When to Run From a Nutritionist

I don't know about you, but if I counted the endless supplements bought after seeing a nutritionist I could fill up a medicine cabinet plus have a significant increase of money sitting in the bank. Literally this would add up into the hundreds of dollars. Can you relate?

I remember this one time I saw a nutritionist & after one visit she loaded me up with so many supplement recommendations it cost three times the initial visit.

All of her recommendations were filled with shit I never continued or took for longer than a month. One product was touted to 'rebuild my myelin' which when you live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) you're compelled to try. However all it did was rip a hole in my gut after gouging me for $75.

If you are seeking a nutritionist help for the 1st time to begin a journey using food as medicine beyond Vitamin D, a B complex & fish oil I do not believe they should recommend you take any supplements. Science has shown that most of us lack the above & taking them typically does not harm at least from this lens.

If they do I would run as fast as possible. This signals to me they make their living off of supplements & that is their profit center. 

When I started using food as medicine every nutritionist I saw pushed & pushed & pushed supplements all across the board. None of which can I tell you have contributed, aided or helped my food as medicine journey. Zero have had any impact on my miracle status.

The truth be told when you go from eating a traditional diet to a food as medicine diet your body is most likely getting a huge boost that will out way any supplemental benefit for at least the 1st year of hard core effort.

After about 6 months to a year I recommend then you have labs done with a Functional Medicine doctor or Naturopath to determine where your needs lie. Prior to this you are just wasting money & fueling the consumer driven machine of the professional you are seeing.

So often I have felt like seeing a nutritionist was like going to a time share pitch. They do a huge intake form to qualify your resources, have a long 1st appointment then hand you a sheet defining a list of things you need to spend money on.

Seldom if ever have I walked out of an appointment with a nutritionist without a huge list of things recommended to purchase. Each one has their own favorites as well.

One particular nutritionist seemed to have 3 Standard Process recommendations she offered everyone. I realized this after two of my friends followed my lead going to see her. Neither one of us had any of the same health issues even remotely & the reason she gave to each of us for the why we needed them the same. Say what?!?

When you begin a food as medicine journey and coming from an uneducated lens, but a miracle lens without question, I feel you should 1st just use food as medicine.

Again this is from the lens of someone who simply lives a miracle life managing MS through diet & lifestyle day in and day out. Not someone who learned from a classroom. My lens is real life shit. 

When one goes from a traditional diet to a food as medicine diet you now are fueling your body with nutrients it may have been missing from the processed food way of eating. Almost immediately this will negate the need to add supplementation until you have a few months of clean eating effort to be able to pinpoint where the gaps may be.

To have a nutritionist or any healthcare professional offer a list of supplements right out of the gates signals to me time to stop seeing that person & run. Their business clearly driven by this income stream having little to do with your well being.

I particularly would be skeptical of those who offer discounted 1st appointment rates as it shows another marketing tool to gain revenue on the back end which usually means supplements. Sorry not sorry & don't kill the messenger.

My miracle status using diet & lifestyle has had zero to do with any supplement or recommendations from a nutritionist outside of using food. Nothing has ever offered the results that being a faithful Wahls Warrior has which includes diet & lifestyle changes.

To think a cure comes from a supplement bottle is built on the same principle that our drug companies have capitalized on for years. I am here to tell you it is a lie based on the art of consumerism alone. I would run as quickly as possible knowing this has nothing to do with your well being & is driven by a back end revenue stream.

Oh shit looks like I did it again sharing a potential hair raising idea based on the art of consciousness coupled with 1st hand experience.

No need to get your panties in a bunch if you work with someone.

Just another blog from this BOSS asking you to question the why when healthcare professionals recommend supplementation without a starting point of nature providing all we need.

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