The award winning brand of PaleoBOSS Lady is inspired by my life making me the founder. Hi, my name is V Capaldi and I am a walking miracle. By living 100% consciously I kick Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb all day everyday. To date I believe I am the most healed with secondary progressive MS using exclusively diet and lifestyle.

  • I take no drugs.

  • I see no western medicine doctors.

  • I have no healthcare costs (except insurance).

  • I take no tests (except blood, stool and saliva studies).

Since 2016 I have dedicated myself to be of service to the community with the award winning "Taking it to the Streets Tour".  The tour focus on building a grass roots movement of consciousness believing that change happens one person at a time. This FREE or donation based tour has me & Gidget traveling around in the community powered BAM van to invited homes. 

Together we are sharing all of my 100% accessible tools to help all of or brothers and sisters to tap their miracle life. This award winning work is not limited to MS. I work with anyone who would like a visit. 

As a community we are changing healthcare simply by waking up.

Together we can change the narrative of life and living. BAM.


Consider joining this valuable work by donating in support of the tour using the link below. Thank you for your consideration.

Paleo Ambassador 2018 - Paleo Magazine


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