Why Loving Yourself Matters Most

I need to share that self love is the core of my life outcome. I also have to share most of us do not have a high level of self love in our 'Bag of Tricks." Just yesterday I was talking to someone who stated they absolutely loved themselves, but did not like the way they looked. I was like then you don't love yourself.

Self love is both an inside & outside job.

You gotta love the person you are completely. You cannot say you have a high degree of self love when you look in the mirror without loving what you see. Sorry to be the messenger, but I speak only the truth.

Self love involves owning who you are no matter where life takes you.

I knew for years I was an overachiever who set goals and knocked them out of the part. I was always a great student, involved in the community, had lots of friends and lived a very busy successful life.

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I also hated what I saw in the mirror and never trusted my body due to having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1986.

This type of thinking only stood to prevent me from even beginning to kick MS to the curb. Which is a powerful as living a fear driven life. Literally for decades I lived in fear and was a person that did not love my whole person. I only liked parts of me.

I believed that if I achieved financial and professional success that would bring me to love myself. Consumer driven ideals where my diving force in thinking this was the way to love myself because every one would see what i have accomplished. A simple concept like the person with the most toys in the sandbox wins was the metaphor driving my thoughts. The truth is when I had no debt, homes bought for cash and millions in the bank I was the sickest.

I literally was living the American dream and my body was failing at every turn.

At this time in my life I believed financial success and the lens of others defined my person. This coupled with hating MS and believing I could fight it out of my body were the catalyst in the acceleration of the disease to the most progressive form. I literally had self loathing thoughts that were so strong coupled with actions that MS simple took over and was winning at every turn.

Once I achieved financial success, professional recognition, and became certified as a yoga instructor I thought my life would change the path of MS. Instead it was when MS took control of my every move and wiped out my bank account.

This clearly was a brick hit forehead moment and forced me to realize my thinking, actions and relationship with MS was wrong and destroying my chance at living my best life.

The 1st step for me was to begin the outline a road map to BAM. I needed to start a path towards self love that allowed me to realize my thoughts are what controls my outcome followed by conscious action. There are a few critical pieces to establishing a self love journey that I believe matter when trying to live a life dreams are made of.

Here are my TOP 5:

  1. Know you too are worthy.
  2. Open your eyes to cultural and societal norms
  3. Define your person based on acceptance and appreciation.
  4. Add silence to your life.
  5. Find community to support your path.

Slow, steady, sustainable steps are the magic path to any life long change in action or thinking. It took a long time for me to understand I was worthy of good health. Somehow I found myself defined by MS and therefore never felt worthy and simply thought I was on borrowed time with a functioning body.

There is no race to the finish.

There is a race to beginning this process knowing that all roads to a miracle life begin and end in self love & that this is what is needed to set the stage to tapping your BAM.

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