A Badass Bitch waking the world the F*ck up



V Capaldi has been kicking ass and taking names her entire life.

Each day she approaches life as a gift filled with gratitude living her passions. A lifetime beach girl V believes life always provides and mother nature her sanctuary.

For decades V has been taking idea's and turning them into empires, serving the community and working her magic in the kitchen. V's skill sets are hands down varied, well rounded, filled with years of experience making them an asset to any organization. From non-profits to nurturing idea's V inspires everyone with her passion, wisdom, knowledge and empire building skill set.


A gifted speaker who makes a habit of making sure everyone knows when she enters the room because V is short for Verb! No noun's here.

  • Miracle

  • Brands - Taking it to the Streets Tour, The BAM van, PaleoBOSS Lady

  • Award Winner - 8 Times (Paleo Magazine, Organic Authority, ShiftCon, Curve Magazine)

  • MAP Psychology - Community Specialization

  • 5 Star Rated Chef - Cozymeal

  • Certified - yoga, spin and RAD level 1 & 2

My TEDx Talk

Cultural Collision | Diane V. Capaldi | TEDxWilmington


Diagnosed with MS, with declining use of her hands and ability to swallow, V realized her battle was not primarily with gluten, or food, or her body…it was with the cultural expectations of her Italian family - their shared traditions and background. This was a cultural collision.





Video Interviews


Self Healing: The Diagnosis is No the Prognosis

“The road to self-healing can be thought of as a journey. This has been the chase for V Capaldi - the one and only Paleo Boss Lady, who was referred to me for the purpose of quitting smoking. Little did I know that our session would be just the beginning of V's remarkable road to self-healing and self-empowerment.'“

The Minimalists: Hope

“Joshua & Ryan are joined by Diane Capaldi to talk about hope, despair, joy, and regret.

Questions answered in this episode: What should I do if I still feel little hope toward transitioning into a minimalist lifestyle after decluttering? (17:45) How do I maintain the hope of living a meaningful life if my loved ones don’t support me? (37:38) Isn’t hope simply a form of craving that a minimalist should seek to overcome? (45:07)”

Diane V Capaldi: The Most Healed Person from MS

“Diane “V” Capaldi goes by the moniker PaleoBOSS Lady because she IS a boss. And a lady. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 24, her health declined rapidly for 23 more years until she finally healed herself using diet and lifestyle changes alone. That’s right— no more drugs, no more doctors. Diane Capaldi is the most healed person from MS.”


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Podcast Interviews


Goopfellas: Getting Involved In Our Own Healing

Meat Head Hippie:
with V, The Paleo Boss Lady on Healing MS and CBD myths

Paleo Magazine Radio:
The Paleo Boss Lady on Why We Are All Miracles

Breaking Ordinary with Andy Petranek:
V Capaldi – How Food Cured Her “Uncurable” Disease

Recipes for Life with Pete Evans:
Paleo Boss Lady

I hope by sharing my story it inspires others to know they are not alone and deserve health and happiness. I believe in all of us to live our dreams, and I am grateful for this community that continues to support my journey. I could never do it alone and am truly grateful.

Featured Writing

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The Road to Becoming a Miracle

In this blog post by Diane, a.k.a. Paleo Boss Lady, shares how she uses food as medicine and the power
of Functional Medicine on her healing journey. Her story is one of hope and strength, and I believe that people like Diane can inspire us to take back our health.

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From MS Diagnosis To TEDx Speaker Miracle

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 24, the only people I knew personally with this dreaded disease spent their young lives bedridden. I also feared this would be my life. Within 13 years of being diagnosed I became legally disabled due to the devastation MS caused to my body, and it appeared what I knew to be true would be my path.

Food Philosophy with V Capaldi PaleoBOSS Lady

V's life has been centered around her being a BOSS. From being raised in a dysfunctional family that included an addicted mom & a war hero father who suffered from untreated PTSD, chaos had always been the norm in her my life. By the age of 23 in 1986 she was told she had an inoperable brain tumor & lived for almost 6 months believing her life was over. As luck would have it, the death sentence became a life sentence when she was told she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).