It Has Begun...

Thursday, February 8th,  2018, the build out of the BAM van began. I cannot put into words how excited I am.

Just two days before my adult daughter comes home and immediately breaks down sharing with me that she is worried about me living in a van. She also expressed she felt as if she was failing me. I was floored and all this happening about 30 minutes before I am going to give a class on aromatherapy.

The funny thing is that the person helping me build out the van is my kids handyman. In fact he built out his 1st van in the 70's and lived in the van life for years. How funny is that?


Needless to say once me and NIcki spoke about her concerns we were both reminded the role societal norms play in our lives. We are both taking steps to get her more comfortable with the process. It is important for me to start sharing what van life looks like and to remind Nicki this lifestyle is my choice and there is nothing she can give me to change how I live.

I am humbled, honored & grateful to serve.

Dana is my contractor who is doing the build out with me. I am literally documenting and running to the store. I thought I could help do stuff and was quickly reminded that my body still has MS and does not like repetitive motion. I was putting a new tag on the van and my hand got rigid using the screw driver. How the hell was I ever going to hang insulation? OMG I am insane. Damn it.

The van is going to have lots of activity in the next two weeks. Dana will be working full time getting the van ready to start touring ASAP. As you know the brand of PaleoBOSS is not poised to make money it simply tries to cover the cost of touring. The build out is the most cost effective option however it is still not free.

We are currently at 56% on the crowd funding for the BAM van build out with just a week left.

believe copy.jpg

I need your help to finish this project and get me back on the road. Please donate today. Every donation gets us one step closer to having the community powered BAM van back on the road supporting others.

This next round of funds provides the resources for the electrical work/system, wood for interior build out and a sink. Even with the $3500 raised vendors and myself are matching this amount for a total cost of the build being $7,000.

Stay tuned for a video & blog talking about the insulation process coming soon. We chose a 3 step process insulating for cold and heat. Having MS my body has body temperature regulation issues so this part of the build out is critical to my ability to live in a van so stay tuned.

You can also follow the BAM van build out daily on Instagram @theBAMvan

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