6 Months of Van Life

You would think a blog post about how it has been living full time in a van for the last 6 months would be easy. False. I have literally thought about this post so much I am sick of it already and I haven’t even written it yet.

My initial thought was to share the surprises of touring and living in a van which includes all kinds of weather issues, ceiling leaks in thunder storms, cooler/refrigeration bullshit (almost monthly), a fire, front part of the ceiling collapsing on my head while driving and the random stuff that gets messed up simply because you have a home on wheels.

Boring is what I thought. This shit is simply life.


If I bought a house shit happens. Rented an apartment stuff breaks. Ain’t no body blogging about that. If they are you all need to get a freaking life.

Then I thought I should share how wonderful it is that I have been to so many National Parks: The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Joshua Tree and beeb across the country and back again and again which is always special.


Boring is what I thought. I mean who really gives a fuck.

  • The truth is van life is amazing and hard.

  • The truth is weekly I question if I am crazy for doing this.

  • The truth is over 20 vendors make this happen and believe in me and my work.

  • The truth is Gidget without a doubt is the best co-pilot ever.

  • The truth is I love my van and the design.

  • The truth is I am aware everyday I have Multiple Sclerosis living in a van.

All I had hoped for the BAM van offers.

All the obstacles I thought the van would solve it has. It also comes with new blessings.


  1. The BAM van has helped to increase the awareness of my bodies needs. There are certain things you must do living in the BAM van which serve to remind me of how important it is to take care of ME first. You cannot live in a van especially alone without mental and physical strength. It simply will not work.

  2. I never realized how mentally strong I was until having to handle many things that I never would have even tried to fix before. Things that intimated me like dealing with electrical and mechanical issues and yet somehow I find myself often with a tool in hand and fixing shit. I can’t even believe it as I type. Weekly van life requires using tools simply due to things moving while driving.

  3. Realizing how little I need in life to be happy has been one of the greatest benefits of van life for me. Literally everything I own is in the BAM van and I still believe I have too much. I can identify 3 things I want to get out and I have literally nothing. I am someone with about 100 possessions total including clothes and shoes.

The consumer driven machine called America is completely absent from van life.


Instead it has been replaced 100% with community and experiences that don’t happen in the 9 to 5 world. I remember when I moved to California being shocked at how this is no ‘rush hour’ traffic because everyone works alternative schedules. I was so pleased to finally live somewhere were you found people on the beach or outside during the week because their work schedule allowed for this space. Living in a van is being outside by orders of magnitude. Every chance we get nature is our hang for me and Gidget. Having your home with you at all times provides the best way ever to hang with old MN (mother nature). LOL.

Van life reinforces that I can live outside of societal and cultural norms with great success.

Last but not least van life reminds me that you cannot really live your best life when your eyes are not wide open and conscious. This type of life leaves an open door to out of the box thinking which quite often leads us to places we never knew existed and/or what I call the Magic Zone.

The simplicity of van life creates the space for tapping the Magic Zone quite often.

No where in any play book was it for me to live in a van touring especially when I could not drive for years from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body. Yet the evolution of life brought me to this place. I have always been a student of life with my eyes wide open as fuck.

Van life also reminds me the power of being a student of life coupled with the fact that the American dream is a pile of consumer driven bullshit I want nothing to do with.

  • Van life is about LIVING with no possessions, expectations or plans required.

  • Van life is about seizing the moment.

  • Van life is about connecting with MN.

  • Van life is about community.

  • Van life is about having enough.

  • Van life is about soul searching.

I give my 1st 6 months an 8 out of 10. I have a few things that need upgrading for us to get to a 10. Otherwise I highly recommend if you have thought of it just do it. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I am also sure you will have an experience like no other because nothing about van life falls into the current narrative in America or anywhere else.

Van life is minimalism done right.