appointments as my miracle status grew. In addition I realized my social life was somehow tied to my healthcare team too.

It sounds ridiculous, but when I started to heal from MS I lost my identity. I didn't know who I was anymore.

I had grown to identify with my disease and all that it took from my life to live with MS. The same held true for my relationship with my role as my Dad's caretaker. Once he was gone I was still holding on to the role of care taking and somehow forgot my role as his daughter.

This dilemma is one that many who are chronically ill and heal face and it is one of the hardest outcomes of healing. Believe it or not both the caretaker and the healed struggle with letting go. The only difference is when I caretaker does not let the person who heals go back to identifying outside of their illness it creates an almost abusive outcome.

When you are living a caretakers role it is all consuming and often takes everything you have mentally and physically. Little to no down time happens and life becomes all about the sick. Even when healing happens it often comes about slowly with subtle victories until one day BAM a new day appears with hope realized.

I remember the morning I woke up and asked myself if I thought I could live independently for the 1st time. I was healing from the debilitating symptoms from MS and still had a long way to go, but thought I was close enough to be able to care for myself. At my PT appointment that day I asked my PT what she thought.

I remember her initial response was less than favorable. She paused and suddenly began to rattle off all the things I would struggle with doing like cleaning, laundry, lifting, shopping and the list went on. It felt like a knife in my heart. She ignored all the progress I had made and simply focused on what I could not do.

At this time I realized that if I wanted to move and live alone I was going to have to decide and do this on my own 100%. Those who took care of me only saw me as someone with MS and not me as the person I was outside of MS.

The caretakers role removed my person from the equation and this was a huge shock to me and a difficult lesson to learn. No matter what I knew I had to overcome it and begin to live my life.

letting go.jpg

So how do you transition from being a caretaker to being free from this role? The truth is the same steps one takes to heal are what the caretaker needs to do.

  • Start loving yourself by giving yourself time to do things that bring YOU joy.
  • Start reminding yourself of your dreams and life goals.
  • Start to begin to transition and have alone time that is not defined as a break from care taking, but a beginning to freedom from this role.
  • Start to believe that hope realized is happening and it is a good thing.
  • Start to take credit for this amazing outcome that created a dream come true.
  • Start to believe in yourself and your loved one.
  • Start to fake it until you make it.

Sadly no one seems to give credit to the role of the caretaker. Most often others cannot see past the healed to those who contributed to this outcome making this job often feel thankless. When this aspect of healing becomes a weight I recommend spending time with a therapist to help you begin to put this into a prospective that does not diminish your role and helps to re-establish your worth outside of care taking.

For those who have healed and struggle growing with your caretaker I ask you to be strong, be bold and be grateful when expressing your desire to move past your sickness and to begin living. These actions are not only necessary for you, but they are critical to the caretakers road to healing as well. Set them free leading by example and making them proud.

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Why Loving Yourself Matters Most


Why Loving Yourself Matters Most

I need to share that self love is the core of my life outcome. I also have to share most of us do not have a high level of self love in our 'Bag of Tricks." Just yesterday I was talking to someone who stated they absolutely loved themselves, but did not like the way they looked. I was like then you don't love yourself.

Self love is both an inside & outside job.

You gotta love the person you are completely. You cannot say you have a high degree of self love when you look in the mirror without loving what you see. Sorry to be the messenger, but I speak only the truth.

Self love involves owning who you are no matter where life takes you.

I knew for years I was an overachiever who set goals and knocked them out of the part. I was always a great student, involved in the community, had lots of friends and lived a very busy successful life.

love yourself.jpg

I also hated what I saw in the mirror and never trusted my body due to having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1986.

This type of thinking only stood to prevent me from even beginning to kick MS to the curb. Which is a powerful as living a fear driven life. Literally for decades I lived in fear and was a person that did not love my whole person. I only liked parts of me.

I believed that if I achieved financial and professional success that would bring me to love myself. Consumer driven ideals where my diving force in thinking this was the way to love myself because every one would see what i have accomplished. A simple concept like the person with the most toys in the sandbox wins was the metaphor driving my thoughts. The truth is when I had no debt, homes bought for cash and millions in the bank I was the sickest.

I literally was living the American dream and my body was failing at every turn.

At this time in my life I believed financial success and the lens of others defined my person. This coupled with hating MS and believing I could fight it out of my body were the catalyst in the acceleration of the disease to the most progressive form. I literally had self loathing thoughts that were so strong coupled with actions that MS simple took over and was winning at every turn.

Once I achieved financial success, professional recognition, and became certified as a yoga instructor I thought my life would change the path of MS. Instead it was when MS took control of my every move and wiped out my bank account.

This clearly was a brick hit forehead moment and forced me to realize my thinking, actions and relationship with MS was wrong and destroying my chance at living my best life.

The 1st step for me was to begin the outline a road map to BAM. I needed to start a path towards self love that allowed me to realize my thoughts are what controls my outcome followed by conscious action. There are a few critical pieces to establishing a self love journey that I believe matter when trying to live a life dreams are made of.

Here are my TOP 5:

  1. Know you too are worthy.
  2. Open your eyes to cultural and societal norms
  3. Define your person based on acceptance and appreciation.
  4. Add silence to your life.
  5. Find community to support your path.

Slow, steady, sustainable steps are the magic path to any life long change in action or thinking. It took a long time for me to understand I was worthy of good health. Somehow I found myself defined by MS and therefore never felt worthy and simply thought I was on borrowed time with a functioning body.

There is no race to the finish.

There is a race to beginning this process knowing that all roads to a miracle life begin and end in self love & that this is what is needed to set the stage to tapping your BAM.

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Fasting as a Spiritual Journey


Fasting as a Spiritual Journey

I have been fasting now for almost 2 years and learning a lot along the way.

For many of us fasting is done to loose weight, detox your body and/or to decrease inflammation. For me it is done to slow my role and give me and my body a break.

I first began fasting for 12 hours a day happening mainly overnight meaning if my last meal is at 7pm I don't eat again until at least 7am or later. This grew to include two days weekly increasing times to 16 hours and my body showed remarkable changes for me personally.

When I started fasting I could barely drive longer than 30 miles in a day and today I can drive 400+ miles in a day. This is the only major eating related change I have made so I believe this to be the reason for the healing.

Next up I grew to do 1 day juice fast and found this to be an outcome of mental work than hunger. I was not hungry at all, but was concerned with not having food for 24 hours and what that would be like. So I took a meditative approach to fasting and maintain it to this day.

When I fast I see it as an opportunity to increase the self love and to honor myself in a fashion that is very spiritual.

Recently I completed my first ever 72 hour bone broth fast. This included huge doses of water and bone broth with ghee throughout the day. I find this to be one of the most spiritual journeys I have had in a long time. 

fasting copy.jpg

Fasting a spiritual journey?

For me I never do anything without much thought and preparation. My MS body hates change and rapid change at that. The slower I move the better it responds. My fasting life represents this path as I have been working on this as a healthcare tool going on year 2 and continue. Each step along the way including huge doses of spiritual focus rather than food focus. Fasting to me is simply not focused on food. Rather it is an opportunity to up my spiritual game.

  • When I fast I hibernate.
  • When I fast I create a scared space.
  • When I fast I meditate at least 4 hours a day.
  • When I fast I do not watch TV or read.
  • When I fast I have focused loving kindness moments of body awareness.
  • When I fast I affirm with my body my desire for healing and supporting my body the best I can.
  • When I fast I get tons of sleep and afternoon naps.
  • When I fast essential oils play a key role.

I believe that fasting is a time to slow my role and allow my body a chance to not have to work. It is most importantly time for me to slow it all down and stop doing and thinking. I find fasting to be a spiritual journey 100% and focus on creating the space to just be.

Slowing down my body works best in harmony with slowing down my mind. 

I see so many people fasting and going to the gym, work and maintaining normal day to day activities. I prescribe to a different mantra and believe that fasting is a spiritual journey allowing us to create the space to simply be. To me this is where the true healing comes in.

For many of us this journey can happen just as easily with a 12 hour fast as in a 72 hour fast. I live a spiritual life and know that when my mind is at rest my body heals best. Without the two miracles do not happen.

one step at a time.jpg

I highly recommend thinking of fasting as a spiritual journey and less a no food journey. Fasting is a time to stop the body and mind from working so damn hard.

My healthcare goal for 2018 is to progress to water fasting for 72 hours. However before this I will do at least 2 more bone broth fasts. Slow and steady has always won the race for me resulting in my miracle status. I believe my body heals quicker with slow progression than trying to be an over night sensation and going from eating to fasting with water for 72 hours. However we each have our own journey and I am sharing mine.

I did not become a walking miracle overnight. I took slow, steady, sustainable steps to be the inspiration behind the award winning brand PaleoBOSS Lady. I would personally recommend if you are considering fasting you have an honest conversation with yourself so that you don't see it as not having food for x number of hours and rather it be a spiritual journey that is creating the space for miracles to happen.

Nothing would be more disappointing than to have a fast be a mental game of hardship not having food. The best way I have learned to avoid this outcome is to work up to a full fast with a progression like I shared and to see this as a spiritual journey and not a journey without food.

I recommend you consider adding fasting to your "Bag of Tricks" and let me know how it goes. I believe in you.

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Stop Helping Others First


Stop Helping Others First

I am not kidding.

Do you know how many people help others without owning their own shit?

I know I was one of them.

In addition to being an enabling parent who was more than willing to drive to school 5 times in one day when my daughter forgot something I was involved in everything from the MS Society, local community organizations, volunteering at school, fund raising for 1/2 dozen charities a year & all of this with a body that was increasingly struggling with the devastation known as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Of course when MS progressed to disability I had the perfect excuse why I found it hard to take the best care of myself. Clearly I was busy.

Healing to the level of miracle status involves helping yourself 1st and foremost. It is only after we care for our own needs that we can truly help others and this my friends was the hardest lesson for me to learn.

I think my therapist of many years told me each weekly visit to realize if there was a book that listed the amount of time someone should spend helping others I would have exceeded the average limit so that I can take a break to focus on myself. My response was bullshit and I could not have been more wrong.

When I moved to California I decided to resign from all volunteer stuff and any optional commitments. Already disabled and my health failing quickly I was beyond desperate and almost way late to the party. As luck would have it once I took time for me the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady started to happen. Little by little I was able to create the space for my healing & help myself.


Finally I owned my life 100% by committing to helping myself & miracles began to happen.

It is amazing how once you start to live in harmony with your body, mind and spirit how illness both mental and physical start to appear differently almost on a daily basis. For the 1st time I started to feel like I had a role and was not simply a victim in waiting. MS had always felt like it was the BOSS & once I moved to CA to begin my healing journey for the 1st time I felt like I was becoming the BOSS of me.

By the time I was blessed to find the work of Dr. Terry Wahls where I quickly became the BOSS of my life & my body.

My health was in such poor shape I cut myself off from the outside world and began to hibernate desperate to find answers. I was waking up regarding life & how I lived it to the point of realizing my life was toxic in its current form and I needed to make major changes. Even with the commitment to work on myself only I still needed to wake up and own my life. Stopping being of service to the community was not enough. I had to own the life of V in order to heal.

Once I was able to own my shit I was able to begin the process of being the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

In order to help others we must offer our personal best. Without bringing your "A" game you are simply sacrificing your best life in order to please another which although this my seem admirable it is not a good look. Not at all. All to often I see people who are sick and suffering forgoing their own needs to help others. This is diversion from owning your life no matter how you slice and dice it. All of mankind would be better served if each of us were healthy, happy and awake. The autopilot of life sets us up for sickness, disappointment and not the best quality of life.

Now don't get it twisted I am not talking about roles that happen outside the home only. As I mentioned my enabling behavior as a parent offered the perfect excuse as to why I had no time to heal. How we live in our own family also comes into play when we are striving to live our best life. No parent should ever put the needs of their children first although we are taught this.

Remember you put your mask on first in the event of a plane emergency. This holds true with our needs beyond the plane.

So how do you begin to make this change? Slow, steady, sustainable steps wins always. Find ways you can begin to remove yourself from anything that takes your eye off the self love ball to begin owning your role in sickness and health. Just as we have a hand in our wellness we have the same hand in our sickness.


Stopping the autopilot of life & giving 100% to our life purpose creates the space for the magic of healing to happen. As long as we give without having our house in order we never truly can tap our BAM.

Trust me I know because I live my BAM every day as a walking miracle who got here by owning my life. I believe in you to do the same.

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Eating Consciously Triggers 2 Eating Disorders


Eating Consciously Triggers 2 Eating Disorders

As many of you know I have been eating consciously for over 6 years & experienced life changing results that set the stage for the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady. My food healing journey began with gluten & the changes my body felt with removing gluten from my diet were astounding. Restless leg almost immediately left my body which is an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) symptom that is often quite troubling.

This initial result of saying bye bye to gluten let me know that food was my missing piece and I needed to keep looking at food to biohack my health. Within a year of giving up gluten I started a Paleo lifestyle followed by The Wahls Protocol which is where I have remained and to this day I am a proud & faithful Wahls Warrior.


Sadly eating consciously triggered 2 different eating disorders in my life.

Many who eat whole foods develop an eating disorder called Orthorexia which is when the restrictions of eating healthy become excessive regarding "clean" eating. Often this restrictive behavior flows into to other areas of your life limiting the ability to live your life.

I do not believe I had or have Orthorexia, but I do believe I have had bouts of Anorexia and Bulimia.

About a year after becoming a Wahls Warrior I decided to follow the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Protocol) to see if I had any food triggers especially regarding night shades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potato) & eggs. A trip to Italy where I got very sick eating a tomato, pepper & eggplant based meal prompted me to feel I needed to see what foods did not work for me in my healing journey.

AIP focuses on eating foods that heal your gut. After 90 days I begin a slow reintroduction which is the recommended path to see what foods may be a trigger for my body.

Because I am a dark chocolate lover extraordinaire I chose chocolate for my reintroduction & it did not go well. I was devastated & symptoms of MS started to return. This result made me pause, but I still keep going and in another couple days I reintroduced eggs with another poor result.

dark chocolate.jpg

Now I am 2 for 2 with negative outcomes & I begin to get concerned.

During this time my only resource or support system was Dr. Google. I was completely alone in the journey outside of a few bloggers offering online information. I personally do not know a single person using food as medicine & my doctors had already thought my approach to healing was bogus. Dr. Wahls had no book yet and Mark's Daily Apple was my most significant resource which is not AIP focused, but proved to be a lifeline regardless so many times during this period of my life.

Without conscious effort the negative results of the reintroduction translated into an almost anorexic behavior for me.

Suddenly food became an enemy & I was afraid to eat because I did not want any MS symptoms to return. The sad truth is I began losing so much weight & the compliments started pouring in which did not help my healing journey. It almost reinforced my anorexic behavior which was easy to hide because most stopped listening to me using food as medicine. At this time these types of healing protocols were new and somewhat ground breaking translating into most thinking it was 'hippie' bullshit.

I am not going to lie the positive reinforcement by way of comments about how great I looked losing so much weight continued to fuel my anorexic behavior.

Eating foods again became hard not only because of fear of an MS flair, but also because I loved all the attention around 'how great I looked.' Luckily for me I was deep into my conscious life journey & I woke up. It was a true brick hit forehead moment when I began realizing that my mitochondria needed food to continue to kick MS to the curb & eating was essential. I also reminded myself that I was not interested in being on the cover of Vogue & that I was trying to heal myself & regain some quality of life.

My current state of using food as medicine involves killing my sugar demons. Gave up refined sugar years ago yet I still struggle with anything that has a natural sweetener especially honey & maple syrup. In the last 2 years I have noticed a bulimic style behavior eating 'healthy' desserts with reckless abandonment

I literally can eat an entire pie, cake or box of Paleo style treats without any sense of self control & in one sitting.


My 2017 healthcare goal has been to kick this type of habit to the curb as I have every conscious eating change. For some reason this demon has been the hardest of my life to date finding myself dealing with daily struggles that shock & scare me. I lack self control in a way I have never experienced. In May with the help of community I worked hard on a road map with tools, a good plan and course of action to overcome this addiction using tried and true steps that have served me when I quit smoking, gluten, dairy and processed foods and still the struggle is real.

I began looking at my conscious eating journey since the beginning and trying to see what I may be missing that I forgot or simply for insight into what has brought me to this place.

When I first started this path I was 100% alone not knowing anyone using food as medicine. There were little to no companies or food products that you were able to buy at a grocery store beyond ingredients to make all of your meal. There were no cakes, cookies, tarts, pizza, puddings, ice creams etc that were called Paleo. In fact, few and far between even recipes for making this desserts where hard to come by with bloggers just started to pop up. 

I have come to understand in this year of focused effort that my addiction is not to the ingredients it is to the food category.

I was under the assumption that eating ingredients that are Paleo or Wahls compliant was a good look & okay. I was dead wrong. In fact it simply is a gateway drug to get back into old unconscious eating habits or in my case creating new ones.

Once I have one compliant cookie I cannot stop until the box is gone.

Literally this is the path I have been on and of course I don't discount the power of addiction to substances, but this for me is coupled with a HUGE psychological addiction to my favorite comfort foods of days gone by.

I thought I needed to take honey & maple syrup out of my diet for life, but the reality is the types of foods that have these ingredients added are what I need to give up.

America is a consumer driven country and the conscious living movement is one of the fasted growing retail sectors in shelf space and new companies in a long time. Almost every month there is a new brand of some favorite processed food that is now available in a Paleo version. Companies know this is a fast growing market and are jumping on the gravy train yet this is merely recreating different forms of "processed type foods" using acceptable ingredients.

All of this truly serves to continue the bad habits we are trying to break regardless of the ingredients.

Now I am taking it back to my conscious living roots which did not include desserts of cake, cookies, ice cream and all the new products that mimic the things that simply are not Paleo or conscious no matter what we tell ourselves.

No doubt I got this finally. I am pretty confident the final quarter of 2017 will finish with me reaching my goal. Wish me luck.

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Food is Not the Key to my Miracle Status


Food is Not the Key to my Miracle Status

I am sure that many of you know me as a Wahls Warrior. In addition many believe The Wahls Protocol is why I am a walking miracle.

Yes The Wahls Protocol is a huge part, but it is not the reason I am a walking miracle.

As I travel around the USA as part of the award winning "Taking it to the Streets Tour" I am often reminded that most people's entry into self care as healthcare are starting with food.

Food was the last piece to my healing puzzle.

farmers market.jpg

Food is not what I credit with the reason for my miracle status. Food was the final piece for me. My journey toward being a miracle really started when I was diagnosed in 1987. At that time I made the conscious decision to step outside the standard of care by using cannabis for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in place of narcotics. This eventually grew to incorporating essential oils into my wellness plan and it continued to grow.

Cannabis was the 1st step toward my miracle status followed by essential oils & massage.

My life with MS always had a huge movement component which consisted of hard core work outs and interval training until I became disabled in 2001. By 2001 I found myself unable to do anything physical due to severe fatigue making movement a great hardship.

I spite of this I pushed myself & took MS specific swim classes at the local YMCA. I did this 3 days a week for 2 years until I was able to literally roll onto a yoga mat. At this time I had no ability to elevate my arms above my waist & balance was not the best look yet onto the yoga mat I went.


Yoga from day one started to heal my body and continues to this day.

Yoga is my hero and has offered the most bang for my buck as a healing modality. Not only is it a great workout, but it also has a spiritual element. Yoga gives me a '2fer' each day is how I see it. Yoga is a part of my daily life & without it I would not be able to move freely. The end.

I have been a devote yogi since 2001 & will be until the day I die.

Movement was the next key element into my miracle status.

My life was so desperate by 2011 I had nothing, but fear driving the ship. Sleepless nights the norm. Wall walking most days unable to be certain I would not fall. Counting my steps to maximize ability to care for myself. Self medicating using booze a constant & financial ruin a daily reality. 

I was completely alone, going broke & my body was failing a little more everyday. Scared doesn't begin to describe what I felt. Suicide a constant thought.

By the grace of life I was able to attend Burning Man. Burning Man is an artist, man against nature, no consumerism or judgement event in the dessert of Nevada offering every attendee the chance to become the person they always wanted to be if even for a day.

At Burning Man I realized my current life was toxic & in order to heal I had to wake up.

the playa.jpg

About day 4 at Burning Man while praying at the temple I had a brick hit forehead moment realizing that my life was on autopilot and if I wanted to heal I had to wake up & fast. This was a huge epiphany & began what I consider the core foundation of my healing.

My miracle status is a direct result of my work to get my mind right which began on the playa at Burning Man.

I believe the key to becoming a miracle is to live a conscious life filled with self love, gratitude and joy. Waking myself up & owning my life choices 100% are the reason I am a walking miracle. The Wahls Protocol is the way I eat not why I am PaleoBOSS Lady.

  • I know who I am.
  • I like who I am.
  • I believe in the person I am.
  • I wake up with joy in my heart everyday.
  • I have gratitude for life.
  • Mylife is blessed.
  • I am grateful.

This is why I am the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

I am madly in love with me & the life that I life.

With certainty & purpose I rise and rest daily knowing my life is entirely motivated by purpose & joy. I am awake, alive & in love.

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What I Learned From Dr. Wahls in Iowa 2017 Seminar


What I Learned From Dr. Wahls in Iowa 2017 Seminar

 I am proud to say that I have attended all, but one of the seminars offered by Dr. Terry Wahls yearly in Iowa. I have literally sold family heirlooms to be able to attend The Wahls Seminar.

I believe Dr. Wahls Seminar is essential to my well being and would like to believe I will be in Iowa for this event yearly.

I would say about 30% of the seminar offers similar content year after year. Like the book I never seem to be over hearing how the functional medicine lens works & this is what most of the repeat lectures involve. The remaining 70% influenced by the evolution of Dr. Wahls personal research & what is learned in the lab.

There is no doubt The Wahls Seminar shares the most cutting edge research currently happening regarding autoimmune disorders, the microbiome and so much more.

Dr. Wahls delivers the bulk of lectures which is a huge BAM. Each lectured is filled with first hand insights presented in an approachable format filled with real time observations & measured outcomes. In addition The Wahls Seminar has incredible speakers like: Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Ken Sharlin, Cyndi O'Meara of Changing Habits and many more powerhouse people.

Everyone in the room learns something that will have a direct positive impact on their live with each lecture given by Dr. Wahls.

Reading The Wahls Protocol offers new life changing insights every time I pick it up. I personally have read The Wahls Protocol a million times. My book is so marked up and sticky notes everywhere it looks like a workbook rather than a text book. 

Dr. Wahls matter of fact approach & delivery of her work offers a clear understanding regarding the processes she took to heal & what it takes personally to achieve desired outcomes. The icing on the cake comes from realizing the power the support of her family & community have had supporting Dr. Wahls healing & her work.

Learning all of this in real time & as a collective at the seminar offers an intimate safe space for learning where judgement is gone & community support quickly becomes the status quo.

It was nice to hear from the many research scientists who work in the lab with Dr. Wahls. Clearly they are looking at autoimmune disease from many angles learning with each step. Progress happening across various studies supporting a message of continued hope to all attendees.

In addition Dr. Wahls shares video's of her clinical trials for The Wahls Protocol where you see many subjects go from mobility issues to almost a memory. There is no denying the power of the protocol with each patient showing remarkable healing.

Dr. Wahls family has a key role at the seminar. They allow us to see the power of family support in the face of disease. Many who attend are fortunate to have the same support system in place. For those who do not you are inspired to build a network of unconditional support as exhibited by the Wahls family.

Dr. Wahls and team do a great job of community building from the word go.

Many leave with a valuable support system after the seminar which proves key to those without family support. I personally believe community is one of the greatest outcomes of the seminar.

Last, but not least the number one message I learned from Dr. Wahls at the seminar is that a 100% commitment is required to tap BAM status. This protocol does not work magic when presented with anything less. Dr. Wahls could not be more clear that it takes a 100% commitment to make real life changes as outlined by The Wahls Protocol.

TOP 5 Things I Learned From Dr. Wahls:

  1.  100% compliance of The Wahls Protocol is required
  2.  Community is key to success
  3.  Our gut holds the key to health
  4. A purpose driven life key to success.
  5. Resilience is something we call can work on.

These lessons learned from Dr. Wahls have not been our 1st time around the block hearing these truths. 

It is however hard to reprogram ourselves from years of believing that we follow Doctors orders taking medicine to mask symptoms not being concerned with root cause.

The Wahls Protocol puts the power of healing in our control.

100%. Not a doctors. We have to want it. We have to do the work ourselves. The end.

I am grateful to learn about how to respect my body. Doing this as a Wahls Warrior continues to relieve my body of the horrific symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as my gut heals & my consciousness rises regarding what healthcare truly is.

The Wahls Seminar is simply a road map to BAM.


What is an Influencer?


What is an Influencer?

It is so funny that somehow I woke up one day to realize I had suddenly become an 'influencer.' This is a new title brought about by the evolution of my work on social media.

The brand I founded PaleoBOSS Lady began simply as a page dedicated to building a community around conscious eating. Little did I know it would become what it is today. Not only a life line to me, but a source of information & inspiration to others and now which I guess makes me an influencer.

From what I am learning it means the brand has the power to influence others. I know I help others by sharing my tools, tips & tricks.

I have built brands my whole life. I understand business very well having built & sold many companies. Social media has been my life blood before many even considered using Facebook. Yet I cannot erase the fact that the most successful bloggers & social media driven brands are lead by introverts. I am not an introvert. Problem #1.

I did not start PaleoBOSS Lady to be a brand so the learning curve was huge. Problem #2. I knew I needed help for many reasons & had no idea where to go. ShiftCon is an answered prayer.

Can I just tell you if I had to sum up ShiftCon I would say "Mind Blown." Literally.

From the 1st day I arrived until the moment I left ShiftCon exceeded every expectation I ever had for a 'trade show.' Here is why:

  • Products: Vendors give product samples & spend time talking with you. ShiftCon handles the vendor area with special open times & also suggesting product samples a must. I still use product lines I met at ShiftCon, Grab Green is a great example of a company that falls into this category.
  • Vendors: I feel like someone finally is having a vendor area that is motivated by quality products and not vendor fees aka revenue. Literally if I go to another trade show with 25 bar companies in the vendor area I am going to slit my wrists. Can those in power please take a hint from ShiftCon and keep the vendor space filled with products that support a mission statement and not the balance sheet. Okay I am done my rant. ShiftCon you rule in this area too.
  • Talks: I attended talks, keynotes, events & panels. Can I say that each one was intimate, powerful & filled with huge tips & tricks I still use to this day. The extrovert in me loved being able to learn through the most successful bloggers lens. To date I use little tips & tricks that have fueled the growth of my brand that I learned when I attended ShiftCon. The opportunities to learn at ShiftCon supported my blog, website, partnerships & overall knowledge about brand building in the current climate.
  • Sponsored Events: These were my favorite because they were very intimate & often featured a nosh or drink. I liked the manor in which events were done with sponsorship not being gross & in your face. I think of it like The Ellen Show: sponsored events highlighted ShiftCon in many ways each offering a different experience.
  • Fun: ShiftCon is fun. It is well organized, offers a ton things to help all of us and always takes plce in a kick ass venue/location. I was not exhausted with trade show blues after ShiftCon I was empowered.


How to Add Cannabis to the Medicine Cabinet

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How to Add Cannabis to the Medicine Cabinet

As many of you know I have been using cannabis for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since diagnosis in 1987. Even though for decades I was breaking the law by using cannabis its health benefits were so important to my well being that I felt it was worth the risks.

When I was first diagnosed with MS there were no disease modifying drugs or a standard of care treatment for MS beyond addictive pain killers & narcotics. My mother was a prescription pill addict my whole life so I quickly said no to any drugs the doctors offered instead turning to essential oils & cannabis to help my initial symptoms of muscle spasms & limb jumping.

To this day I use cannabis even though many of my symptoms have left the building due to diet & lifestyle choices.

After my healing began as a faithful Warrior who follows The Wahls Protocol I was able to go off of over 24 medications for the treatment of MS. I thought at this time I should also stop using cannabis. It became clear after about 12 weeks that cannabis was helping me with more than the symptoms I originally thought.

Little did I know all that cannabis was managing outside of diet & lifestyle.

I have scary issues with my throat due to MS. Sever spasms or becoming rigid as we call it in MS. Literally it is like a 'Charlie Horse'  that most often happens with your feet, but it is your throat. When I stopped using cannabis throat symptom returned as well as a low level of anxiety. Both of which I thought my diet & lifestyle choices had healed 100%. It was not until I stopped using cannabis that I learned how much of a role THC had in healing these two important symptoms.

Even though I am a Wahls Warrior who is a walking miracle I continue to use cannabis for the treatment & management of MS.

One of the most common questions I get regarding cannabis is where to begin. Many of my tribe reach out to ask how to get started. I wanted to give some insight into the process & some best practices using cannabis as medicine.

Most important to note is I am not advocating anyone step outside of the law regarding the use of cannabis. Although this was how I operated for many years exclusively until 2006 when I moved to CA where medicinal cannabis was legal. Today recreational use is also legal in CA & many states around the USA. 

Strands: There are 3 varieties of cannabis & they are either strands called Sativa, Indica and/or a hybrid. Each one offers a different medicinal tool.

  • A Sativa will help you stay active & alert offering an overall calming effect. I find Sativa helps to calm your mind while allowing you to function without feeling high.
  • An Indica on the other hand offers an overall body effect often inducing sleep & a large sense of relaxation. An Indica strand is great for pain & sleep.
  • Hybrids are a mixture of both Sativa & Indica typically having one higher in concentration than the other. Depending on which is dominant defines the type of effect. Hybrids are classified as either Sativa or Indica dominant.

It is important to remind ourselves that we are all different & our bodies are the ultimate source of information.

When offering medical cannabis in most states it is required that the community have options for usage beyond smoking. Below I will outline the different ways most states offer cannabis to the consumer.

Edibles:  You can find cannabis in edibles of all kind from pop to brownies & even infused butters. I personally do not recommend using edibles without checking the ingredient list. Many are filled with sugars & things that do not support a conscious life. The standard dose is 10mg of THC per serving with many edibles offering more than one dose.

Edibles can take on average one hour to feel the effects. Many times edibles are hard to manage due to dosing not being exact producing an outcome that is powerful for some & not effective for others.

I strongly suggest when using edibles to put the day aside to see how your body reacts. I have learned that everyone is different & there is a learning curve that is quite individual. Only when consuming edibles have I had experiences that felt like I was tripping & produced a negative outcome. However there have also been times where the use of edibles have delivered exceptional results.

Due to the nature of unpredictability of edibles I advise to plan a day at home where you can ride the wave until you are able to have the correct dosing.

Tinctures: A sublingual form is also available which are called tinctures. This is another method for using cannabis that is easy & very effective. Although they are the least used form of cannabis they are still very powerful.

Tinctures are liquid forms of cannabis that include THC which can be administered by putting a few drops under your tongue. Tinctures are easily absorbed with many feeling the effects within 15 minutes of using. This treatment is quicker, easier to regulate & often more effective than edibles. I have personally found great success with tinctures even though I prefer to smoke bud.

Vaping: Cannabis is also available in Vape Oil. Vape oil is considered the healthier alternative to smoking. The THC & CBD oils are extracted & often added to coconut oil. Vape pens are needed to administer the oil by heating it up for smoking.

Vaporizing cannabis has been shown to not have the same negative effects on the lungs that traditional smoking does. However one has to pay attention to what is added to the cannabis oil for vaping. Some companies do add unhealthy chemicals that make this method not a good choice.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil: CBD oil can be derived from both cannabis & hemp. I am going to talk about cannabis derived CBD oil here. This oil is known to have lots of health benefits without any of the psychoactive effects of cannabis most often derived from low THC strands of marijuana. Many use CBD oil to help with pain, tremors, cancer and ADHD.

Hemp oil derived CBD oil can be purchased in every state in the USA & is much different than cannabis CBD oil. This type of CBD oil has shown great promise in helping dogs & autism. Hemp oil is much different than a cannabis CBD oil and should be noted as such. Hemp does not contain any THC making it a very different medicinal tool that is quite effective.

How to Get Started: Check the laws in your state/country to find out how to legally use and/or grow. In 2017 over 26 states have legalized cannabis for medical uses in the USA & 7 for recreational use. However it should be noted that marijuana is still against the law at the federal level and legality is a state decision only in the USA. Being informed regarding the laws and potential risks are highly recommended.

Medical license: For most states a doctor visit either in person or online is required to obtain a medical license. I have been able to get this from all kinds of partners in my wellness team. My 1st license back in 2006 came from my gynecologist and cost about $225. Today in California you can get a license for about $35 from brick and mortar & online establishments that have a doctor on staff for licensing only. It simply is not as hard to get as it was in 2006.

Licenses are good for one year. Once you are legal your information is put online for the dispensary to verify prior to purchase in states where medicinal only is legal. States with recreational use do not require a medical card, however if you have a medicinal need discounts are typically offered making a license advisable & cost effective.

Dispensary: This is where you go to get cannabis in all forms talked about. Most dispensaries have at least 10+ strands plus an assortment of edibles, oils and the tools needed to use cannabis. I highly recommend you talk with the staff (bud tenders) about the best route for you to take. Cannabis is very individual & each strand is different not only in name but in THC, CBD strength. Bud tenders are trained on strands just like a sommelier is on wine. They are very knowledgeable & should be treated just like any member of your healthcare team.

You can find dispensaries online via Weedmaps or simply google for storefronts. Some states like CA have delivery which makes life easier, but also increases the value of a trained bud tender to give you insight into what strands are working the best to support your needs. I value the role of those working in dispensaries & trust their insight & knowledge.

The use of cannabis is still controversial for many. I am sharing my 1st hand experience & knowledge based on the huge role it plays in my life with MS. There is no doubt in my mind that the medicinal benefits have been extreme in helping me tap my best life in the face of the devastation caused by MS even when I was dealing with the stress of breaking the law.

I simply cannot impress upon you enough how much cannabis has been the #1 most effective treatment for living with MS. Even in the face of the miracles that have happened with diet & lifestyle cannabis still holds a huge role in my ability to live my best life.

For anyone who believe that it fries brain cells & produces addiction I am here to call bullshit.

I have better cognitive than most & am not an addict with over 30 years of smoking weed. If you want to talk about brain cells dying and addiction we should look at big pharm & booze.

Not going to lie I am sure this blog post will raise some eyebrows.

For those who can be open to living life outside of cultural norms I hope this post helps guide your best life journey.

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Chutzpah verses Fear


Chutzpah verses Fear

There was a time when fear ruled my life. Every decision I made a fear driven reality. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) fear became my life force.

Having MS meant for years that I could not count on my body even for a minute. No two seconds of living ever the same never knowing which part of my body would function and/or when. Life was very scary with MS winning almost every hand I was dealt for a long ass time.

Circa 2010 and I am studying to get my BA in Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. I fell in love with Narrative Therapy & the teacher who specialized in this post modern form of psychotherapy Charlie Lang. Narrative Therapy considers people are the expert in their own lives and uses language to recreate new narratives. Narrative therapy also considers problems we face separate from the person and that we all have the skills necessary to create change.

The start of each class Charlie asked for a volunteer to stage a 'mock therapy session' in front of the class. I literally jumped out of my seat begging to be picked. Little did everyone know I was about to give a real therapy session in front of everyone. My life filled with fear and I was no longer living.

At this time in life things were spinning out of control. MS was calling the shots which translated into a life faced with the choices of homelessness, institutionalization or I was contemplating suicide. I had little to no use of my hands, healthcare costs were so high my life savings almost depleted & I lived in constant pain. Trouble swallowing was increasing & I knew my days of using my body freely were numbered. At this point I had no hope & no tools to beat MS & fear was deciding every second of my life response to MS.

The day of class I found myself overcome with fear. Crippled by its power I was a complete mess & barely hanging on. Somehow I knew that Charlie could sense my urgency picking me to be in front of the class for the 'mock therapy' session.

Charlie starting by asking me what I would like to talk about during the session and I said fear. He asked what fear was to me so he could clearly understand what I meant by fear. I explained that fear was the leader in my life making all the decisions. I also shared how crippling it was making choices harder and harder to come by.

Next Charlie asked how long I lived with fear calling the shots and I explained since MS entered my body it was in charge because of the nature of its devastation.

The next question Charlie asked changed my life: 'Before fear what was calling the shots in your life V?'

I thought for what felt like so much time to answer this question. I remember sitting in front of everyone thinking back to before fear ruled my every move. Quite honestly I had forgotten what life was like before fear yet I knew it was not the ruler of my life journey before MS. It took me so long to remind myself of life before fear.

Suddenly it hit me! I had Chutzpah! Chutzpah ruled my life before fear!

Remembering this I began to feel better because quite honestly I had forgotten I had courage. Fear was so powerful I literally forgot who I was & the tools I had.

For the remainder of the class session Charlie had both us play the roles of Fear talking to Chutzpah and I was quickly reminded that there was more to me than fear. MS had so clouded my person that I forgot the tools I had inside me. This was a huge eye opening moment for me which began the journey to BAM I am living today.

By 2011 my fear was becoming less and less with my person making choices that were based on best life living and no longer motivated by fear alone. Before the year ended I saw the life changing TEDx by my hero, friend and mentor, Dr. Terry Wahls and was now ready to begin my journey to miracle status.

The work of the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady centers around changing our life narrative from autopilot to living. Often during this work many of us are reintroduced to the assets of love, survival and joy that live inside of us which are forgotten when we live a life of routine following both cultural and societal norms.

With 1 in 5 being disabled in the USA I am sure fear lives in many of us. My brands work focuses on reminding ourselves that we are not defined by what life throws our way, but how we respond. Somehow I forgot the power of me in the face of MS and all that is V. Today I gladly show MS who is BOSS which could only have happened once I kicked fear out of the building.

Got fear? Dig deep inside to remind yourself what defined you before fear entered the building so you too can tap your BAM.




Family Fued


Family Fued

Not going to lie one of the hardest things about living with a disease is how your family reacts.

Now most would like to believe that family are uber supportive & attentive when you get sick. The sad reality is for most of us this is not the case. Add the fact that diseases are often chronic & debilitating lasting decades & you hit a sweet spot for a less than supportive family. Make the disease invisible & you are almost set up for huge disappointment.

I know there are folks out there with families that are top notch. However as someone who lives with the community & dedicates herself to help others I can tell you without question family is often the #1 problem for the community I serve.

family cooking.jpg

For me the key to kicking Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb comes from diet and lifestyle choices. Eating whole foods as a Wahls Warrior coupled with yoga, meditation & healthy relationships are the core principles of being the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

  • Would you believe me if I told you more than 75% of those making choices regarding diet & lifestyle to get healthy are not supported by families?
  • Would you believe me if I told you most families expect to be fed a traditional toxic American diet while the one suffering eats whole foods alone?
  • Would you believe me if I told you most family members do not believe or support diet & lifestyle changes can create a healing platform for their loved ones?
  • Would you believe me if I told you many families take active steps to sabotage the efforts of those suffering?

It deeply saddens me that this all to often is the case. Families are like you do whatever you want, but I am out.

  • Imagine how that would make you feel?
  • Imagine the message it sends to loved ones who are suffering?
  • Imagine how powerful your actions stand to jeopardize a loved ones ability for healing?

Touring the USA living with strangers I have seen & heard it all. Nothing shocks me anymore.

I have to admit even with my own TEDx sharing how family & culture plays a role in this process never did I think the universal standard would be that families simply do not support diet & lifestyle changes.

My heart breaks for this reality. For successful change to happen it rests in those suffering. Sad, but true.

What do I mean?

  • If you live in a family unit & prepare the meals ALL participate with dietary changes inside the home.
  • If you have children feed them exactly how you eat.
  • If you are in a committed relationship your partner must support these changes when engaged with you.
  • If you entertain you only offer options that support your journey.
  • If you have a pantry it needs to be compliant to your wishes. Bye bye dueling pantries.

These changes show ownership of your commitment to heal. Without putting these in place your attempts are simply conversation for almost 99% of us because sustaining a healthy life becomes nearly impossible.

So often I hear from those suffering that they can't expect their kids to do this. I call bullshit. 

  • If you are not willing to demand support for your wellness journey than you are lying to yourself about how much you believe in diet & lifestyle to heal.
  • If you are not willing to demand support from your family than you are making a half ass attempt to heal.
  • If you are not willing to have a serious conversation with your loved ones about the changes needed to heal you have not begun to own your role in living with disease.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch because I am telling you the hard truth about making diet & lifestyle changes to live your BAM life.

Simply own the fact that just like in everything if you don't commit 100% you are only setting yourself up for failure & your own commitment level is not on point. In addition, if you really believe in the path you are taking toward conscious living how could you ever consider allowing loved ones to continue the 'toxic' way of eating?

When I cleaned out my pantry I personally struggled to give the items from my pantry that were identified as toxic to others. I felt if I would not eat it why would I give it to someone else? 

I ask how could your children eat one way & you the other once you get conscious?

Once you embark on the journey of consciousness regarding food to heal & support a wellness journey it is a family/household affair. Not something for only those suffering to embark on.

If you alone only commit to this than I questions the toxicity of your relationships & also the authenticity of your intentions. Loved ones who do not support you don't believe in your path & willingness to go it alone shows you too might have doubts.

Miracle status starts with believing 100% you are on the right path, totally awake in life & have community support. Without these things it is simply conversation.

The current status quo is that often families are not supporting dietary changes when someone needs to use food as medicine and this plan sucks & it is time we all woke up & understood what this truly means.

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PaleoFX 2017: New Products Round-Up


PaleoFX 2017: New Products Round-Up

Just back from my 5th PaleoFX & excited to share the latest products that caught my eye.

I did not attend talks at this year's PaleoFX as I seem to find them geared toward those early in their journey & not offering new insights to me personally. I highly recommend a full pass for those just starting their conscious life & for others a trade show floor pass is sufficient to get a BAM from your time at this event.

Vendors did not disappoint at all. So many old friends & new make walking the exhibit floor a good time.

For those who like to break a sweat the show has tons to offer you as well. I did note many of the activities that in previous years were free are no longer & have price tags ranging from $25-$35 for each session. Not going to lie this broke my heart a bit because exhibitors give samples of their products all day long & I feel anyone that makes money doing what they taught in a class should offer it for free. My 2 cents for what it is worth.

Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth Capsules

This is a BAM. I thought the dehydrated Bone Broth protein powder was huge& this takes it to an entirely different level. I am so excited to see this new addition to the line of products from my good friends at Ancient Nutrition. Their entire line I love & also includes individual serving packets, 30 serving tubs & now supplements. Can it get any better? Thanks Ancient Nutrition.

Eating Evolved: Keto Cups

These little BAM's are so key for me personally right now as I committed to giving up natural sugar (honey, maple syrup) forever. I am a true sugar addict & need to end the constant struggle once & for all. I have been on the search for a tasty alternative and these WIN! Check out that ingredient list too. All organic & all YUM!

Legit Bread Company: Sandwich Bread & Bagel Mix

Have not tried these new products from my friend Jennifer aka Predominately Paleo, but have them on the top of my list. Post after post others share their love of this product & I am ready to give it a go. Traveling for the tour makes it hard for me to cook breads, but I am hoping to share it with someone on the upcoming leg of my tour in exchange for use of their kitchen. Hang on for a tasty review in the near future. Jennifer's recipes have never disappointed so I am certain this will be a huge addition to any kitchen.

Guiltless Goodies: Skinny Donuts

I love a good chocolate iced donut like anybody else. Cannot remember the last time I had one until these yummy Paleo donuts entered my world. Love at 1st bite is my story. They are sold in a 6 pack and uber tasty. Reminds me of the old school Hostess donuts mom would buy however these will not kill you one bite at a time. All healthy ingredients with this line of donuts.

Malk Organics: Nut Milks

Finally a nut milk company not adding sugar to the entire product line. I hate that most organic coffee shops I go too offer nut or coconut milks with sugar added. Say what? It feels so opposite the message of the business I find myself walking out often not feeling like the owners are true to the mission. To me organic means consciousness & the ingredients of the products you serve should have a conscious lens also. Hoping to someday find this line served in most coffee shops. I tasted each of their milks falling in love with each sip. They even offer a cold brew so check them out.

Picnik: Butter Coffee

Words cannot describe the love affair I have with Picnik. This place has meant so much to me in my conscious life since day one when I ate at the little trailer on S. Lamar. It was the 1st time I ate out or anywhere that supported 100% my lifestyle. Never will I forget the joy in this experience. Since than every time I am in Austin you can find me at Picnik daily. The food, staff & owner are a huge reason Picnik has grown to add another location which is a full restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner/7 days a week. Taking life one step further Picnik now offerse buttered coffee to go and these are all delicious!  Dirty Chai is my favorite, but I love all of them. Literally delicious is all I can say. Try all of them to pick your favorite.

I hope you find the above helpful & know that each of these companies are filled with amazing individuals who produce products with a conscious. Having the pleasure of meeting them at PaleoFX & other shows throughout the year I can confirm that this community is a supportive, loving & conscious group whose main goal is to improve the lives of others through food. It seems we all get to this journey based on need & I can honestly say when you support companies like the ones listed above you are supporting change regarding health & wellness.

Namaste friends.

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