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About ME

My life has been all about being a BOSS. From being raised in a dysfunctional family that included an addicted mom & a war hero father who suffered from untreated PTSD chaos had always been the norm in my life. By the age of 23 in 1986 I was told I had an inoperable brain tumor & lived for almost 6 months believing my life was over. As luck would have it the death sentence became a life sentence when I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

In spite of this news this BOSS was able to build technology companies becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, was a powerhouse sales person respected internationally, became a mom to an amazing daughter, traveled the world & had a life many can only dream about. From the outside looking in I was living the American dream even with MS.


In 2001 I became legally disabled due to the effects of MS on my body. This was in spite of my years on the Board of The Delaware Chapter of the National MS Society & being the largest fund raiser supporting all efforts to find a cure. I even was willing to be a test patient for the 1st ever disease modifying drugs used for the treatment of MS & injected my body for over 19 years with no help stopping MS at all because by 1996 when MS woke up again it clearly was in control.

To keep life even more chaotic in 2003 when the doctors announced I had moved onto secondary progressive MS my 2nd husband walked out stating he was going to the movies never to come home. BAM!

By 2011 things were beyond out of control & I was very desperate. By this time I had lost bi-lateral use of my hands which is the highest form of disability a person can have, developed issues swallowing which is what kills many of us from MS, had full-time help & folks living with me. To make matters worse my entire life savings had run out due to the ridiculous costs of healthcare in America. I was facing homelessness, institutionalization or taking my own life. MS was winning & my fear driven life was completely unmanageable.

As luck would have it friends arranged for me to check off a bucket list dream of going to Burning Man. Daily I prayed & worked hard to find the answer to my life challenges & one day at the temple it came to me. I realized my life was completely toxic. Immediately following Burning Man this BOSS began a quest to take one last step trying to overcome the odds by kicking MS to the curb. I literally cut myself off from the outside world while questioning my status quo regarding everything. The autopilot of life was officially ending & I was waking the fuck up.

Over the course of the next 12 months I literally questioned everything and got conscious.

Having years of mindfulness work I added elements like noble silent retreats with monks, increased my yoga practice to a daily ritual, started dancing to start my day literally like I was in the hottest club & added large doses of daily self care into my life. Each step helping to allow my body to function & my mind to begin healing, but still offering no real changes in kicking MS to the curb. MS was still calling the shots.

Then one day while asking Dr. Google for help I found a TEDx done by Dr. Terry Wahls called Minding Your Mitochondria.

Dr. Wahls shared how she too had MS & was once in a tilt reclining wheel chair with MS winning at every turn and quickly. She developed a protocol that feeds your body at the cellular level fueling the power house of your cells known as your mitochondria. I immediately began eating exactly as she stated on the TEDx.

Today I manage all of my symptoms from secondary progressive MS 100% by myself. I see no western medicine doctors, take no drugs or tests.

All of this is through bio-hacking my life.

In 2016 I sold all of my life possessions & started helping anyone in need who reached out. Literally living with complete strangers I did whatever I could to serve the needs of others suffering. I toured living in the homes of strangers for years and then in the community powered BAM van serving others by sharing how I live my life.

The "Taking it to the Streets Tour,” my healing journey and the time spent in community have informed my work so much by learning about all communities. A culturally relevant message is the foundation of my free and accessible healthcare.

In 2019 I came off the road and began a journey to offer FREE content to all in the Virtual “Taking it to the Streets Tour.”

I AM PROUD to know this work will be forever available to everyone free with the NEW virtual tour. Officially I am able to serve everyone no matter how far. None of this work would be possible without the generosity of my many sponsors. Please support them whenever you can.

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I want all of us to believe in a miracle (BAM). It is not only reserved for me. 

Together we can change the narrative! Lets get conscious!

Community is my favorite drug!


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