Why I No Longer Have Annual Medical Tests

Living a conscious life has been such a huge brain fuck regarding all I have been taught verses how I live today. From culture to societal norms I have literally struggled with each step of my conscious life. If you have followed my blog you know that I have questioned the status quo regarding everything about my life only to find that most of what I was doing dictated by cultural norms and nothing to do with my own views or best life living.

Today I am 100% conscious about everything.

I was the girl who did whatever the traditional western medical doctors said. Always proud to be the ideal patient. If they said yearly MRI's with radioactive dye being injected into my body I said "YES." If they said every 3 years to have an EMG test which is painful beyond belief to check my nerve response times I said "YES." If they wanted me to travel over 1.5 hours to see a special physical therapist I said "YES."

Whatever the fuck they wanted me to do I said "YES." Without question really.

Until I started questioning my life & thinking so outside of the box there is no box. This is when it became clear to me that yearly mammograms, MRI's, age specific tests like colonoscopies and more are more money making machines than necessary.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch if one of these tests have saved your life. I am not discounting the power of them especially of you live an autopilot life. I am just saying yearly anything is no longer in my play book. Nada. No more because of how I live my life.

Even my brand would preach get your check-ups yearly boosting how proud I was to always be so good about annual everything. Every January this & every August that. I had it scheduled in for decades & it truly was a source of pride for this gal.

Until I woke up.

I had my 1st colonoscopy at 50. This almost took me down. My body became so freaking violently sick I I was begging for mercy. I felt so bad for whatever I did to my body to have it react this way. Literally it was devastating and I was afraid. Really afraid.

My friend dropped me off at home & almost instantly my body literally blew up. I thought there was something living inside me that needed to get out. Every ounce of my person was in spasm, screaming in pain for over 24 hours.

I will never forget how bad I felt after this test.

I thought about this a lot. What the fuck caused this kind of response? The answer for me was simple now that I am little miss conscious.

I became toxic while having that colonoscopy. With my totally clean lifestyle this body was letting me know whatever I was doing was not a good look. Not working at all and it needed to get that shit out.

Having anesthesia is no joke. Having MS will blow your mind how damn powerful anesthesia really is. The combination of the 2 are not a good look at all. No sir they are not.

Literally having a colonoscopy for me set my body back about 3 months of healing.

Any misstep when you have MS hanging out is never an easy thing. MS literally sits waiting for the opportunity for you to fuck up & then it quickly reminds you it is alive & well. This being done because I was 50 years old nearly took my sorry ass down.

I was poisoned by anesthesia.

In my reading, research & conversations with others married to the voice of my body I will no longer have any annuals or age related tests beyond a pap for the rest of my living days. If I am having a problem that needs to be checked out than I am all game. Having tests based on my birthday are not happening ever again. Nope.

I live a life of prevention & they are for early detection.

farmers market.jpg

When you live a conscious life like I do early detection is a joke. Do not get it twisted for one minute that I am talking about anyone but me here folks. Not telling you to run out & say "I am not doing it V doesn't." This is my shit & my thoughts alone.

The docs said come back in 3 years for another colonoscopy. Nothing to worry about, but just to be sure. Sure of what? How is 3 years a determining factor if you are concerned about anything? Or is the Standard of Care saying every 3 years to continue driving the money making surgi-center owned by the doc doing the test defining the need for more?

Even if they found something what would I do differently?

Probably nothing that involves a surgi-clinic or traditional western medicine doc. These types of doc are not in my healthcare team anymore. My docs do not have surgi-centers they have wellness centers offering yoga, vitamins, diet, lifestyle, labs, tons of their time & clinical advice to support your journey.

For the last 3 years I thought about my next colonoscopy with great concern, fear and trepidation. Early in my tour driving from Santa Fe to Denver on the scenic route I came to the conclusion that prevention is my healthcare.

Early detection is another consumer driven idea that I do not subscribe to any longer. Again for those whose life has been saved by early detection do not get all pissed off. This is my life & my view.

Oh shit remember this is my life we are talking about. It is not me saying you do this.
It is me saying live a life with your eyes wide open & a deep understanding of the why.

Why do you do what you do? Should always be an answer you know.

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