A Badass Bitch waking the world the F*ck up

I’m a Miracle


One day I woke up and knew for certain that the ‘golden ticket’ to life happens between our ears. At the same time I realized if this was true, my entire life needed to completely change. Everything felt broken and without question it was time for me to step inside myself and figure out who the fuck I was. 

At this time, I was almost penniless, struggling with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body, divorced twice and barely able to care for myself. Life was beyond fucked up. 

 I was also close to graduating with a masters in psychology specializing in building communities. 

As luck would have it, this created the ‘perfect storm’ for what would become known as my miracle journey. My studies and life choices created the space for me to shut the fuck up and close my eyes for the 1st time in close to 50 years. 


So at the age of 49 I went inward and began
to tap my superpowers. 

One of the most impressionable ‘inward journeys’ I took happened at the Zen Center on Mount Baldy. I decided to attend a few different retreats at the center each focusing on a different Buddhist teaching. Retreats coupled with hours of mediation while maintaining noble silence proved to be one of the most powerful tools in my life to date.  

This was the first time I consciously shut my eyes and mouth and went inward.

The next major superpower growth came from a trip to Burning Man. This no judgement, anti-consumerism one-love festival brought me to a place where a temple visit set off a trajectory that created the space for me to embark on a 12-month long inward wake up call. 

This wake up to consciousness sits at the core of my miracle status and continues to offer a blessed life for me. Today I live a life where I am 100% completely in charge and driven by passion. 


These incredible self-absorbed growth periods produced the much-needed space for me to manage my body and mind while freeing myself from consumer and environmental toxins. After this long, hard inward journey I was able to create the vision for myself and my dreams for the first time in my life.

Today I live a life driven by my dreams and passions. 

 I am so grateful that all of my work focuses on helping individuals and companies to unleash their superpowers. Inspiring others to shut the fuck up and close their eyes are core values for my miracle outcome. Often in daily life our awakened senses have tricked us into believing our dreams are not achievable. I am here to live as an example, inspire and inform the community that through directed, conscious actions we all can change the narrative to live our BAM life.