What if You Trusted the Universe?

I keep asking myself what would happen if we lived our passion, had a strong moral lens, knew our actions were making the world a better place and were filled with joy everyday? To me this would certainly be living my best life. I also have to believe there is some karma rewards that would come into play as well. Right?

So why the F don’t we all do it? Lead with our passion and have a purpose driven life?

Because we live in a consumer driven society. Our day to day life focus involves possessions which tie us to autopilot living so we can pay for all the shit we have, want and most often never use. Hey don’t kill the messenger friends we are all guilty.

trust your soul.jpg

The foundation of modern society is built on consumerism.

Even our bodies, our temples we are made to believe are flawed requiring cosmetics, dyes, surgery, fillers and even rat poison injected in us to be an acceptable standard. We all know this is true and yet we stay on this life roller coaster with our most trusted autopilot life. God forbid we wake the f up.

  • What if you started leading with your heart?

  • What if you started created a space for your dreams outside of your mind?

  • What if you focused on your passion with a purpose?

  • What if you gave your passion a voice?

  • What if you lived with purpose?

You would wake up everyday with joy in your heart and certainty in your person. Each day would be filled with a welcome embrace of focus, determination and intention through consciousness of being. Most of your actions would support a respectful, minimal and low footprint life. Sustainable and regenerative thoughts would be in daily life and Mother Nature a best friend. The communities you surround yourself with would offer deep connections, growth opportunities and powerful tools for best life living. Last, but not least you would be certain you are living the reason(s) you were put on this energy space. The reason you are here would be realized every second of the day. Your purpose would be your golden ticket to BAM.

I know because this is my truth.

Somewhere along the line it became apparent to me that If I chose to trust the universe & create the space for the best version of me I just might be playing the game of life with a winning hand. I couldn’t see or realize how the person with the most possessions wins in this game. I actually find possession driven lives sad and shallow. This radical change sits at the core of my being and message.

The universe always provides if we create the space for it.

We are given a choice to either miss the ‘old’ version of ourselves or realize we are a perfect evolution at each phase in life. I used to be so damn depressed over what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) took from my life and wished constantly to get them all back. Once I changed this narrative to one that recognized it was time to move on because the universe had bigger plans for me outside of loss life became a wonderful journey of perfect timing and little to no loss. I no longer look back on my life and wish for anything to replay.

I live in a place where I trust the universe to guide me exactly where I am supposed to be.

be still.jpg

If I didn’t live in this space I never would have been able to tour. I had to believe that serving all mankind offered me a safety net of Karma. I look back now and when I think I was nuts I remember that I had to trust the universe to make the tour happen. I believe without question it would not have worked any other way. This needed to be a core foundation to have the tour be as successful as it was.

These actions of trust are only able to happen once you can close your eyes and stop talking.

When you live your life with only your sensory guiding the universe plays a much different role. A consumer driven role. When you shut it all down and tap that energy space where passion, purpose and your superpower live the universe always, always provides in perfect order and timing.

Get some friends.