How Not Focusing on Healing is Powerful Medicine


How Not Focusing on Healing is Powerful Medicine

Touring I am fortunate enough to be invited into people’s homes and lives on almost a daily basis. Although my tour is not focused on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) many I visit do have mobility and/or limb issues. If I ask them what they wished would change in a year the answer is always universal – “I want to walk” or “I want to use my arms/hands.” Even if many were depressed, sad or struggling with anxiety, bad marriages, finances and more they always want to have their body back.

Never is it that they want to be happy & healthy.

Somehow the societal norm is happiness equals using our limbs freely. I know because for years once I started to live with MS I would tell my kid and spouse if I was in a wheelchair my life would be over. Until one day I woke up and my hands didn’t work. Quickly I began to realize that many in wheelchairs and with limb issues live exceptional lives and most were happy with their lives.

Quickly once I was living it I changed my tune that a wheelchair or my hands were not going to define me. They were only one part of me.

I asked myself and the tour friends did they think “happiness existed outside of a wheelchair or mobility issue?” Unanimously they responded, “of course it did.” Funny since at the same time each of us had wished for only mobility related changes in the year.

Societal norms influences our wishes too.

Just like I mention in my TEDx societal norms come into play in the strangest ways sometimes. This is another example of the role in our lives and once again found to be an almost universal norm in many societies.

Somehow we all believe(d) if we got it right we would be without a wheelchair & have our limbs moving freely. For most of is this instead of being happy, healthy and loved.

We all know that living a happy, healthy & full life are the keys to BAM.

When we focus on one area or body part we are discounting the fullness of what life has to offer. When we focus on living a life that represents the best version of ourselves it creates the space for healing and the powerful medicine mentioned in the title.

footprints in sand copy.jpg

Key to my lens for healing are reminders that I decided or the what and why of my life.

  • No longer am I living an auto-pilot existence.

  • No longer is MS me.

  • No longer do I take Mother Nature for granted.

  • No longer do I ask more of my body than I give it. .

  • No longer do I consciously self poison with food.

  • No longer to have a negative impact on the earth without conscious effort to change.

  • No longer do I cook with foods I have no idea where they came from.

  • No longer do I believe western medicine is the only answer.

  • No longer do I believe my healthcare comes from big pharma.

  • No longer do I believe I am powerless against MS.

  • No longer do I believe our environment is toxin free.

  • No longer do I believe our water is safe to drink.

  • No longer do I believe our oceans are clean.

  • No longer do I believe my life trajectory was to be bedridden.

  • No longer do I believe eating processed food is a good idea.

  • No longer do I believe refined sugar is not poison.

  • No longer do I believe gluten is safe for anyone to eat.

  • No longer do I believe the person with the most stuff wins.

  • No longer do I believe the mind-body connection doesn’t matter.

  • No longer do I believe western medicine is healing focused.

Today I am conscious and not making life choices because of MS as much as because this is what is best for me and all that I am.

Once I began focusing on living my best life and not always MS and healing my body the true healing could begin. The healing that not only stopped what MS was doing to my body, but manages and reversed all that MS delivered(s).

Try taking your eye off of what brought you to consciousness and have both eyes focus on LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!










2018 DIY Holiday Gifts & Curated Gift Collections


2018 DIY Holiday Gifts & Curated Gift Collections

So when it comes to being a successful blogger and social media influencer I suck at all the necessary skills needed for real success. I never try to sell stuff and I take terrible pictures. My work is about the mission and not about making money selling products. I do however have products that support my BAM life & those vendors support my tour as well.

When I am sharing products I am not making any money if you buy them. Zero

Each company who supports the tour are near and dear to my heart. Many are small businesses started by someone who had a need and could not find a product/company supporting this need. So they built it much like the ‘Taking it to the Streets Tour.”

For most of my kids childhood years we made our holiday gifts. These were always the most cherished gifts we gave to others. People really feel the spirit of the season when you hand them something homemade and making the gifts is always fun too.

This Holiday Gift Guide will offer some of my favorite homemade items and collections that work for the men and women in your life!


Pizzelle Cookies - Homemade Edibles Rock! I was the girl who did the cookie exchange every year and also the one who knows if I ever had warning it would be my last meal it would be a burger and a big plate of cookies. I am Cookie Monster Junior.

Sadly when you are conscious refined sugar leaves the building and so does flour/gluten. Grateful for my good friends at Otto’s Cassava Flour, Back Porch Paleo & The Date Lady for helping me change this narrative.


I grew up with a maternal grandmother who was an incredible cook and baker. One of her special treats was making Italian Pizzelle Cookies. She would decorate a shirt box for the holidays and give you one filled with Pizzelle’s! I tear up remembering this joy.

My good friends at Otto’s Cassava Flour & The Date Lady make Pizzelle’s easy to bring back into the holiday rotation for this full bloodied Italian. On tour this year we have been making these at most cooking classes and people go crazy! Kids LOVE them too.

Best news is you can also make ice creams cones and decorate them by rolling and dipping the ends in chocolate for a really fancy version. Either way you cannot go wrong with giving cookies as a holiday gift.

Pizzell Irons are fairly inexpensive and the good folks at Amazon can deliver one right to your door. My good friend from Back Porch Paleo has the recipe for Pizzelle’s with one exception for me is I like replacing the Maple Syrup with Date Syrup for an added BAM to this recipe.

Infused Olive Oil - The Italian in me LOVES infused olive oil. This gift is so easy and everyone goes crazy when you give them this amazing gift any time of year. I especially like this to come with a little note sharing how powerful it is to eat olive oil raw over heated. The best part about this gift is it can last up to 6 months.

Easy to make by simply heating the oil and herbs over medium heat for 10 minutes than adding to jars storing out of direct heat for 2 months or refrigerated for 6. No need to sterilize jars either. So simple it is almost a crime. I love it at room temperature myself.


Tie a tag around the jar offering recipes and insights for that added BAM.

I find it is often the most fun to make gifts, but when time is limited and you still want to have your gifts feel personalized I like curated collections. As someone who has dedicated her life to building a grass roots movement of consciousness I prefer to give gifts that are conversation starters and curated collections often are just that. Each collection filled with gifts of purpose and power.


Coffee, Tea & Muffin Collection - You all know I am a coffee whore who rushes to bed in anticipation of my morning fat coffee. I literally live for my mornings spent drinking coffee and diffusing essential oils. In 2018 I added tea to the mid-day rotation and have found it to be a wonderful addition to my wellness and daily routine.

When I am touring I am reminded how many folks don’t know how high the pesticide load is on coffee and tea. I watch them drinking basically toxic glyphosate every morning first thing. To make matters worse most add sugar and chemicals into the toxic coffee for a morning shit storm. I die a little each time.


An easy way to change this narrative is with this curated collection of amazing teas from Pique Tea, coffee from Kicking Horse with some gut healing collagen from Further Foods (code PaleoBOSS Lady saves) and dairy and chemical free creamer from my good friends at Nutpods.

Now to tackle the next big problem this curated collection sees how many consume a weeks worth of sugar with their breakfast muffins, pop tarts and so on. This is gut wrenching especially when you see this with kids. Parents often unaware of the poison they are serving their children.

My friends at Muffin Revolution change all of this with healthy, Paleo certified muffins that are delicious and nutritious. Using Code Fall15 SAVES you money too making this gift even better!

I would literally cry tears of joy and fall to my knees if someone gave me this for the holidays.

I Love You Collection - Nothing says I love you more than sharing some of the finest products built with the simple idea to nourish your body & support a wellness program. The best part is all of the items in this curated collection will add nothing to anyone’s daily routine yet all will optimize what you are doing already.

The I Love You Collection offers healthy spices, skincare and a year long subscription to a magazine to keep you inspired. Literally a gift that keeps giving and giving. This gift not only nourishes the body it supports your mind and soul with products and resources that only stand to support your BAM.

Turmeric has long been known to decease inflammation. The same inflammation many of us take steroids to treat. From autoimmune to back injuries a large community lives on steroids which after long term use can effect your bones, skin and organs. Adding Turmeric to your daily supplements serves to only help your body day to day. My good friends at NutriGold offer the most transparent brand on the market today. Safe more than Amazon with this link. BAM.


I remember it like it was yesterday a very handsome young man stops me at a trade show to share how much he loved my work and I was overwhelmed by his kindness and thoughtful words.

I noticed he was at a booth for a skincare company called Alitura Naturals. That night I looked up the company and learned my new friend, Andy, was the founder and inspiration behind this amazing skincare line.

Andy - model and actor was hit by two cars. His body mangled and his face pretty banged up. He quickly realized that in order to heal he needed to nourish his skin and began making products in his kitchen to do just that. Alitura Naturals was founded and Andy has been garnering the praises from David Asprey to Bobbi Brown for this amazing line of products where attention to detail is beyond belief.

Alitura Naturals products are for the ladies and gentlemen and focused on real ingredients to nourish skin at the cellular level. You all know how I am a big fan of cellular level healing. In addition Andy is a huge bio-hacker whose social media offers great tips to up the volume on hacking the best version of you. Any product from Alitura (Code PaleoBOSS SAVES) works well in the I Love You Collection.

I remember the 1st issue of Paleo Magazine I ordered and how reading it helped my conscious life from the word go. Today Paleo Magazine has grown to be my go to resource for information, recipes, products the latest studies, trends or teachings around a Paleo lifestyle. Recipes alone blow my mind every issue. The articles are rich with information supporting the body, mind and spirit. This subscription will be a welcome gift month after month for anyone. Never does an issue disappoint and always will you end up inspired. Code BOSS10 Saves at check out. BAM!

Mother Nature Rules Collection - I am a believer that time with Mother Nature is the most healing time of all. When I am home in California most mornings start with a walk on the beach supporting grounding, meditation, yoga and breath work all to the sunrise. All free and accessible tools. I am not going to lie this work makes me hungry so this gift is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Healthy delicious foods are perfect to avoid those pitfalls we often run into hunger without a plan.

Protein bars, pork rinds and sweet treats and my favorite things to have after time outside. Trail mix days have been long gone for me! I love protein bars, pork rinds and Paleo Treats the best. Bye bye boring trail mix.


My good friends at RX Bar offer the best protein bars with no BS. Ingredients listed right on the front of the package. My other dear friends at Epic have pork rinds back in my life and I could not be happier! Bacon Maple no less!. Both companies offer a line of bars and rinds to satisfy everyone and I recommend getting an assortment. Best thing is you can find these products everywhere!

Paleo Treats (code PaleoBOSSLADY10 Saves) are so much better than any healthy treat I know of. They literally rock my world. Each one and every bite. This collection of treats are individual servings offering the perfect amount of treat with nutritional BAM the focus. From brownies to mustang’s they have you covered here at Paleo Treats. A nice selection of 6 treats make the perfect addition to the Mother Nature Rules Collection.

Snack Time Collection - Snack time is my favorite time and I really believed once I got conscious about food I would forever be missing out. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I love this personally curated collection because it changes the narrative around snacks with no compromise on taste.

Siete Tortilla Chips, Jilz Crackers (Code BAMJILZ20% Saves), Epic Jerky Bites for the win! Simply put with some added veggies to make this the perfect Snack Time Collection.

Changing the snack conversation is ageless and this collection begins by creating a healthy alternative for everyone. This gift works great for families, teachers, book clubs and almost everyone on your list. Adding crudites makes it a complete ready to eat collection and great for any holiday potluck or office party.

Condiment Collection - One of the biggest shocks for me was to learn that my ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings were chemical filled, gluten and sugar rich. I had no idea and literally almost made a friend with Celiac very sick because there was even gluten in a very expensive salad dressing I used at a dinner party. I ‘assumed’ it was clean. Wrong.

My good friends at Primal Kitchens have been leading the way with a conscious eye towards everything from mayo to salad dressing. A nice selection of about 5 Primal Kitchen’s (code PaleoBOSSLady10 saves) products will quickly create awareness around poisons in your refrigerator while offering a healthy alternative. Now burgers and salads can be healthy with each bite and taste delicious. Go Primal Kitchens!


Ultimate Wellness Collection - This is for someone who means the world to you and you want to help them up their volume on life and living. This collection offers the most important and powerful tools for wellness I know of.

A Skype consult with a Functional Medicine Doctor, CBD oil, Food Intolerance Testing and Near Infrared Sauna are all a part of this BAM curated Ultimate Wellness Collection! Each one of these are huge in my bio-hacked miracle life.

Giving this gift to a loved one is sure to set the stage for a BAM life. There is no question each one of these have had a huge impact on mine.

Dr. Will Cole is a leader in the functional medicine world and author of Ketotarian. His work known internationally and his practice cutting edge. I am proud to offer a discount to anyone who mentions PaleoBOSS Lady when scheduling with Dr. Cole. All of his work done via Skype so no matter where you are this can be in your ‘‘Bag of Tricks.”

SaunaSpace has changed my life and is a huge asset in my BAM outcome. The power of near infrared sauna is one to be experienced by everyone. From decreasing inflammation to detoxing our bodies this bio-hacking tool is a powerhouse. It is the only that continues to offer me resolution of temperature regulation issues that have plagued me for decades. In addition while touring I have watched it visibly decrease inflammation on a limb post surgery. Miracles happen everyday with SaunaSpace. Code PaleoBOSS offers a huge savings plus the 100 day money back guarantee makes this 100% made in America wellness tool a huge BAM.

Food Intolerance testing offers insights into our diet that cannot be duplicated. Pinnertest is a simple at home test that can be the key to unlocking food related issues. The beauty of this is that each intolerance is not forever. As you heal your gut micro-biome you can retest to see how your body is healing.

I consider this a HUGE tool for me that can give me a peek into my body instead of darkness. I am grateful to know what food choices support my best life. Pinnertest offers a discount with code PaleoBOSS and convenient payment plans making it easy to add this gift to your collection.

CBD if it is not in your daily wellness bag it should be. CBD is a cellular level tool that helps maintain homeostatis in the body. Adding this to the Ultimate Wellness Collection informs everyone of the power of CBD and offers cellular level changes that for most are nothing short of a miracle. My good friends at Elixinol make the most transparent CBD on the International market and control the product from soil to sale. I credit their line with helping me daily to live my best life. Best news is code BOSS10 saves here at check out!


Holiday gifts with intention are so different than going to the mall or ordering something on Amazon. I have to say I stopped being that type of consumer years ago and have never looked back. Supporting small business and giving gifts that keep giving are how I roll.

Each one of these curated gift collections and DIY idea’s are game changes and conversation starters that offer all of us more to the holiday season than shopping and wrapping.




Being Poisoned & an Emergency Room Visit


Being Poisoned & an Emergency Room Visit

Over 3 weeks ago I was gluten poisoned while on tour. With great sadness it happened in the town where Antioch University lives. I am a proud graduate of Antioch LA receiving both my BA and MAP from this amazing social justice school. My heart was full on the day the poisoning happened.

I take 100% responsibility for this happening.

Not that the restaurant could not have stepped up their game after I explained my diet restrictions, but I am somehow used to wait staff finding me annoying and that being the ‘accepted’ norm. I have always known eating out I am at risk unless at a Paleo - Primal restaurant.

I own my life so this outcome I take ownership for no matter what.

I started feeling bad almost immediately at the restaurant noting rib girdle pain, which is a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I struggled with the MS rib girdle for many years until managing MS with diet and lifestyle changes.

By 8pm I was doubled over in pain and literally could not breathe.

My chest compression pain so great talking and breathing were almost impossible. I was scheduled to drive 4 hours the next day to continue the tour and somehow in the worst pain possible I did it. I stopped at travel centers and cried doubled over in pain several times believing it would eventually subside. Not going to lie upon arriving at my host home I immediately broke out into tears and literally could not find the strength needed to continue with this pain. I was now 20+ hours struggling to breathe and the pain was getting more and more intense with each painful breathe..

Off to the emergency room I go.

I told the ER doc my story of how food is medicine or poison in my life and that I suspected it was gluten poisoning. No matter what I said he believed I had shingles. Upon arrival at the ER they noticed a red mark on my chest which the ER staff identified as a rash. Even though I told them I had a heating pad on that exact spot and that is why it was read both the doctor and nurse believed I had shingles and it was a done deal.

is anyone listening.jpg

I knew I did not have shingles & yet the staff made me feel as if I did not know my own body.

The nurse even came in and said I should request the doctor stopped all that he ordered because she was 100% certain it was shingles. Even though I once again pointed out the ‘rash’ was going away with every minute I was in the ER. She looked at it again and said no the rash was raised and not going away.

Who am I to know my own body? Clearly the ER staff is much smarter about MY body. WTF.

I wasn’t sure if I did not have a gall bladder issue though. My dad struggled for years and I wondered if this might not be a genetic weakness? So they ordered a CT scan and I requested no dye, which did not win favor with my doctor. Although he complied he clearly felt I was too smart for my own good.

At this time the doc asked me if I wanted something for pain. I shared my mom was a prescription drug addict and that I was not interested in a narcotic. He recommended morphine, which I clearly stated I did not want. The doctor also stated that ‘you don’t become an addict from 1 to like 4 doses so I had no need to worry.’

WTF is all I can say again. Somehow this doctor knows what number dose you become addicted to drugs.

dr. not listening copy.jpg

Who knows what dose makes you an addict is my question? All I know is I am my mothers daughter. The nurse enters the room and tells me the doc called me “the lady with MS who does not take any drugs.” Which was funny because she shared a fellow co-worked who has MS was just diagnosed with breast cancer and she took out a pen and asked me how I did it taking notes.

Could this staff be any more confused?

I felt like an official line was drawn by the ER doc when the nurse shared his comments about me. Clearly he felt we were on opposite sides based on how I treat MS when I thought the goal of being a doctor was to help patients understand what was happening to my body and to listen to their concerns. Not to get drugs and dyes injected into patients and disregard everything they say. Now I was scared and wished someone was with me just to witness this and be my eyes. I did not feel safe, respected or protected in this ER.

Never once did anyone ask me if I took a vitamin or supplement. Not one single time and I take about 20 pills a day and have a daily healthcare routine they never learned or heard about.

The nurse put an IV line in which I thought was weird. Then she was getting ready to inject something into it. I asked what she was doing and she said “giving you morphine for pain.” I almost could not believe my ears. I told her I said “NO to morphine” and she showed me the order. Yes the doctor had written for morphine.

I refused now twice and once again the doctor has drawn a line between us.

My pain is horrific and what brought me to the ER. I cannot sit or touch anything with my chest and body on the right side from head to waist. I have not slept in days and I am close to tears feeling very alone and afraid. They come in to take me to the CT scan and I state I would like something for pain first. I am told I can have morphine or I have to go to the CT scan without anything because they are ready for me now and the new order has not been written yet by the doctor.

WTF. Narcotics or wait is what I am told. I walk to the CT scan hoping it will help the pain & thankfully it does.

Upon entering the CT room I see it is a tunnel scanner. I state I am horrifically claustrophobic and the tech tells me it’s open so there is no way to be claustrophobic. I beg to differ and F you for telling me I am fine.

WTF. Again this hospital staff telling me how my body works.

Screaming in pain and fear I endure a CT scan that lasts for about 8 minutes. I go back to the ER and wait another 20+ minutes before anyone comes in the room and addresses my pain or me for that matter. Eventually they give me a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory pain reliever that helps me in about 20 minutes. I had been in the ER for almost 2 hours at this point and I came in due to intense pain and finally getting relief.

Listen to your body.jpg

All the blood, urine and CT scans show a healthy body. Nothing shows any signs of there being a problem.  

ER doc comes in and tells me in life people can get sick and have pain for no reason. He believed this is what was happening to me. I shared my gluten issue AGAIN which the restaurant now confirmed could have happened and this doctor with conviction states that ‘no way could gluten cause this reaction to anyone.”

WTF. Are you kidding me? Do you hear me at all?

I then share that gluten poisoning took me to the ER about 5 years before. I had joint swelling and trouble breathing which happened on a day I flew across country so we feared a blood clot and I went to the ER. It was gluten poisoning and effected my breathing just like it was now.

This ER doc completely did not even respond to this information. It was like I did not even speak. Next he sends me home with instructions to decrease my fat and eat crackers, bread and grains when I am ready to introduce foods and when I take the 600mg of ibuprofen he ordered.. The nurse also recommends I get saltines on my way home so I don’t get a stomach ache

WTF. Are you kidding me? Is ANYONE listening to me???

I am so not surprised and yet surprised at the same time this is how our healthcare system would treat me. The #1 reason I don’t see a western medicine doctor are because of these conversations. Basically the complete denial that diet and lifestyle have a role in anything is what keeps me far from a traditional doctors office. Our lens is not even remotely close and I am not willing to fight about my healthcare with anyone. I am also not willing to engage in conversation with anyone who believes they know my body better than me.

I sent a report to the hospital which is Summa Health about this entire trip. I have heard nothing. Zero. Zip. I am now going to send them the blog post where I share with EVERYONE how I was treated and how poorly this hospital operates.

All this serves to do is make me more determined than ever to keep doing the work I do leading by example. To keep inspiring others to question the status quo regarding healthcare and the choices we make living our daily lives. My healthcare is FREE and accessible to all.

I am thankful my body tells me what it does not like.

I am also certain that this was a wake up call for me to not tour so long without a break and also to trust my gut when a restaurant staffer makes me feel like my eating restrictions are simply me being difficult and nothing more.

I know I was gluten poisoned, My body is healing slowly. I have stopped doing anything but focusing on healing and know that I can bounce back it is just going to take a while to heal.


Summa Health you should be ashamed of yourself. It is time to educate your staff about the power of food to be poison or medicine. I give you a zero out of 10.

How I am healing is by doing the following:

  • Resting

  • Yoga

  • Fasting

  • Meditation

  • Grounding

  • Breath work

  • Affirmations

  • Slowing my role and focusing on ME

  • Listening to my body

Slowly, but surely my beautiful body is responding without drugs and any help from doctors, nurses or hospitals. Once again my healthcare is FREE and accessible.

Summa Heath you are a JOKE of a place where healing is far from reality. I would not recommend you to anyone.







Paleo Meat Lasagna


Paleo Meat Lasagna

This year for the cooking classes offered on tour one menu has lasagna. Every cooking class, but one have chosen this option. I have honestly been sharing this recipe all over America and finally am writing it down for all of you to have.

Nothing feels less Paleo than pasta, but my good friends at Cappello’s have changed this narrative with their complete line of products that include: gnocchi, fettuccine and lasagna sheets. Fresh and frozen for the win.

You can even use the lasagna sheets for cut out cookies and pies. BAM. Use code BOSSLADY to save direct from Cappello’s here.

Meat Sauce Lasagna:

KuQNjhnQQEi1qQFKyJ3a_2018_0806_Cappellos_LasagnaSheets (267df38255b1c4877e6dd5ddfc19d76bfbe4dcf6).jpg


  • 1 pound each: ground veal, beef and pork

  • 1 pound bacon

  • 2 medium onions chopped

  • 1 pint mushrooms chopped

  • 2 large cans crushed tomatoes

  • 1 head garlic minced

  • 3 cups cashews soaked in water for at least 1 hour

  • 2 bay leaves

  • Pink Himalayan Salt

  • Black Pepper

  • Avocado Oil

  • 1 lemon

  • Bunch of fresh basil



  • Cook the bacon in a large saucepan until crispy and remove. Crumble once cool into bacon bits.

  • Add mushrooms, garlic and onions to bacon fat and cook until garlic and onions are golden in color.

  • Next add all meat to pan breaking up with hands into almost a hash. Cook until almost done. Add crumbled bacon.

  • Now add the tomato, salt, pepper and bay leaves to a boil. Then lower to simmer stirring occasionally.

  • Next drain cashews and place in a blender or Vitamix. Add 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons of avocado oil and juice of 1 lemon with salt to taste. Blend until cheese like consistency. Set aside.

  • Once meat sauce has cooked for 30 minutes you can start making the lasagna. Set oven to 350 degrees.

  • Grab a 12 by 9 baking tray and cover with crushed tomato. Next cover tomato with lasagna sheets completely.

  • Add meat mixture on top of lasagna sheets covering completely. Next place 6 tablespoons of cashew cheese on top of meat mixture followed by a collection of basil leaves. Top with another layer of lasagna sheets and repeat process. Once all sheets are used final layer place cheese and basil on top for decoration.

  • Bake in oven for 20 minutes until bubbling. Remove for 5 minutes than serve. Add a simple side salad and melon for a complete meal. BAM.



Vendors I love & Coupon Codes - Part II


Vendors I love & Coupon Codes - Part II

I am blown away on the daily how many of my favorite vendors believe in the work that i do on tour. I could not drive one mile without them. This is the reality of the work I do.

Each vendor on tour offer something that is essential to my "Bag of Tricks" and the community I serve.

Often times people who reach out for a tour visit are living in community and not living alone. With this being said it is hard to be the only one conscious especially regarding food choices. Many of the vendors on tour help to change the narrative around food choices without alienating yourself and others.

These vendors also open the door for a healthy dialogue to begin when I am touring regarding ingredients and what we put into our bodies. I am humbled to have such an all star list of supporters and grateful beyond belief I get to share these with all of you.


I remember meeting Will like it was yesterday. I met him through my good friend, Dr. Terry Wahls. Since day one it has been a love affair for me. Today I am proud to say that I have officially met his staff and family and have no words to describe just what an amazing man Dr. Will Cole is.

I remember reading so much from Will via MindBodyGreen where he has been a huge contributor forever. So meeting Will was a huge BAM in my life. In 2016 Will helped me as part of my healthcare team and that was simply the icing on the cake. Will taught me what a true healthcare partner is about. He spent time with me and asked questions no one has ever cared to ask me before. My intake forms took me hours and I was not mad about it. Will saw me via Skype and was really looking at my entire body as a collective. which was new to me. Dr. Cole’s advise helped prepare me for the start of the “Taking it to the Streets Tour” and I have never looked back. His advice and recommendations took my healthcare lens to a higher level. Even today his blogs, interviews and book continue to inform my ‘Bag of Tricks.”

Today Will has recently released his new book Keto-tarian whose 1st press sold out almost instantly. It is a must have for every families medicine cabinet. Filled with information and recipes that will change the narrative easily in homes.

For any friends interested in a Functional Medicine approach to wellness I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Will Cole. He see’s patients via Skype all over the world. Just mention PaleoBOSS Lady sent you when you call and Dr. Cole will extend a huge savings to you! No words to describe how amazing this is for everyone. BAM times a billion.




I first met this team at Expo. West I am pretty sure. If not it was PaleoFX. Not going to lie I returned to the booth many times eating their entire line of samples. One I liked more than the other. This was a huge stumbling block for me regarding entering the Paleo movement. I wanted muffins for breakfast.

For the 1st - 6 months of me going Paleo I batch cooked muffins every Sunday and had muffins and bacon for breakfast. It was the only way I could have begun this journey. I like cake like things in the morning especially with my coffee. When I enter homes typically one member of the family is looking to eat clean. Muffin Revolution makes it easy to include the entire family in eating consciously delicious in the morning. We all know our highest sugar intake happens at breakfast for all of us. From kids to adults we start our day with more than the daily amount of refined sugar. It is the hardest meal to get kids to consider eating healthy.

Muffin Revolution is the solution to this hurdle in the conscious living world. They freeze for easy grab and go mornings. Every home on tour so far has gone crazy for this line: 24 Carrot Gold, Banana BAM BAM and Cha Cha Cha and many more.




I am not going to lie the entire line of Primal Kitchens products address a HUGE need in the conscious living space. Most condiments we give our kids and families are filled with sugars and gluten. Cooking with olive oil we know many times converts to a trans fat. Don’t even get me started on mayonnaise and ketchup.

Primal Kitchens has the answer to all of it. An entire line of avocado oil salad dressings, mayonnaise and stand alone. I love crisping up roasted veggies in avocado oil. My favorite oil when making fries or chips of any kind.

I do confess I have a problem with Primal Kitchens dressings. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Every time I think I have decided they come out with a new one. Hard to keep up with this company and happy every time they launch a new product. Wonderful to have them on tour.



Siete Family Foods:

I remember the 1st time I bought Siete. I had been searching for them at Whole Foods for quite some time and they were always sold out. I was in Florida touring and BAM they had them in stock and I ate the entire bag in one sitting. I could not believe how delicious they were and that somehow in my conscious life tortilla were back!

Fast forward and the following year at G2F2 and Siete shared they wanted to join the award winning “Taking it to the Streets Tour” and it has been amazing to share Siete with the homes I visit. Often families are shocked that such an amazing line of products exist that are Paleo. This year with the new additions to the product line Siete continues to raise the bar on what we think is possible in the clean food world. BRAVA Siete for changing the narrative for many of us. Taco’s everyday are BACK baby!



Jilz Gluten Free

I remember back in the early Instagram days my friend Shay would always post eating Jilz Gluten Free and I would be so jealous. I missed crackers and could not find Jilz anywhere. Until that 1st day and I literally cried with joy. The Mediterranean blew my mind it is so delicious. Lavender in a cracker made me happy and Jilz delivers. Later that year I met Jill and her wonderful mom (may she rest in peace) at PaleoFX and that sealed the deal. I feel in love with Jill as much as her crackers.

As luck would have it we both took the same flight out of Austin to LA and were able to get to know each other a little better which made my day. No words to express how much Jill has believed in my work and how much her crackers change the narrative around every holiday meal, BBQ, party and/or any type of gathering. No one ever guesses her crackers are anything, but delicious.

Bring back the crackers and never look back because Jilz are the only alternative that tastes great and everyone loves them. Grab some today and save! BAM.




When I met Ben and Stacey from Cappello’s I literally cried. I almost felt like I was being punked because not only did they have pasta, but they had cookies and pizza. My 3 favorites of all time. This was so unheard of in the Paleo world I was starting to tell myself zoodles would be an okay replacement for Sunday pasta. Thankful this lie never had to be realized.

Pizza was my hardest gluten item to give up. I lived for pizza at least 2-3 times a week. I could not imagine giving it up forever and now with Cappello’s I don’t have too. Having Cappello’s on tour has been a dream come true. Almost exclusively every home I enter has the same list of foods they cannot live without and Cappello’s has almost all of them covered with their amazing line of: pasta, pizza and cookies.

Having Cappello’s on tour has meant that all, but one cooking class in 2018 have been lasagna. Many of the classes I have witnessed someone crying tears of joy shocked this is gluten free, fresh, homemade pasta. Not hard noodles you need to boil. Just like Nona made. So delicious it is unbelievable. Isn’t it time you welcomed Cappello’s into your family!




This company gave in so many ways to the tour it is almost too emotional for me to even type this. I happen to have an introductions to the VP of Sales at Zevia, Robert, through a good friend of mine. We had coffee one Sunday and he was intrigued to hear about my tour. After that meeting we kept in touch and I discovered the Zevia Cream Soda.

Cream soda was my dad’s favorite. I started bringing it on tour with me when I was driving and channeling my dad. I know this may sound weird, but I take great comfort in feeling my dad’s presence with me when I am out on the road touring/driving alone. Every time I have a Zevia cream soda and/or hear LeRoy Brown on the radio I know my dad is with me watching over me.

When I was building out the van I needed more money than originally expected for the build out. I was off by a ton and really stressing out about how I was going to get the BAM van done and me back on the road serving. One day I get an email from Robert introducing me to his team and asking how they can help. Next thing I know Zevia wired funds for the van build out washing away great stress and worry getting me back on tour by April. NO WORDS. GRATEFUL.

When I think of Zevia I get all warm and fuzzy. My dad riding with me on tour and the BAM van would not have been completed so quickly without Zevia. Not only do I love their root beer and cream soda but we make the Turmeric Tonic in the cooking classes and everyone gives them a huge thumbs up. You can find Zevia everywhere. BAM.


Soda Page_Banner.jpg


Food sensitivity is a huge indicator of bio-hacking for gut health and optimization. I am a huge fan and wish I knew about Pinnertest sooner. For years I wanted to test my food sensitivity and quite honestly could not see how to afford it and then on top the need to pay someone to read it to me because it did not make any sense.

Then comes Pinnertest who not only delivers the simplest form ever to read, but also has an easy payment plan. BAM. BAM. BAM.

I never had to leave my house. It was the easiest test I have ever done and took like 5 minutes from start to finish. No words to describe how spectacular this is and informative information. I plan to redo my Pinnertest every year to see how my gut is healing and potentially creating the space for more foods. I am proud to be able to see how my gut continues to heal with Pinnertest by my side. Not going to lie I think this makes an excellent holiday gift to anyone who you think has food sensitivity. Knowledge is power and Pinnertest delivers on all fronts. BAM.




I was walking down the isle at PaleoFX and by a booth that was on the diagonal from the BAM van which was on the show floor for people to check out. The man behind the very crowded booth stopped me and introduced himself to me sharing he had read my website the night before and was impressed with my work. I was totally taken back by this and humbled beyond words. The man was the founder of Alitura Naturals and a great guy, Andy Hnilo.

Andy and I started talking and learned he too had a life threatening incident that lead him to a passion driven life. Now the founder of a Alitura Naturals: a skin care company built on quality and craftsmanship of products with extreme attention to detail. Andy shared with me his enthusiasm and the commitment he has about bringing the best, high quality skin care line for both men and women. That is one of the things I love about this line is that it is sought after by both men and women.

Andy hooked me up with some samples back in April and I have been a huge fan ever since. I get compliments on my skin almost daily. Many cannot believe my age and ask me what I do for such amazing skin. I do very little beyond washing and caring for my skin using Alitura Naturals. I call it the skin care with guts. No matter what product you use someone notices. From compliments on how pretty my skin is to how wonderful I smell my answer is always the same: Alitura Naturals.




I first met Pique Tea last December. I was fortunate enough to spend time talking to the founder Simon Cheng whose story blew me away. He personally found his way to tea during his own healing journey. Having walked away from the finance world looking for a more purpose driven calling Simone started studying medicinal breath-work. His studies brought him to monks where he learned a lot about medicinal breath-work, meditating and discovered the role tea plays in overall health & wellness. Simon learned and created a tea company in the spirit of those before him who treasure it’s healing properties and teas’ ability to support your best life.

Pique tea crystals are easy for me personally to drink. Simply grab and go are how I role with Pique Tea. So simple and yet Pique Tea’s line offers huge benefits to any wellness program with little to no effort. You can have Pique Tea hot or cold which I love best. I love my tea temperatures to change like the seasons and Pique makes it easy offering both versions of many of your favorites. I recently did a bone broth fast that was supported by Pique fasting ginger tea which I love. It really helped me keep my fluids up and my energy high. Noted a huge difference with my fast with Pique added into the fasting. So much that I don’t think I will ever fast without Pique Tea again. Isn’t it time you tried Pique? Their website filled with tons of amazing information and recipes that will blow you away friends. I love Pique Tea.




Meeting the team at NutriGold has been a life changing event for me personally and professionally. I first heard about them at ShiftCon which is an eco-conscious bloggers conference. I was attending a talk on supplements and quickly learned that I knew nothing about how to know if I was buying whole food based supplements or marketing based. Seemed every slide they showed of companies run by Mad Men were the ones in my stash.

Yes they all said whole foods on the package. I had no idea there is little to no regulation on supplements in the USA. Not surprised and was kind of mad at myself for not knowing this. I quickly got over that and decided it was time to up my game.

In walks NutriGold. This company inspires me from the owners down to every single employee. They have a corporate culture that jazzes my soul and a product line that is so transparent the number of 3rd party tests alone will blow your mind. I literally love reading the NutriGold labels because they are real food based. Ingredient lists that have food listed are what you get from NutriGold. Their products are certified free of almost everything you can imagine. It is simply mind blowing how many products on the market have synthetic vitamins and are loaded with sugar and gluten. Even what I was getting from my Naturopath had sugar. Everyday I am thankful for the NutriGold standard for keeping my body running like a well oiled machine. This discount code link makes all purchases cheaper here than Amazon friends. Don’t miss out.




It was Halloween 2015 when I was introduced to The Date Lady. I received a gift from a handful of vendors and the Date Lady syrup was in the gift basket. I almost died. BAM is all I can say.

Following me you know I am a sugar addict. I love me some sweet, but tend to overdue the honey and maple syrup on the daily. The glycemic index for dates is less than both and adds to my harms reduction approach to my addiction. The Date Lady syrup works well in all recipes when added as a sugar replacement. It is now included in all of my cooking classes and the crowds LOVE the taste of all the items we make using the Date Lady.

Can we talk dates? The Date Lady dates are like delicious caramels and melt in your mouth. I have never had such soft creamy dates in my life. I thought all dates were hard and chewy. Not anymore! I simply cannot believe I am eating a date when I have them from The Date Lady. Add this to any meal time and everyone will feel special. The Date Lady change the date game beyond words. You need to taste these candy’s from earth. Nothing added just pure goodness. Great for holiday baking friends. Start creating delicious healthy versions of your favorites with The Date Lady.

Don’t even get me started on the Chocolate and Caramel spreads. You all need to try these. They will simply blow your mind. BAM.



The tour would not be happening without the kind support of all of my vendors. Each and every one continue to help monthly with donations for gas, Gidget and so much more. Without their generosity this tour would not happen.

Many are small family owned businesses and I hope you will make the effort to add their products into your bag of tricks while supporting small business at the same time. Even the few vendors who have merged with larger companies still employee the original team members which for me is a huge win.

Personally my miracle life happens because of each of these companies. I am humbled to have their support. BAM for all of us.



Vendors I Love & Coupon Codes - Part I


Vendors I Love & Coupon Codes - Part I

I wake up with every day with joy in my heart and certain I am living my purpose of being by serving the community as part of the award winning “Taking it to the Streets Tour.” I fail to have words to describe how full my life is and how much I know this is why I was put on this energy space. My miracle life is free of possessions, consumerism, no longer dictated by societal and cultural norms while filled with community, empathy, acceptance and a tour that has no judgment of others as I continue to kick Multiple Sclerosis to the curb all day because of all of this. Consciousness of being created the space for all I have and I am grateful as fuck.

  • I am certain my work helps many by breaking down barriers to entry in living a conscious life.

  • I am certain my work has been a lifeline for several in the community I serve.

  • I am certain I am living my bliss.

No matter what I never walk alone. Each mile of the tour fueled by vendors and generous donations from the community which makes this a community-powered tour. I am merely the vessel delivering the work of an entire community.

All vendors on the tour have products that are essential to my miracle life and important tools in the famous “Bag of Tricks.” In this blog I would like to share with you the ‘why’ of each company’s role in my journey and how our love affair began.

I am proud to be an ambassador for every one of these companies & can't wait to share exactly how we feel in love.

Great news is many are offering DISCOUNT CODES for anyone interested in trying their stuff. Read on to find the codes and begin filling your ‘Bag of Tricks’ with these wellness tools. So much goodness in the blog post I am giddy. I have the greatest support team EVER!

Ready. Set. Go. TEAM


 The BAM van sponsored by Elixinol.

Elixinol is the lead sponsor of the tour and the BAM van. I have no words for how much they bring to my wellness program and the work I do. This tour would not be a reality if not for their generous support. Elixinol is a hero in this journey and their products have people approaching me all over America sharing the PROFOUND effect CBD has had on their lives. I am humbled to be an ambassador for Elixinol and blessed to work side by side with this amazing team of indivdual's. Truly an honor. How we meet - A friend who has been in the natural food business for over 30 years and knows her stuff introduced me to Elixinol. While staying at her home she offered me the Elixinol x-pen and gave it to me to try. After 5 weeks of using Elixinol CBD I noticed large changes in my body and knew CBD was a great addition to my ‘Bag of Tricks.’  Neck nerve pain, sleep and anxiety are a few of the benefits of using CBD not to mention its role at the cellular level to maintain homeostasis which with my hyper MS immune system is way welcome. No side effects and so many different delivery systems make Elixinol CBD one of the best additions to my wellness program in many years. My good friends at Elixinol have a great website full of information to help educate each of us. If you can't find your answer from me or the Elixinol site no worries you can contact Elixinol's doctor for an answer...FREE. BAM. BAM. BAM.




Suja Juice:     

Big shout out to Suja for being one of the very first companies to join the tour back in 2016! I met Suja with The Food Babe at an event in Venice Beach and shared my love of their product and my tour. They agreed to join that night and have been HUGE supports since the very day. Without hesitation Suja’s products have been what the experience of having them on tour is like. They are dependable, accessible, transparent and game changers. The line includes kombucha, pressed juice, drinking vinegar and probiotic waters. Each one fills a huge need in my wellness program and most for gut health. Pressed juice helps when I am unable to get all my veggies in through food and you know my mitochondria need it always. You can imagine how beneficial this is for me when touring. I am so grateful for Suja products every time I have them which happens several times a week. I am also excited about how easy it is to change the narrative around sugary fruit juices for many families because kids LOVE Suja! Thank you Suja for being YOU!

 Love Suja!

RX Bar

I loved my RX Bars melted after sitting on the BAM van dashboard for a few hours. They are the best slightly warm and melted. I have a strong addiction to the packaging, no BS marketing and any of their flavors that include chocolate. This line of bars hits me seasonally with pumpkin and gingerbread that jazz my soul. I love my RX bar as a meal or snack. RX bars are also sold all over America. Almost every gas station, 7-eleven and/or grocery stores everywhere have RX bars making them a huge tool in my bag that are very accessible. Being thankful for RX bars would be an understatement. My heart is full working with this amazing team. Everyone loves an RX bar and their kids line rules too! Did I mention nut butters too? BAM every time you open your eyes with RX Bar.




I remember the 1st time I had an Epic Bar it was at PaleoFX. I had no idea what to think about a bar that was lamb and mint. I tasted my first bite and immediately was shocked how much I liked it. This began my love affair with Epic. Over the last few years Epic has grown the line to be one of my all time favorites. They now have my beloved bone broth; which has joined every fast I have done to date offering flavors to satisfy every palate. In addition the pork rinds are to die for with the maple bacon bags I literally eat the entire thing. Zero self-control.  Their cooking fats are amaze balls too. When touring the snack strips are a major asset and often my go-to snack. I love how Epic has grown and you can find them at almost every grocery store and co-op in America making the readily accessible to everyone. I am 100% an Epic girl.



Further Food:

I remember it like it was yesterday I got an email from a Further Food stating they loved the work I was doing and interested in donating all the profits from ‘Giving Tuesday’ to the tour. I literally did not move for a few minutes and keep re-reading this email. What? How? It is true the fine ladies at Further Food made a very generous donation to the tour last year that meant the world to my mission. The product line and work of Further Food are so aligned with the message of PaleoBOSS Lady having them on tour and in my ‘Bag of Tricks’ a no-brainer. Collagen a huge part of my gut healing health and Turmeric keeping inflammation down are in my Top 10 tools. Humbled for their believe in the tour. Honored to have them on tour every day.




Paleo Treats:

A few years ago I attended my 1st Expo West, which is the largest natural food show in the world.  A few days after the start of Expo West my good friends at Paleo Treats released this video and I knew from this moment on I loved them more than most. Their treats have already rocked my world and the video sent me over the edge. I love a good rebel yell! Winners of the Federal Express small business award and owners of the internationally famous mascot Rocky, Paleo Treats never disappoints and having them on tour a huge BAM for me and everyone. Paleo Treats makes feeling deprived a thing of the past.  I am a HUGE fan of the Rocket Paleo Treat and may or may have had more than one in a day. Love me some Paleo Treat & the entire company culture. Can you say YUM.





PaleoFX a few years back and I had my 1st Nutpod. Instantly the love affair began and continues to this day. This company warms my heart daily. They pay for all of Gidgets food each month and have for years. It was their idea after Gidget and I were the 1st visitor at the Nutpods office. For those that don’t know I live for my morning cup of coffee. I literally have been known to rush to bed so I can wake up for my coffee. Nutpods is a huge part of why. Their products offer me so much variety each morning and have grown to be used in my kitchen to thicken soups and even are added to cookie batter. Nutpods always enhancing any recipe I add them too makes them versatile beyond belief. This versatile product is a huge game changer and win in my life. Thankful that every morning Nutpods starts my day with a BAM. Gidget and her mommy adore you Nutpods. Thank you Nutpods for changing the narrative around chemical sugar filled coffee creamers. Thank you Nutpods for believing in me since the day we meet. Love you so much.



Sauna Space:

When Multiple Sclerosis (MS) became debilitating it was due to my body overheating. I have struggled with body temperature regulation issues for over 30+ years. MS has plagued me with this so much that I moved from my home in the east coast to a better climate in Venice Beach, CA leaving everything I knew and loved to try and save myself from the effects of MS on my body. Even with of my healing I still have been dealing with this issue in the face of my miracle status. Last year I attended The Wahls Seminar and met the founder of Sauna Space who I shared I could not use sauna because my body does not do well with heat. He proceeded to educate me as only Brian can how he invented a single light panel just for people like me and believed it would help. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. After only a short time using the single light ,3 times a day for 20 minutes, I noticed a dramatic change in my body temperature regulation issues. So much that I reached out to the Brian to share and he was thrilled! Today I live for my easy Sauna Space time and am proud to share it with everyone I meet on tour. This tool is a HUGE win for me in my ‘Bag of Tricks” and the only treatment for my body temperature regulation issue that caused my disability from MS. Thank you Sauna Space for being a real BAM in my life. I love you all so much.



Paleo Magazine:

I have been a fan of Paleo Magazine for years and have to admit each year I fall in love deeper and deeper. The content always informs my best life which is a huge BAM for me. From recipes to in-depth articles and their amazing podcast I am a fan times a million. Not only are the staff and writers at Paleo Magazine huge advocates for all things Paleo, Primal and Keto they are informed, knowledgeable and all about consciousness of living, which rocks my world. Honored and humbled to be named Paleo Ambassador for 2018. Paleo Magazine informs our Paleo life and challenges each of us to continue to up the volume on life and living. I am so in love and proud to share this magazine with all the homes I visit on tour.  I am also grateful to have had the support of Paleo Magazine since day one of touring. Paleo Magazine you rock my world and inspire me to continue to break down barriers and serve.




new logo.jpg

Disclaimer: I do not do affiliate relationships in the traditional sense which means I don’t make money off of the sale of products to you.  I am an ambassador for these companies and believe in each and every one. Each company supports my personal wellness program. In addition each vendor pays for one tank of gas a month and a car wash supporting the tour. Some vendors have chosen to have a bigger role especially during the BAM van build out. In addition vendors send product to homes I visit at their expense so folks can try what I love, which is a huge win for everyone. For larger products like Sauna Space I am given a generous discount code to share with others. This is my relationship with all the vendors I am sharing.


My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Healing Journey


My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Healing Journey

  • I never knew I had PTSD.
  • I never realized my Daddy’s violent outbursts were from his PTSD as a WWII hero.
  • I never realized how much PTSD had negative impacts on my health.
  • I never realized my PTSD comfort came from food.

PTSD: A mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event.

My mom was a prescription pill drug addict my entire life. She had moments of sobriety, but they were brief and often ended with large increases in her addiction. By the time I was in high school she was addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling. She also was anorexic and vomited almost everyday.


My dad was a WWII hero who was drafted on his 18th birthday. He was shipped overseas and served in active combat during the war. Awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery he suffered from server PTSD and often yelled, screamed and got physical with my sisters and mother.

I was never hit which is another blog topic.

I do remember the one time when dad strangled my oldest sister so hard around her neck it looked like she had a string of hickeys. The vision is as clear as day. My older sister was putting something in the oven and said something to my dad, which set off him lunging & grabbing her by the neck in a fit of rage.  He was literally strangling her and had to be pried off to get him to stop. I thought my sister was going to die from strangulation by my dad.

I always felt bad for both of my parents. They were great people simply victims of their upbringing.

  • No one recognized PTSD in the healthcare world during my childhood.
  • No one knew my dad was suffering from something he could not control.
  • No one knew what is was like for my dad to watch men be killed on the daily and what fearing for your life when others are shooting at you everyday is like.

My mom became an addict at the hands of doctors. She lost both her father and a foster sister within years of each other. Both tragic endings for two people my mom loved who also had hard lives making their untimely death an even harder pill to swallow. Doctors gave my mom opiates.

Her life of addiction began at the hands of those she trusted. Her doctors.

I remember when Michael Jackson (MJ) died and they released the drugs in his system it took me right back to my childhood. I knew all those drugs. My mom loved them all. She also had doctors she could manipulate like MJ to get whatever drugs she wanted. It was a sad, horrible existence that eventually took her life at the age of 55 due to liver and pancreatic cancer.

  • I used food for comfort most of my life. 
  • Feeling terrified started when I was born and ended at the age of 50.

Recently I helped a family in need and there was a sibling late night argument that included screaming and yelling. It was before the BAM van and I was staying in their home. This triggered so many PTSD symptoms I could not believe it. Here I thought I had solved my PTSD issues along with my miracle status and yet this trigger sent me way back. It was eye opening. I immediately had to open my "Bag of Tricks" to get started using all of my wellness tools to stop PTSD from triggering a negative unhealthy chain of events.

How do you heal from PTSD? Do you heal from PTSD?

The first step is realizing you have it. I did not know until I was in my 2nd marriage. when a therapist told me. My husband suffered from bio-polar disorder and had severe paranoia. It triggered and enhanced my PTSD.  I was traumatized almost daily by his words yelling and screaming about things that were in his mind only. I could see the changes on his face long before he expressed knowing I was in trouble for something I never even did. I lived in fear and he had many guns in our home and was an expert shooter which scared me even more.

Mental illness is hard no matter what side of the equation you are on, the victim or the one suffering.

I was seeing a wonderful therapist twice weekly and learning so much when I learned about PTSD. MS was winning at every turn and I was about 50 pounds over weight at this time. I could barely move my body and my marriage was a huge challenge with not much hope insight. My husbands bipolar was becoming increasingly hard to live with and my PTSD was at an all time high.

When my therapist mentioned PTSD to me and it was a HUGE blessing.

Realizing that a life filled with trauma came with a whole host of unhealthy outcomes literally gave me a path to healing. One time when my mom was in a rehabilitation center she paid for our family to have a weekend retreat to heal. One of the doctors told me that I will know when I have healed from the trauma of my childhood when weight is no longer an issue. Even he knew I had PTSD, but never really came out and told me.

Not going to lie I was pissed at the doctor when he said this. Only because I did not understand what he was really saying.

Food is my comfort and eating is how I self soothe. Many sucked their thumb I turned to food. The idea that PTSD was a driving force in many of my choices opened up an entire healing journey for me. It not only gave me insight into my actions, but more importantly it helped me to forgive both of my parents. This happened while they were both alive for which I am most grateful.

junk food.jpg

Most treatments today for PTSD are prescription medications. I am not anti-drug, but I have not used this route for healing. Instead I took a more holistic approach.

My TOP 5 Healing Approaches to PTSD:

1.     Therapy – I love a good therapy session. Throw narrative therapy into the mix and I am one happy camper. I believe my therapists over the last 20 years helped pave the way for healing coupled with my hard work.

2.     Community – You know me and how much community is the ground on which I stand. Being able to talk with others who had similar experiences or simply a listening ear cannot be measured in value. Priceless.   

3.     Gut Health – Healing my gut diminished my anxiety attacks almost immediately. I went from the girl who lived on Xanax to no anxiety at all.

4.     Yoga – No words to describe the healing powers of yoga. There are so many direct links to the power of yoga in my life and managing PTSD is one of them.

5.     Meditation – Free and accessible meditation is key to helping quiet the mind to help decrease stress and deliver calm.

PTSD is treatable with conscious effort and actions. I am grateful today that I recognize triggers and have tools to help me. I am sad my parents did not get the help they needed simply because they suffered in silence.

Not subscribed to this award winning blog? Today is the day to join the best tribe ever!

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The American Dream is a Fu*king Lie


The American Dream is a Fu*king Lie

The American Dream as I know it is that the person with the most money & expensive possessions wins. Why else do we have 3+ car garages that are filled with stuff and our cars parked in the driveway because there is no room? In addition stores like Costco so we can have tons of everything in mass quantity. 

Once again I call bullshit on the fucking American Dream.

I lived the consumer driven American Dream. Was raised in a working class family where we had a nice life, but tons of struggles financially. My mom was an alcohol and drug addict. By the time I was 30 I had earned my 1st million dollars and at 35 was worth several million wearing 10+ carets of diamonds with a diamond studded Presidential Gold Rolex. I had live in help, my kid in the finest school in the state, only designer clothes while traveling at least monthly & only first class 4+ star hotels. Rags to riches baby and living the dream right?

dollar sign.jpg

I was miserable and my body self destructing at every turn as my financial worth & possessions grew.

Once you have money and possessions the world becomes a much different place and I don't mean easier. Tons of folks simply worry about not having money and most struggle to have genuine relationships with others.

Money changes quite honestly everything and not having to worry is not one of the things.

It is funny how for me personally money changed my thinking. Made me less genuine and much more materialistic. It got to the point where our household monthly financial burn was over $25,000. If we wanted it we bought it. If we thought it we did it. Literally for most of my adult life I was living the dream.

The larger my ability to be a consumer grew the sicker my body got.

I thought achieving the American Dream would be the ticket to happiness. Instead it was the ticket to paranoia, superficial relationships and having way too much stuff. I was buried under possessions I hardly used. Shit, I had a craft room which only at Christmas time did I ever step foot in this room. Yet it was outfitted with everything you neededd to make any type of craft any day of the week and yet I used it with my daughter for the Christmas holiday only.

What the fuck.

Many American families have more cars than drivers in a household. I was one of them. We had a 4 wheel drive, sports car, family car and date night car. We were not alone in our neighborhood everyone had the same. Every house needs more cars than drivers in 2018 it seems. I see this all over America as I tour so it must be true.

What the fuck.

When I grew up we had 2 cars with 5 drivers and one was a company car that only my Daddy could drive. So literally we had one car for 4 drivers and somehow it worked just fine.

What happens with the consumer driven American Dream is that it only benefits the companies whose stuff we buy. It does nothing to help us be happy, healthy and secure and in fact it does the complete opposite.

free yourself.jpg

You see when you have tons of stuff it keeps you in the cycle of having to work hard always to pay for this stuff.

I remember when I was running big tech companies I would encourage staff to buy expensive cars with their bonus checks because I knew if they accumulated debt they would continue to work hard to pay for their expensive possessions. This was taught to me by the CEO and President of a company I worked for and encouraged by the board of directors at our yearly planning meetings. They would tell me to keep encouraging the sales staff to spend on big ticket items so they work hard to hit their bonuses each year. Bonuses they now need to live their expensive lives filled with possessions.

Not going to lie I often feel sad about this part of my life and my actions.

The real truth is that this is what America is built upon - 100% consumerism. Simply look at credit card company growth and their marketing tactics. Somehow these companies have us believing that using a credit card is the way to "free" airline tickets and we all buy into this fucking lie which is the greatest marketing scam there is. Put money on a credit card to get points for a FREE airline ticket. There is nothing FREE about these tickets and yet we ALL buy into this fucked up marketing scam saying "I got my ticket free with miles."

Once again I call bullshit.

Today I live in a van with minimal possessions at the American standard of poverty. I am also potentially the most healed from Multiple Sclerosis using ONLY diet and lifestyle in the world. I am living an American Dream. The one that no one talks about. It is actually a life dreams are made of.

A life lead by purpose, fueled by community & nourished by Mother Nature.

Today I live my life with hardly any stress. I am a minimalist who has more than enough. I see nature as a place I need to be daily. I move my body freely and without pain by offering it daily meditation, mindfulness, conscious movement and have applied the art of bio-hacking to my foods and most of my life. I serve others and have true friends all over the world. None of this involves consumer driven anything. Zero. Nada.

This was not possible when I was living a consumer possession driven life because that life keeps score. When you live a life of purpose there is no score keeping because you are driven by ideal's and not stuff.

The person with the most stuff actually does not win. Sad to be the party pooper.

Winning is living your dream and if your dream happens to net you financial freedom it is what you do with this freedom that defines you. Do you buy more shit or do you use it to drive an outcome that fuels goodness and not a 3 car garage filled with shit from Costco so you have to park in the driveway.

  • Possessions do not deliver joy.

  • Possessions do not deliver health.

  • Possessions do not deliver purpose.

  • Possessions do not deliver true friends.

  • Possessions do not deliver best life living.

For those suffering from anything, physical or mental issues please know that the consumer driven American Dream stands in the way of your healing. It does nothing to help you tap your BAM. I know because I lived it.

Defining YOU and YOUR best self does and this has nothing to do with consumerism.

I wake up with joy in my heart and excitement for every day. Do you?

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Harms Reduction for a Sugar Addiction


Harms Reduction for a Sugar Addiction

It is so funny that I constantly have 'brick hits forehead moments' regarding my food journey. I remember after two years of eating consciously I finally thought to look at my dogs food. Took me two fucking years and the brick really hit hard on this one.

Why so long I often wonder?

Recently I had the same type of moment regarding my approach to the famous sugar addiction. As many of you know sugar is my drug of choice. It has been years since I have had refined sugar in my diet, but not natural sugar.

I am still addicted to sugar.

Each year of my healing journey I have made small strides in overcoming my addiction. From consumption to psyche I have been proud of the progress even though baby steps. Slow and steady is the constant mantra in my miracle life especially when dealing with things  I am truly addicted too.


Both Cigarettes and Sugar have been a true harms reduction approach.

I used to eat a pound of honey a week the first year I gave up refined sugar. I had not control and did care to change it. I knew I was going through hard core withdraws and decided harms reduction was the only way I was going to quit my sugar addiction.

Honey is less harmful than refined sugar in large quantities.

Examples of common harms reduction techniques are nicotine patches and methadone. Both used to help decrease the effects of addiction offering a less harmful approach using a taper method. This approach geared toward helping both the body and mind adjust at a slower rate than the all or nothing approach.

My addiction so strong I need the taper if I want to overcome. I learned this early on in my journey and have never been ashamed of it.

Not going to lie it is still hard. It is hard being an addict of anything. Sugar truly has shown to have a strong hold on my body & mind. The cycle is vicious and each year I believe I get closer and closer to the end of this addiction and hope within the next few years to be done with it.

I have struggled from time to time with the societal norms associated with overcoming addiction. These types of thoughts produce nothing good and have also been a part of this healing journey. Whenever I find myself saying things like "Why is it taking so long?" and "You are still having way too much fruit" I check myself.

Too much fruit is progress.

The last step in my journey to quit smoking came from the help of a talented Hypnotherapist. On my birthday this year she happened to call me sharing she was staring to consider Paleo and looking for resources. Sasha also shared in her work she noticed just like cigarettes many have a sugar addiction. Believe it or not she developed a method to overcome this addictive behavior and was releasing it this year. BAM. BAM. BAM.

Thank you life for once again for always providing. I am pretty sure hypnosis will be my last step in the sugar addiction journey and for now I continue to mentally prepare myself and work toward lowing my intake with healthy, baby steps.

My Harms Reduction Sugar Addiction Timeline;

  • 2012: Stop all refined sugar replace with honey, dates, maple syrup
  • 2013: Start doing Whole 30 challenges for a total of 2 challenges completed.
  • 2014: Continue with Whole 30 challenges for a total of 5 challenges completed.
  • 2015: Focus on Ketogenic approaches and begin fasting 12 hours
  • 2016: Start doing Whole Life Challenges for 8 weeks for a total of 3 challenges. Begin juice fasts and longer fast times. Start only eating seasonal fruits.
  • 2017: Give up maple syrup and honey items except for special occasions or recipe testing. Start 3 day bone broth fasts and 16 hour daily fasting/ 3~5 days weekly. Limit banana, apple and pears.
  • 2018: Increase 18 hour fasting, add more 3 day bone broth fasts, increase berries and decrease melons, mango's and figs.
  • 2019: TBC...

This my friends are my harms reduction steps regarding sugar. I learned by year 2014 that my addiction was strong and I was unable to maintain zero sugar after challenges. Any type of sugars triggered almost bulimic tendencies. After many failed attempts at stopping long term I realized I was truly an addict and needed to start a path of harms reduction.

I will update you all on my journey toward hypnosis and in the meantime hope a harms reduction  approach might inspire your journey with food.

Found this helpful at all than please consider signing up for my award winning blog. I hope you will also consider sharing with others.

Community is how we change the narrative regarding healthcare.


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Chocolate Chip Donuts with Icing


Chocolate Chip Donuts with Icing

I cannot take credit for this recipe although I added a few things. The recipe for donuts can be found here and it is from my good friend at Back Porch Paleo.


I simply added sugar free dark chocolate chips to the mix by adding them to a the sandwich bag I used to squeeze the batter into the donut maker.


The icing is melted coconut oil with 1/4 cup of the chips melted. I simply dipped the donuts into the icing and let them rest on the cookie tray. I prefer to make some with icing and without.



Healing is Not Just For Me


Healing is Not Just For Me

One of the things I know for certain is that we all have the right to heal our bodies. That does not mean everyone is going to heal from everything, but it does mean we all have the same options before us regarding consciousness.

Now clearly if your body is filled with a deadly invasion this is an entire new level and I have no insight. If you live with allergies, constipation, disease or any condition we each have the same choices before us.

Healing comes from consciousness.

Once I realized the role I had in sickness and health beyond going to the doctor and taking drugs I made healing available to me. I had to own me. Every thought and interaction. 100%.

The autopilot of life had to stop and once that does ownership came right along with it. I remember being in the temple at Burning Man and realizing for the very 1st time I had a role in my health beyond being a good patient.

Heart in hands.jpg

What a fucking concept.

Not once did anyone tell me I had a role in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) beyond preparing myself for life with a progressive often cruel disease. I was lead to believe I was now simply a victim in waiting regarding life with MS. We simply were told to hope for the best and pray.

For decades I hoped for the fucking best.

I did every damn thing the doctors told me. I spent money and traveled far to see 'the best' in everything MS and all this did was create space for MS to continue to be in control .

Everything I did was in response to MS.

Western medicine is a response only healthcare. You have a problem they will fix it and most often with drugs to simply get rid of the symptom. You have heartburn after eating pizza simply take a pill to make it go away.

Western medicine does nothing to understand the way of healthcare.

My miracle status is because I answered and continue to answer every why. Every day.

  • Healing did not happen in a finite period of time.
  • Healing did not happen because I simply changed my diet.
  • Healing did not happen because I love to work out.
  • Healing did not happen because I fell in love with me.

I know this surprises you. All of those things are the steps that lead to the miracle known as PalreoBOSS Lady.

Knowing my why is why I am in this miracle journey. Knowing MY WHY outside of societal and cultural norms lead me to the healing steps I share above.

Healing is not only for V. It is for anyone who is willing to truly wake up & know their WHY!

Western medicine does not care about the why. Instead they care about keeping the body free of symptoms using drug therapy.

I am a miracle because I know my why. Do you know your why?


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Disease Does Not Define You


Disease Does Not Define You

This lesson was one of the hardest for me to learn and I actually did not even know I had to learn it. Literally for years I always referred to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as "My MS." I hear so many who still do this and it reminds me how far I have come.

Using the words 'my MS' creates a level of ownership through language that does not create the space for miracle status. In fact it does just the opposite and sets you up for failure. I know it did me and by the age of 37 I was declared legally disabled and unable to earn sustainable income.

Learning how words and thoughts defined my life with MS was a huge lesson I learned in my late 40"s and it has produced great outcomes. Thinking about language in this way created for me the first ever truly objective space for healing by removing the word "my" from MS. Finally I was able to see MS separate from myself.

When someone is talking about issues of addiction to say "I am an addict" brings with it huge societal and cultural norms that are not always easy to own. The simply phrase "I am an addict" brings all kinds of negative thoughts just by using language in this way. Now if you would please Imagine for a minute saying "I struggle with addiction" instead there are almost no negatives and it is also outside of your person.

See how the simple change of language offers less 'baggage' and now can be viewed objectively and outside of one self?

Become Who You Are.jpg

It is not 'my MS' instead I struggle with MS. MS is one part of my person and it is not who I am. These are just a few of the lessons recognizing the role language plays have brought to my life. Literally set the beginning stages of MS no longer defining me.

For years no matter what it was some how MS took front seat to every event or occasion. When I was invited anywhere my first thought would be how is MS going to handle this. So strong were these thoughts that I failed to remember the reason there was an event. My life was MS absorbed, paranoid, fearful and getting smaller by the minute.

Being invited to a wedding, graduation or even a birthday party always came with way too many thoughts about how MS was going to handle this. So many that it often made going out and engaging in life pretty impossible. This extreme response was felt by friends and family and began to limit the number of invites we were receiving. Little by little MS was taking control of everything by defining who I was.

An invitation would start the checklist of anxiety with thoughts like:

  • Will there be stairs?
  • Do they have air conditioning?
  • How far is the bathroom from the main room?
  • Will they have a buffet or sit down meal?
  • Do I need to hold a plate?
  • Will it be outside?
  • How will I wall walk if it is outside?
  • Will they have a tent for shade?
  • Will there be chairs for me to sit or will we be standing?
  • Is parking close?
  • Is the driveway flat or slanted?

I would be so wrapped up in thinking of all the hurdles MS offered that I could not see things like:

  • I didn't get out much how grateful I was for events where I can see many at one time.
  • The reason for the gathering and/or celebration.
  • Gratitude to be included as many invitations stop coming when you live with chronic disease.
  • The joy you get from having a night with friends and family.
  • That life was meant for living and my disease was making my world a life of fear driven realities

I am not saying that ignoring things that support your well being when an invitation comes is the alternative. I am saying that disease is only one part of our life equation and for many of us it can grow to be the only a part which is never a good look.

When i had full time help my assistants mother had MS and it had her almost blind and 100% dependent and bedridden. Sitting in a wheel chair was even hard for her. She was awake and aware with trouble speaking most days.. This however did not stop her from going out to dinner with family and friends to their favorite Mexican place in Venice Beach. Quite often you could find her attending weddings and events. She even came to a fund raiser I did supporting MS.

Clearly MS was the 1st thing you knew about her simply because of how she looked & her wheelchair, but once you met her somehow MS was invisible. Her zest for life in spite of MS was contagious and did not defined her.

How is this possible?

Body Mind Soul.jpg

Stop focusing on what you can't do and always start with what you can do.

I could not be in heat or cold for many years. It would bring on crippling outcomes and for years I would worry about temperature issues. This limited my ability to say yes to invitations because I was afraid to risk it. Sadly there are ways to deal with this and somehow I could not see them.

  • I could attend events at optimal times for temperature management.
  • I could wear a cooling vest or neck wrap.
  • I could dress in a way to support my body temperature issues rather than for the occasion.
  • I could go to my car and heat up or cool down if I needed.
  • I could rest up all week for the chance to engage with community.

I know that I have control over how my body responded to MS based on my choices. These choices were not limited to how I moved, ate or slept although a huge part of the equation. Instead they where choices made in how I thought about those things and most things in my life. When all of my acts were focused on MS I stopped living and being V. Once I began focusing on loving myself and honoring a life with MS I was able to have living define who I was and not MS. BAM.

  • I don't do yoga because I have MS. I do yoga because my body loves it.
  • I don't eat healthy because I have MS. I eat healthy to fuel my body for another day.
  • I don't not hula hoop because I have MS and need cardio. I hula hoop because it is fun and helps on long drive days.

Language creates the lens.

Listen to how you speak to yourself and the steps you take to deal with chronic disease. If a step is identified because you have 'blank' begin to think about ways you can change the phrase to create a space for living.

Disease does not define you unless you chose this for yourself.

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Eli's Date Drop Cookies


Eli's Date Drop Cookies

As many of you know while the BAM van was being built out I lived with my daughter and her boyfriend for a few months. God bless them both for this. I know how much of a sacrifice it was to have me and Gidget.

Not only that, but I learned Eli is quite the baker.

While living with them I introduced Eli to Otto's Cassava Flour  & Nutpods and the next thing I knew I was waking up to delicious cookies.

Eli made the most incredible recipe for what I consider to be a breakfast cookie and I am proud to share it with you because they are tasty beyond words. This recipe does have dairy using grass-fed butter.

When I left on tour he packed me several and I savored every bite. Officially I have the recipe and an oven in the van. I see these in my future and hope you will too!

Eli's Date Drop Cookies


  • 2.5 cups of Otto's Cassava Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground organic cloves
  • 2 sticks of grass-fed butter
  • 1.5 cups of Nutiva Coconut Sugar
  • 3 large pasture raised eggs
  • 1 tablespoon Baking Soda
  • 2 tablespoon Nutpods origianl
  • 2 cups of organic chopped dates
  • 1 cup organic chopped walnuts
  • 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened chopped chocolate chips



  • Preheat oven to 350 and line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  • Have butter and eggs at room temperature.
  • Mix wet ingredients and fold in flour and dry ingredients one at a time. (Eli does this by hand the entire process) mixing well.
  • Add nuts, dates and chips mixing together.
  • Place about 3/4 tablespoon of batter on tray and bake for about 12 -15 minutes.
  • Enjoy!



Food Intolerance


Food Intolerance

As someone who travels all over living with others sharing all I know about conscious living I have seen first hand the power of food intolerance testing to help change the narrative in many lives.

I wanted to know for myself, but was not motivated to go to a lab to have the test done.

I travel all the time and somehow this never got checked off my to-do list when I am back home visiting in Southern California. As much as I really wanted to know it never happened.

Not going to lie as I continue to bio-hack my body regarding food I have less and less real knowledge of where to go. Most of my choices have been based on science I have read and how I feel. I have been eating consciously since 2011 and bio-hacking ever since this way.

My life always has a yearly healthcare goal that involve changes regarding various areas of my wellness plan  and food is one of them. This year I decided it was time to know for sure what my body liked and struggled to like. Food Intolerance testing was going to happen.

I decided to take an at home Pinnertest.


This test was the answer to my prayers and made the issue of finding out food intolerance a breeze. I actually did the test at 5am in the comfort of my kids home and in less than 10 days the results were sent to me in an email.

The kit includes all you need. It comes complete with the return box and postage so once you are done simply put in the mailbox and BAM results will come to you via email.

A Pinnertest involves a few simple steps, which does include a finger prick. I am not going to lie I was a little scared to do this even after self injecting for almost 2 decades with a drug for Multiple Sclerosis. Silly me because it was a joke and nothing to even get your self worked up over.


Pinnertest supplies a lancet that looks like the cap of a pen. You wipe your finger with a swab and place the mechanism on your fingertip. Next you simply push down and BAM it is done. Apply 3 drops of blood onto a collection card they provide, seal it up and mail it away.

It is simple and takes like 5 minutes start to finish.

When the email came I was excited to see my results and grateful the labs are easy to read and understand. Zero learning curve, which is huge. Pinnertest checks 200+ foods to see for intolerance and also rates the level of intolerance. It is a laboratory blood test that measures IgG molecules that react with commonly consumed foods.

They also rate the intolerance by levels from 1-3 which I like and find helpful. I am proud to say that I had only 5 food intolerance issues. Even my naturopath said she never saw so few. This gut is healing like no bodies business is my story.

My issues were with foods I could care less about except for one of them. I am grateful the one I care about was rated the least worrisome with a number 1. For me I will take this year to figure out a plan to eliminate it from my diet.

Here are my results:

Level 3 (being highest intolerance

  1. Pineapple
  2. Anchovie
  3. Shrimp
  4. Swordfish

Level 1 (least intolerance)

  1. Pork

I always heard most with autoimmune issues should not eat pork. However I chose to ignore this with bacon being the original gateway drug to Paleo. Today it is not even bacon I care about as much as my pork sausages and pulled pork. I will pick a 6 month period to give it up and reintroduce noting any changes in my body. I can say it took me many years to bring eggs back, but I have and using Pinnertest I will continue to bio-hack my body to keep my gut healthy.

I am super proud to have Pinnertest offer my followers a $60 off code. FREE world wide shipping too! Simply type PaleoBOSSLady in at check out and SAVE.

Without question I highly recommend you and your adult family members consider learning how to ‘harmonize your diet with your immune system for wellness.’

Keep me posted!

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Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up


Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up

I have to say having Expo. West and the time change happen in the same week almost did me in. Still recovering and hence the delay in getting this blog post done.

I spent 4 days at Expo and still did not see everything. Heck I was not even able to say hi to the vendors I already know and love let alone new companies. I am grateful to have had 2 early morning strolls that allowed me to cover a lot of ground where I caught quite a few products I am tickled pink to see.



  • Zevia Tea:  My good friends at Zevia just introduced an organic ready to drink tea line. Like all Zevia products, these items are sweetened with stevia, and contain zero sugar. In addition, Zevia Organic Teas are non-carbonated, non-GMO, brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea, and will carry the USDA Organic seal. The flavors include Black Tea, Green Tea and herbal flavors, featuring two caffeine-free options. BAM.
  • Nutiva: Boy did Nutiva blow me away with the new MCT Powder. The 1st of its kind and quite delicious if I do say so myself. I love this and Nutiva made the MCT powder with those who have a sensitive stomach in mind. Many complain about MCT liquid being a little harsh on the tummy and this powered MCT has got you covered . Nutiva has included ingredients that help to minimize stomach upset making this a huge win. Looking forward to this coming out in April 2018.
  • Siete: I literally lost my mind when I tasted the cashew tortilla wrap. OMG they are delicious. Siete  also launched a chick pea wrap, but I am on team no chick pea so I did not taste. History leads me to believe it will be delicious. Now stand up and scream 'Hell Yes" Siete also announced new chips with ranch! Drops mic and walks off stage. BAM.
  • Bubba's Fine Foods: I love a good serving size pack and even more when I get to chose if I want bourbon vanilla un-granola, Nana chips or a savory original. Single serving size packs keep me from embarrassing myself and eating an entire bag in one sitting. Thank you Bubba's for helping a girl out with your cute little bags of YUM.
  • Abeego: Beeswax wraps rule. I love these and literally almost hugged the woman who is the CEO of this company. What a great way to say bye bye to plastic wrap and foils. These wraps are washable and last. They come in many different sizes. Side note: For vegans this will not work.
  • Further Food: Daily Turmeric Tonic is a must have for everyone. I added turmeric to my life a few years ago and in the last year have increased how much I consume 2 capsules daily and notice a great difference in inflammation. Further Foods Turmeric Tonic is tasty and a great way to say hello turmeric and feel special doing it. Trust me.
  • NutRaw: Pistachio milk for the win. I was giddy when I tasted this line and this company is all about anything pistachio. I could see this in my refrigerator on a monthly rotation. I love all the nut milk choices don't you? Not going to lie I really liked pistachio milk a lot.

If I had to pick my favorite product for 2018 it would be the beeswax wraps from Abeego. Not to discount the foods I mentioned because all of them are delicious game changers. The wraps are a narrative changer in the space many of us still hold many toxic habits. Wraps, foils and plastic containers are filled with all kind of toxic stuff and this not only creates the space for a conversation to happen it also offers a wonderful solution.

I am grateful for shows like Expo West for many reasons. Everyone under one roof makes life easy and I get to see people I love in one event.

I look forward to trying these products and seeing if they make it to my regular rotation. Let me know if you get your hands on any of them and what you think. Wishing luck to all the companies who showed and hope Expo West exceeded your expectations.

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Review of Green Enough


Review of Green Enough

The book Green Enough is a book filled with tips, tricks and insights into how to detox your home from top to bottom. Written by Leah Segedie this book offers a lens for the entire family to learn how to live consciously.


I first was introduced to Leah's work about 3 years ago when I attended ShiftCon. Shiftcon is an eco-blogger event founded by Leah. Shiftcon is also the most supportive environment I ever participated in with my peers. From the moment you enter ShiftCon and at event you are supported, educated and respected for your contributions.

I was excited to read this book knowing Leah personally and how much she has opened my lens. I thought I was conscious and as I turned page after page I realized just how much I still need to learn. Love being a student! In addition not a handful of pages into the book when the 'f' bomb was dropped. I nearly jumped for joy. seeing this. I love someone who keeps it real. I fired a literary agent and co-writer for a book I want to write because they told me no one will respect me if I use curse words. They told me it tarnishes all the words on the page. How wrong they are because after reading Green Enough I confirmed once again the use of 'swear' words merely serve to get our attention and exclamation to our words. .

I love how Leah breaks things down in each chapter focusing on a different area of your home and lifestyle choices.

So many of us get caught up in the auto pilot of life and forget to really make sure we are awake and aware of what we are eating, and putting in our homes. Environmental toxins are everywhere and Leah helps to cut the barrier to entry so we can really understand just where toxins may be leaking and steps we can take. I love how the book puts things in categories for so many of our favorite things letting you know what are the worst, medium and best choices we can make. Immediately I felt empowered with my knowledge.

From room to room and in every important aspect of your life Leah inspires the reader to begin to question the status quo in an easy to read and powerful book.

The book includes recipes, how to clean your home 'green', DIY household product idea's and even goes so far as to call out companies not walking the walk. I love Green Enough for its straight forward approach to life and the drops of wisdom on day to day living mixed with approachable science.

I think Green Enough is a must have for every home and everyone. Brava Leah. You have done it again with excellent content. BAM.


The Road to Minimalism


The Road to Minimalism

By society standards I am a minimalist with less than 100 possessions to my name. This process took years to achieve and I believe is one of the most powerful tools in my ‘Bag of Tricks.’  Funny thing is that as with everything in my healing journey this is opposite from where I was when I was at my sickest.

I believed for most of my life that the person with the most possessions wins. Isn’t that the American dream?

pic of me.jpg

You can’t have your eyes open for one second without a consumer driven message appearing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but especially in America we are always being encouraged to spend, spend, spend.

I bought into all of it.

It was only 15 years ago I was the girl with the gold & diamond Rolex, 3 carets in each ear, tennis bracelet and only couture. Had several homes, cars and even a 40 foot RV that was the envy of many. I was also sick and my life was driven by fear and money.

Today I have little to nothing and I am homeless (who is days away from living in a converted van). To most I am the American dream gone wrong.

My lens sees this life as someone who took 54+ years to wake up and define his or her version of a best life. Prior to getting conscious I lived a life based on societal and cultural norms with little thought to consciousness.

For more insight into how amazing these norms can be and how they truly deeply played a role in my life. Take a minute to check out a video I did about the roll cultural plays in our subconscious life. Enjoy friends:

Minimalism is more than limiting how many possessions you have. It really places a value on this life that I did not have before. I was the Target consumer who believed clothing and many household items were seasonal and new was the mantra for each year. No value was placed on anything beyond instant gratification. I thought nothing of a new season meaning a new wardrobe and household 'freshen; complete with new bedding, bath and kitchen items.

This was my life and all of my neighbors. Each season had a decor and holidays added a whole new level. Are you kidding me I had the best in the business custom make all of my bows and wreaths I so bought into it. Hook, line and sinker. Just typing this it sounds insane and yet it was my life and I worked hard to make this happen.

The truth is the more I had the less I was able to freely move my body, live pain free and have healthy relationships. Today with so much less (a hair away from poverty by American standards) I have no pain, move my body freely and toxic people have left the building.

Minimalism helps you to really have a clear understanding of what you need to live your life to the fullest. It spills over outside of possessions by the nature of the thinking regarding minimalism. If you are only equipping your life with what you need than relationships will enter into the picture at some point. I appreciated this aspect of minimalism because it allowed me to clear my ‘house’ from top to bottom.

Top 5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Minimalist:

  1. If you have no worn it in 6 months donate or sell it. This does not include seasonal items like winter coats, gloves etc.
  2. If is does not fit you it has got to go.
  3. If it is in need of repair it has to go or get fixed.
  4. When you buy a new item and old one gets donated. Example: A new pair of shoes means an old pair gets donated kind of thinking.
  5. Have a wardrobe that is mix and match like you do for 5 year old kids.

They say that life happens outside of your comfort zone. No matter where you are mentally with your relationship to possessions this process will find you feeling like you are in uncharted territory. Hang on and enjoy the ride. I promise it will deliver surprises to your life you never considered.

As someone who most would define living the rags to riches to rags story I can tell you with certainty that my life today is the most joyful and rich I have had to date. It is purpose driven and no longer consumer driven.

Who the fuck knew this would be the answer???

It is completely the opposite message society shoves down our throats daily and yet somehow living almost entirely outside of all societal norms: I get to be potentially the most healed with Multiple Sclerosis in the world. Not only that, but I do it using ONLY diet and lifestyle. No docs. No meds.

Really in all of this I finally get to be V and that my friends fucking rules. I found V becoming a minimalist and I am pretty sure you would find YOU.

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Cinnamon Breakfast Bars

There are few times in life you meet people and you know from the moment of introduction you know they are 'good people.' A few years ago I was at a party thrown by the founder of Tin Star Foods and I met Sadie & John the founders of Otto's Cassava Flour and knew from the word go they were 'good people' as my grandmother would say.

Hearing the company was named after their son Otto confirmed my gut feeling.

I have decided to give up nuts for 90 days at some point in 2018. I have terrible allergies that we cannot seem to get under control. Allergies are an autoimmune issue and I am committed to changing the severity of my allergies. I am allergic to mold and many nuts are prone to mold. So nuts gone for 90 days will happen. Until this becomes reality I will be working hard to find replacement foods that support me mentally and physically during the transition.


As luck would have it cassava flour is not only gluten and grain free it is nut free. BAM.

I have been working on the menu list for the tours cooking classes and knew I needed menu idea's that were nut free. Grateful Otto's Naturals Cassava Flour makes it easy. I have been busy in the kitchen these last few weeks and decided to try a cinnamon breakfast bar recipe using Otto's.

Luckily I am living with a friend who was more than happy to be my taste tester and we could not decide on one recipe so I will share two versions: a paleo and primal.

The difference in the two versions involves using grass-fed butter or Ghee.

Believe it or not the texture and taste is quite different. Me and my friend Clair agreed that both were worthy of sharing. You will have to be the judge as to which you like better.  Enjoy and report back.

Thank you Sadie, John and Otto for making my healing transition delicious and easy using your Cassava Flour. I am pleased to say that Otto's has joined the tour as a sponsor and is helping support the community I serve. BAM.


This recipe was adapted from Back Porch Paleo's Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes




  • Combine flour, salt, baking soda and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in a bowl and set aside.
  • Add 2 tablespoons coconut sugar, ghee or butter, egg and date paste in a bowl using a mixer blend well until creamy. Next add coconut milk mixing well. Note mixture will be thick.
  • Grease a square 8 inch pan and place in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes or until done.
  • Once out of the oven mix the remaining coconut sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and sprinkle on warm bars. These bars are delicious hot or room temperature. The texture changes based on temperature and both are BAM.





The Art of Making Love


The Art of Making Love

It is so funny I spent my entire adult life wanting to be a good lover to find out I have been and just didn't know it.

In case any of you missed this I am a person who has always worked out. Since the early days of "Jane Fonda" I have loved to get my sweat on. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) also required daily movement if I want to move my body.

A typical 'self love' session lasts anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 depending on what my body is telling me married to what I may be asking of me that day. These loving sessions usually include yoga, stretching, meditation, dancing, hula hooping and ball rolling. In some form or another most will be included  somewhere in my day.

Another thing you may have missed about me is that I am voluntarily homeless. To date and for almost 2 years I have lived with friends or strangers almost full time. Although this will change once the BAM van is done for now it has me couch-surfing full time which means many witness my self love sessions on the daily.

One universal truth holds true when others see watch me day after day host my self love sessions and that is their comment about the vocal part of my workout. Everyone says it sounds like I am making love. To which I respond, "I my body."

Little did I know until this kept happening that I truly was making love to myself.  Not only was I doing it, but that I was damn good at it. The art of making love I have on lock.


How do I know I am good at the art of making love?

All of the millions I spent on western medicine bullshit were directly connected in a large part to physical therapy. The good news is that I paid attention and learned the many tools that live in my "Bag of Tricks" and keep me a walking miracle.

The art of making love for me is so perfected this gal has zero out of pocket health care costs associated with movement. No PT, yoga classes or massages. This is how I know I am damn good at the art of making love. One time not that long ago and for decades this stuff cost me $730/weekly. Today I spend zero because my love making sessions are so on point it is an art.

In addition to what I do on my own there are tools I use that support the art of making love:

  1. The MS Gym (on Facebook): This is s private page and not limited to MS only although it is the focus. Trevor & Misty Wicken are the founders and all I can say is the work happening in this room contains one of the most important steps in tapping your BAM and that is moving and getting to know your body.
  2. RAD Rollers: Are a system of tools to help you to perform the healing modality of self myo-fascial release. The fascia are connected throughout our body and often get stuck to the bone. By using the tools RAD Rollers offers one can work the fascia themselves to move better in their body. This work is essential to use my hands and feet on a daily basis. In addition my neck , jaw and head are greatly supported too.
  3. Yamuna Foot Wakers: I have had this lover in my "Bag of Tricks" the longest. These little prickly 1/2 balls are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to needing acupuncture married to reflexology. I do a sequence on the wakers over about 4 minutes using my feet. This time offers a healing power that has been essential to my best life for almost 15 years.
  4. Knot Out: All sizes of these are in my "Bag of Tricks." I start big and work down rolling my feet and nothing has ever hurt so good. Loving my feet a huge part of my ability to use my body. It is amazing how connected your feet are to so much.
  5. Yoga Tune Up - Alpha Ball: I have all the different balls from this company, but find myself using the Alpha Ball the most. This is my IT band destroyer. I suffer from strong IT band pain on the daily and rolling on this ball is how I kick it to the curb. I have had the same ball for over 5 years so it is also longer lasting than other YTU balls which average about 6 months.
  6. Affirmat: I have had my share of yoga mats and need to be honest this mat helps my practice. Having wonderful affirmations on my mat when I am getting in and out of poses is my jaunt. I love it and have been a fan for 5+ years. You can even custom design your own. I love my Affirmat.
  7. Hula Hoop: My friend Crazy Amy gave me my hoop. I can tell you it is a portable weighted hoop made to fit my height. It is best to take a class to find out what hoop size works best, but don't be discouraged everyone can hoop. Size matters here! I consider this a great aerobic work out and fun.
body mind.jpg

The real 'Art of Making Love' is a solo affair and a true union.

I lived for 49+ years not connected to my body behind it being a vessel. Today my body is my hero honored daily loving it for all it affords me with my diet and lifestyle choices.

This is the "Art of Making Love:" loving yourself with intention, adoration and respect.

Are you making love daily? If not 2018 is your year to perfect 'The Art of Making Love."

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The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food


The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food

  • Special Edition Blog Post!

  • Featuring V Capaldi and Trevor Wicken of The MS Gym!

Now once again please don't freak out by the title simply because my brand is named PaleoBOSS. Hear me out. As one of the most healed with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS), former board member of the Delaware National MS Society and someone who tours the USA living with others I would think my insights are valuable. 

Food was my last piece to the miracle life puzzle. It is 100% important,but not the most important.

So often I meet people and they are trying so hard to use food to change their life outcome and are seriously struggling and big time. When I 1st started touring I was shocked at how many people were failing at trying to heal. Until I realized most were just starting and doing so with food. 

I personally disagree with this as the 1st step and know why most if not all seem to feel they are failing.

I spent hours working on figuring the why and as usual my reference is my own personal experience leading me to realize the order to a miracle life starts with moving your body, loving yourself followed by consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle. 

There was a common thread in all of this and after a year of living with others I noticed this pattern. Most are coming to a holistic healing lifestyle by way of food and it stops there. I personally don't think that is the right approach and it certainly was not mine.

I also don't believe food should be the 1st step. I believe it is the last step and not because it was my path. 

I can count on one hand the number of people I have met who are able to stick to a food as medicine lifestyle. Most seem like the stereotypical New Year's resolution and launch with great momentum then die off. Time and time again I see this as a common thread.

Believe it or not I have the answer to this problem and I know it is the golden ticket like Willy Wonka. 

When Movement and getting your mind right are the start of your journey into miracle status you not only start a conscious relationship with yourself it has shown to motivate you to make other healthy lifestyle choices. Getting to know your body through movement is key and will be a huge part of your road to BAM.

Thoughts from Trevor of The MS Gym-


Moving your body does 3 things: 

#1 Exercise releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. 
These hormones work to inhibit the pain receptors in your joints, muscles, and brain. Endorphins also act as natural anti-depressants and anti-anxiety chemicals to bring your body back to a state of calm and composure to ward off things like panic attacks, depression, and dementia. 

Daily exercise like dancing, dynamic stretching, yoga, balance training, core strengthening, full body resistance exercises, and sustained / interval based exercise has also been proven to:

- Boost self-esteem
- Improve sleep
- Increase memory
- Allow you to focus better
- Clear brain fog

Moving = Happiness

#2 Exercise improves Your Over All Health & Physiologic Function of your body:
Exercise not only helps your body counteract your stress and fatigue but also helps you manage and reduce the intensity of your MS symptoms. When your body functions better, it can find a balanced state of functioning quicker and maintain that balanced state better. 

This is super helpful for MSers since your body is constantly riding the MS roller coaster and having to re-adjust on the fly as your symptoms can change week to week or even day to day. Exercises teaches your brain to find alternative pathways around your damaged MS nervous system and improve your strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. As these physiologic components improve, your body gets stronger which trains it to fight off MS better. 

With this, Exercise also has these added health benefits: 
- It strengthens your heart
- It increases energy
- It lowers blood pressure
- It improves muscle tone
- It strengthens and builds bones
- It helps to reduce body fat
- It makes you look and feel fit and healthy

Movement Is Medicine. Take your daily dose!

#3 Exercise flushes out toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients
As you exercise your heart rate, respiration, and blood flow increase. When this happens, it signals your blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow in and out of your tissues, more oxygen to get into your lungs and bloodstream, and more toxins to be filtered out of your body. 

This means that your cells are absorbing more nutrition to feed your muscles and nerves, delivering more oxygen to your cells which decreases fatigue, and flushing out bad chemicals and waste out of your body that cloud your thoughts, stiffen your muscles, slow down your nerves, and destroy your body. 

Movement is one of (if not THE) MAJOR driving force behind all physiologic function in your body. If you move you live. If you don’t you die. Period.  


Thanks Trevor for these words of BAM regarding movement!

Once you are loving the movement portion on the road to a miracle life you often start feeling better about yourself which creates the space for a kinder & gentler you to emerge. This often brings a loving lens which allows the conscious awareness self love work to easily be brought into the journey. It is in this space you bring about a lens that will support a healthy food journey. A road that exists without deprivation, fear, anger and a fight it out of mentality. 

i say it often and I mean it with 100% certainty that I am not mad I have MS. In fact the things I love about myself are a direct result of living with MS. This my friends is how we heal. Food seals the deal after you got steps 1 & 2 down.

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