What I Learned From Dr. Wahls in Iowa 2017 Seminar

 I am proud to say that I have attended all, but one of the seminars offered by Dr. Terry Wahls yearly in Iowa. I have literally sold family heirlooms to be able to attend The Wahls Seminar.

I believe Dr. Wahls Seminar is essential to my well being and would like to believe I will be in Iowa for this event yearly.

I would say about 30% of the seminar offers similar content year after year. Like the book I never seem to be over hearing how the functional medicine lens works & this is what most of the repeat lectures involve. The remaining 70% influenced by the evolution of Dr. Wahls personal research & what is learned in the lab.

There is no doubt The Wahls Seminar shares the most cutting edge research currently happening regarding autoimmune disorders, the microbiome and so much more.

Dr. Wahls delivers the bulk of lectures which is a huge BAM. Each lectured is filled with first hand insights presented in an approachable format filled with real time observations & measured outcomes. In addition The Wahls Seminar has incredible speakers like: Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Ken Sharlin, Cyndi O'Meara of Changing Habits and many more powerhouse people.

Everyone in the room learns something that will have a direct positive impact on their live with each lecture given by Dr. Wahls.

Reading The Wahls Protocol offers new life changing insights every time I pick it up. I personally have read The Wahls Protocol a million times. My book is so marked up and sticky notes everywhere it looks like a workbook rather than a text book. 

Dr. Wahls matter of fact approach & delivery of her work offers a clear understanding regarding the processes she took to heal & what it takes personally to achieve desired outcomes. The icing on the cake comes from realizing the power the support of her family & community have had supporting Dr. Wahls healing & her work.

Learning all of this in real time & as a collective at the seminar offers an intimate safe space for learning where judgement is gone & community support quickly becomes the status quo.

It was nice to hear from the many research scientists who work in the lab with Dr. Wahls. Clearly they are looking at autoimmune disease from many angles learning with each step. Progress happening across various studies supporting a message of continued hope to all attendees.

In addition Dr. Wahls shares video's of her clinical trials for The Wahls Protocol where you see many subjects go from mobility issues to almost a memory. There is no denying the power of the protocol with each patient showing remarkable healing.

Dr. Wahls family has a key role at the seminar. They allow us to see the power of family support in the face of disease. Many who attend are fortunate to have the same support system in place. For those who do not you are inspired to build a network of unconditional support as exhibited by the Wahls family.

Dr. Wahls and team do a great job of community building from the word go.

Many leave with a valuable support system after the seminar which proves key to those without family support. I personally believe community is one of the greatest outcomes of the seminar.

Last, but not least the number one message I learned from Dr. Wahls at the seminar is that a 100% commitment is required to tap BAM status. This protocol does not work magic when presented with anything less. Dr. Wahls could not be more clear that it takes a 100% commitment to make real life changes as outlined by The Wahls Protocol.

TOP 5 Things I Learned From Dr. Wahls:

  1.  100% compliance of The Wahls Protocol is required
  2.  Community is key to success
  3.  Our gut holds the key to health
  4. A purpose driven life key to success.
  5. Resilience is something we call can work on.

These lessons learned from Dr. Wahls have not been our 1st time around the block hearing these truths. 

It is however hard to reprogram ourselves from years of believing that we follow Doctors orders taking medicine to mask symptoms not being concerned with root cause.

The Wahls Protocol puts the power of healing in our control.

100%. Not a doctors. We have to want it. We have to do the work ourselves. The end.

I am grateful to learn about how to respect my body. Doing this as a Wahls Warrior continues to relieve my body of the horrific symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as my gut heals & my consciousness rises regarding what healthcare truly is.

The Wahls Seminar is simply a road map to BAM.