Women in Business

As you all know I have the best vendors supporting both my best life and the work I do in community. Never a day goes by that I am not reminded how blessed my life journey is to include these companies and the people who make up each one.

Earlier in the year a light bulb went off in my head when I realized there are so many women behind many of these companies so I launched the ‘Women in Business Series’ which are Facebook Live events featuring many powerful women with stories to inspire, engage and lead your passion driven life journey.

I was most excited to kick this series off with a women-owned and run company that I adore beyond belief - Further Food.

Further Food creates some of the best content and products I know. They offer some of the most important products in my wellness program - collagen, turmeric and matcha. I have been using collagen for over 6 years and credit it with helping my limbs move freely in addition to giving me strong nails, thick hair and nice tight skin. I simply add it to my coffee in the morning. Collagen is tasteless and easy to incorporate into any diet. Smoothies another simple way to add collagen.

Their turmeric tonic added to warm nut milk is a pre-bed time nirvana that tastes delicious while aiding my fight to decrease inflammation. Matcha the newest of the bunch an amazing superfood we can enjoy daily.

I highly recommend you subscribe to Further Food blog for some of the greatest recipes ever by clicking here. To grab your discount code click here and check out our LIVE video here.


Next I was so PUMPED to interview someone I have admired since the first day I met here at PaleoFX many years ago - founder of Base Culture, Jordann Windschauer. Base Culture is a company that has been doing things differently since day one. When I first was introduced to Base Culture I was shocked to meet a woman at the helm of this company. Up until this time most Paleo companies where run by men. Not only was this a woman, but Jordann was young and fearless.

Today Base Culture makes some of my most favorite products - sandwich breads, brownies, nut butters and sticky granola for the win!

Best part of this companies story as that family plays a huge role in their story which I also love. Jordann raised capital and built a state of the art facility that supports community and growth. Today you can find Base Culture products in Walmart and many retailers across America. In addition you can also buy direct using discount code PaleoBOSS20 by clicking here. Check out the interview here.


This week I was blessed to have a chat with my good friend Colleen Sundlie founder of The Date Lady. I have been a huge fan of Colleen since 2015 when I was gifted a Halloween basket from a group of amazing vendors and The Date Lady date syrup was included. I thought I died and went to heaven.

Fast forward and I was humbled to meet Colleen years later and the love affair has continued.

Date Lady products are a huge part of my wellness program by giving me the healthiest sweet treat with nutrient value that supports my best life. Dates are full of potassium which helps my body so much. Due to living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I have a tendency for muscle cramping and potassium helps this. Dates also support a Ketogenic life making them the ultimate BAM.

You all know I have a sweet tooth and I never feel bad about eating dates or spoonfuls of The Date Lady Chocolate Spread. Nutella fans wake up this stuff is the real deal!

For discounts and information click here. To watch our fun Facebook live click here.


The Women in Business Series enlightens us on how to tackle business, family and having a life with passion, purpose and joy.

  • Each interview shares how an idea grew to become a company.

  • Each interview shows how work and family are not separate entities.

  • Each interview shows how passion can lead to BAM.

I encourage you all to watch all the video’s LIVE or when you have time. These woman inspire me and their companies critical to my ability to live my best life.

As I always say to my daughter since she was a baby ‘Girls on girls team’ for life. Join the team of sisterhood. There is nothing greater.

Not subscribed to the blog yet? Join the tribe of change makers who kick ass all day everyday. BAM.