What is an Influencer?

It is so funny that somehow I woke up one day to realize I had suddenly become an 'influencer.' This is a new title brought about by the evolution of my work on social media.

The brand I founded PaleoBOSS Lady began simply as a page dedicated to building a community around conscious eating. Little did I know it would become what it is today. Not only a life line to me, but a source of information & inspiration to others and now which I guess makes me an influencer.

From what I am learning it means the brand has the power to influence others. I know I help others by sharing my tools, tips & tricks.

I have built brands my whole life. I understand business very well having built & sold many companies. Social media has been my life blood before many even considered using Facebook. Yet I cannot erase the fact that the most successful bloggers & social media driven brands are lead by introverts. I am not an introvert. Problem #1.

I did not start PaleoBOSS Lady to be a brand so the learning curve was huge. Problem #2. I knew I needed help for many reasons & had no idea where to go. ShiftCon is an answered prayer.

Can I just tell you if I had to sum up ShiftCon I would say "Mind Blown." Literally.

From the 1st day I arrived until the moment I left ShiftCon exceeded every expectation I ever had for a 'trade show.' Here is why:

  • Products: Vendors give product samples & spend time talking with you. ShiftCon handles the vendor area with special open times & also suggesting product samples a must. I still use product lines I met at ShiftCon, Grab Green is a great example of a company that falls into this category.
  • Vendors: I feel like someone finally is having a vendor area that is motivated by quality products and not vendor fees aka revenue. Literally if I go to another trade show with 25 bar companies in the vendor area I am going to slit my wrists. Can those in power please take a hint from ShiftCon and keep the vendor space filled with products that support a mission statement and not the balance sheet. Okay I am done my rant. ShiftCon you rule in this area too.
  • Talks: I attended talks, keynotes, events & panels. Can I say that each one was intimate, powerful & filled with huge tips & tricks I still use to this day. The extrovert in me loved being able to learn through the most successful bloggers lens. To date I use little tips & tricks that have fueled the growth of my brand that I learned when I attended ShiftCon. The opportunities to learn at ShiftCon supported my blog, website, partnerships & overall knowledge about brand building in the current climate.
  • Sponsored Events: These were my favorite because they were very intimate & often featured a nosh or drink. I liked the manor in which events were done with sponsorship not being gross & in your face. I think of it like The Ellen Show: sponsored events highlighted ShiftCon in many ways each offering a different experience.
  • Fun: ShiftCon is fun. It is well organized, offers a ton things to help all of us and always takes plce in a kick ass venue/location. I was not exhausted with trade show blues after ShiftCon I was empowered.
Diane CapaldiComment