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Favorite Baking Tools

I was a baker long before I started to cook. Today I consider everyone of these products essential to navigating a conscious life especially for those who are gluten free.


Nothing has made my baking life transition easier than Otto’s Cassava Flour. This simple one-to-one baking substitute makes changing all my family recipes easy. My friend Back Porch Paleo has a website full of amazing recipes too. Grab your bag here today and use Code PaleoBOSS10 to SAVE.


Sugar is my drug of choice and The Date Lady helps me live my best life in the face of addiction. Not kidding even one little bit! I have successfully managed to use pure date syrup as a direct replacement for sugar in all of my families recipes to BAM outcomes! In addition The Date Lady has the most incredible dates you have ever had. Did I mention Chocolate & Carmel Spread too? Have mercy & jump on this here using code PaleoBOSS to SAVE!


Favorite beverages

Not going to lie I dislike water. It is a daily struggle to get me to drink it. Typically I have to infuse it with something to get it down. So grateful as the movement has grown so has the area of beverages. Each one of these vendors fills a HUGE need in my ‘Bag of Tricks.’ Not to mention that each company makes changing their prospective narratives easy breezy.


Suja - Pressed Juice, Kombucha, Pro-biotic Water

Suja will always be near and dear to my heart. They were one of the very first vendors to join the tour & continue to this day. No words to describe how much it means to have them with me every step of the way. We have both grown so much and I am proud to stand side-by-side with Suja.



These products have helped take my healing to another level. Once I began reversing what MS was doing to my body I started to bio-hack my life. Each of these support my BAM daily.


Sauna Space - Zero EMF Infrared Sauna

This bio-hack (near infrared sauna) has had the most profound effect on my body as it has helped regulate my body temperature issues. In addition it is one of the easiest bio-hacks to incorporate. 100 day money back guarantee & 100% made in America. Ships Worldwide. Code PaleoBOSS saves at checkout here.


Elixinol - CBD

As the lead sponsor on my tour I am proud to be an ambassador for Elixinol who offers a product line that has changed my life & countless others. CBD is one of Mother Nature’s many gifts with Elixinol offering a wide variety of products to help us and our dogs. Organic, clean ingredients & highest quality are what Elixinol is all about. Code BOSS10 SAVES always at checkout too.


RAD Rollers - The Everywhere Massage

This line of products have saved my life. I met this company at a show in LA & they sent me a set in 2015. I have used them almost everyday since then. The entire line of products are a MUST HAVE for every household. I promise you will thank you on the daily. Code PALEOBOSS to SAVE big time so click here!


Further Food - Collagen

Collagen has been one of the most significant bio-hacks of my life to date. By adding it to my fat coffee each morning I have had huge healing outcomes helping heal my gut. In addition it your nails, hair and skin also benefit. Use code PaleoBOSSLady to SAVE everytime at this 100% female company!


NutriGold - Supplements

The gold standard is what NutriGold is all about. The most transparent company I have ever worked with. In addition this family run company is about integrity beyond belief with 40+ independent tests on their line of exceptionally clean supplements. This link offers pricing better than Amazon so jump on this today! You are so very welcome!


Cappello’s - Pizza, Pasta & Cookie Dough

I think the 1st time I met the founders of Cappello’s I cried. If you have seen my TEDx you will understand why. Being Italian & a cookie whore this company is more significant to me than any other. I am a HUGE fan of anything & everything Cappello’s. Cookie dough, pizza and pasta…need I say anymore? Use this link and code BOSSLADY to SAVE.


Base Culture - Paleo, Keto Sandwich Bread, Brownies, Nut Butters

When I first tried Base Culture it was at PaleoFX years ago and I feel in love. I was also so impressed with the owner/founder, Jordann Windschauer. Her passion, products and beauty made me stop and pay attention. Fast forward a few years later and I am wowed by how much Base Culture continues to change the narrative around foods we all love: bread, brownies and Nut Butters. I am proud to offer you all a discount code to SAVE - PaleoBOSS20. Use the link here and SAVE.


KitchFix - Grain Free Granola, Bars, Waffles

Flash back to ShiftCon 2018 and I meet KitchFix via their waffles. It just so happened they were paired with Paleo Fried Chicken. Can I tell you I nearly died and went to heaven! They were giving out samples and I kept coming back time and time again. Now they have added granola and bars for even more BAM. Nice thing is you can buy them on Amazon PLUS I have a discount code too - SoEasy20. Use this link to start saving NOW.


TrueFare - Whole30, AIP, Paleo & Keto Prepared Foods

Every clean eating home should have at least a few meals on hand that are ready to go in the freezer. No matter how much you plan there are days life simply has another idea. Having delicious meals from my friends at TrueFare will stop you from every having to self poison when life gets busy. I LOVE every meal I have ever had from TrueFare and know you will too. Code PALEOBOSSLADY saves 15% at checkout!


Epic - Bars, Broths, Fats & Rinds

The 1st time I tried anything from Epic was at PaleoFX many years ago. I could not believe I would enjoy raw lamb with mint in a bar, but I will be damn it was delicious. The company has grown so much since our first meeting and I LOVE every product they have come out with on this line. Quite honestly the 1st year of touring I lived on their pork rinds while driving and their duck fat is my absolute favorite Epic product. When I do my 72 hour bone broth fasts I LOVE the ease of using Epic’s delicious line of broths. BAM is all I can say about Epic. Learn more here.


Siete Family Foods - Gluten & Dairy Free Tortilla’s, Taco Shells, Chips, Hot Sauce & Queso

This family has been changing the game big time for a few years now & I have mad respect. A family working together to change a narrative both culturally and so much more. I LOVE following Siete on Instagram because you really get a feel for this families love of culture & the human spirit. In 2018 the Siete family expanded the line to include dairy free Queso which is beyond delicious! If you have not tried Siete you are missing out friends! Grab some here!


Muffin Revolution - Paleo Muffins

When I first got conscious I could not imagine having breakfast without it being a muffin or bread. For the first 6 months I literally baked muffins every Sunday for the week. I would put them in the freezer & take out 2/day which I ate with bacon every morning for 6 months. Today we have Muffin Revolution to help us have our morning muffin back without all the sugar and gluten. I LOVE every flavor and often add almond milk cream cheese or grass-fed butter to each delicious bite. Grab your muffins here and use code PaleoBOSS15 to SAVE at checkout!

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FAvorite Reads

I have been a magazine lover since I started to read. At one point in my life I had 39 subscriptions and read each and every one cover to cover. Books have always been empowerment of body, mind and spirit mixed with business. Traveling the world building companies before the internet made both of these my favorite pastimes. Here are my current favorites. Enjoy the list friends!


Paleo Magazine

This magazine has been my #1 educational resource for years. I LOVE how each article is an in-depth exploration of the topic offering something for all levels of consciousness. I am also proud to officially in 2018 to be a contributing writer for the magazine which means the world to me. Don’t miss an issue and code BOSS10 SAVES. Use this link and grab your subscription!



This book by my good friend Dr. Will Cole challenges the myth that a Ketogenic diet is for meat eaters only. Dr. Cole’s best seller shares with us an approach to Keto that everyone should consider trying in their own bio-hacking journey. Recipes alone are amazing! Every medicine cabinet needs this book.


The Wahls Protocol

This book was the last piece to my healing puzzle that not only stopped what Multiple Sclerosis was doing to my body it also began to reverse what it had already done. I believe this protocol was the last piece to my miracle journey after changes in lifestyle had already taken place. I am certain The Wahls Protocol is a great template for anyone that we can bio-hack our way past once our guts heal. Every home needs a copy of The Wahls Protocol.


Favorite skincare

One of the hugest lessons I have learned in bio-hacking is about how unregulated skincare, cleaning products and overall everything is. Literally they can add whatever they want to most things & sell it. Sad, but true. Skincare products the worst because you are applying them to directly to your body often rubbing them in. Chemical filled neuro toxins are what most skincare lines really are. Here are products you can TRUST - 100%.


Sativa - Elixinol - CBD

Once again my good friends at Elixinol change the narrative by launching a skincare line that is non-toxic, vegan plus no Aluminium, Sulfates or Parabens too! Sustainably sourced and organic make this skincare a dream in a bottle. Check out the complete line and remember code BOSS10 SAVES at checkout with Elixinol.


RX Bars - Protein Bar


Pili Nuts - Gather Hunters


There are three things I love about RX bars! The first is the team behind this company which always is a good look. The second is that they are constantly coming out with new flavors & products that are BAM making life so much fun with RX! Last is that there is no BS with this company which is how I roll! You can find RX everywhere even at many gas stations! No longer do you have to struggle to find a healthy snack because you can literally find RX everywhere even right here on this link.


I was introduced to Pili Nuts a few years ago when I got a free sample in my PaleoFX bag. I remember thinking these buttery, salty nuts where the most delicious I ever tasted. Then I found out they were low carb and nearly cried. Pili Nuts have come a long way since that first taste and I am here to share they now have flavors and nut butters taking it to the next level. Founder, Jason is amazing and his heart and soul are poured into this sustainable treat for your pallet as well as your body. Keto friends enjoy. Grab some here and SAVE using this code - PaleoBossLady.


Favorite spices - Condiments

I remember how surprised I was when I realized that most condiments & spices are toxic waste dumps. Little did I ever consider what the ingredient list was or pesticide load. Not going to lie once my consciousness got to a level of really paying attention to EVERYTHING I put on, in or near my body healing took a huge leap in my miracle journey. Hidden poisons in condiments are an area we can all pay attention too and these companies make it easy, breezy, BAM.


Primal Kitchens - Condiments, Salad Dressing & More

I am grateful every day for Primal Kitchens line of products. They completely make it easy for us to change the narrative around condiments and sugar filled salad dressings. It is gut wrenching to see family after family on tour give their kids ketchup and dressings filled with canola oil, sugar and gluten. The idea of having kids eat a healthy salad lost when you add poison to it. Primal Kitchens offers a huge line of products from flavored mayonnaise to so much more. Code PaleoBOSSLady10 SAVES at checkout every time too!


Redmond Real Salt - Salts & Spices

I have been using Redmond Real Salt for years and never really gave much thought to my salt brand beyond knowing what I liked. Recently study after study has shown that most sea salt is contaminated with plastics. Sad, but true how the effects of our actions found in the ocean waters. Glad I have been a Redmond Real Salt girl for awhile now. Is it time you got conscious about your salt? Grab your Redmond Real Salt here using code PALEOBOSS19 to SAVE 15%.


Nutpods - Dairy Free Creamer

Nutpods have been a must have in my life for over 4+ years. I am so in LOVE with everything about Nutpods! Their seasonal flavors are simply the icing on the cake when it comes to this line of dairy free creamers. Not to mention their new flavor - Caramel. I use Nutpods in baking, eggs and soups. Nutpods are not just for coffee! The Nutpods family has been in my heart for years and I love everything about this company. Grab some TODAY here using code PALEOBOSSLADY and SAVE 15%!

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