The Time I Out Grew My Doctor

We all know I am a walking miracle who kicks secondary progressive MS to the curb all day everyday by living a conscious life. This process has been a long, hard journey that requires daily continued effort to remain a miracle life.

I am not cured of MS.

Managing the symptoms associated with MS involves commitment & straight up balls that most of us cannot begin to comprehend. This gal literally & almost without fail is consistent, diligent & a true freak about always working hard to live my best life from sun up to sun down with conscious effort, extreme focus & willingness to question the status quo.

Extreme self love sprinkled with being brave lie at the core of my choices.

Once I began my Paleo journey my neurologist did not listen to a word I said. She literally continued typing her notes as I was speaking about my last hope. All of this happening at a time in my life of complete desperation where my future clearly was facing homelessness or institutionalization. Money running out & MS getting worse by the day I was completely desperate, scared & living in constant pain.

My daughter was with me & when we left the docs office & immediately said, "Mom, I do not like her she did not even listen to you."

3 months later I saw the same neurologist to discuss my issues with injection sites as a result of 19 long years of injecting these physician pushed disease modifying drugs which I religiously took & continued to get worse and worse.

These drugs cost on average $2500/month which for me equated to: $570,000 over 19 years.

By this visit with only 3 short months of living a conscious Paleo life I already lost 25+ pounds, my skin looked amazing & many of my symptoms I had lived with for years gone. Completely gone.

There was no way to look at me & not notice a HUGE change for the better in my person both mentally & physically.

Said neurologist noted my appearance asking what I was doing? Politely I reminded her of my Paleo journey which she stated,  "I have never heard of this helping treat MS."  I then referred her for the 2nd time to Dr. Terry Wahls & her TedX where once again she did not even write it down. 

The result of injecting myself with these powerful drugs over 19 years created bruising on my buttocks & stomach making them purple always. In order to fulfill this every other day obligation I would drink heavily to tolerate injecting myself into a raw bruise until I woke up realizing this was not working.

Healthcare as I knew broke my person down to the point there was almost nothing left of me, but a drug filled, pain ridden body that was failing at every turn. My life was MS & nothing else at this point.

This appointment I told my doctor I was no longer taking the injections to which she vehemently objected. After 30 minutes of trying everything she could to prevent me from stopping her last stitch effort was to point out, "You are a very rare case & one of the longest in the world we know of using interferon for so long. We have no idea what would happen to your body once you stop. You could easily become bedridden & advance your disease state." All said while she is ignoring how I look & the results I had already visibly been showing.

This doctor was so concerned that she made me sign a paper stating it was ill advised & she nor the hospital would be liable for my choices & that they clearly did not recommend this.

To date I have NEVER gone back to a neurologist for the treatment of MS.

To make matters even worse the drug company Biogen called to see if the doctor advised me to go off the drug? I said no she ill advised me & asked their representative if I could share my story as to why? They responded they only handled finding out if the doctor advised me or not so therefore had no use for my reasons.

I hung up the phone & called the FDA who was more than happy to hear my story of bruising, sickness & more.

In complete fear & scared to death I stopped my injections. Literally for 6 weeks me & my kid waited for my body to react. I literally waited & waited & waited, but all that was happening was healing. Pure, unadulterated healing.

This was 5 years ago & as of today I am a walking miracle all day every day. No longer take the 24 pills or injections & still do not see any specialist or take any tests for the treatment of MS.

Now 5+ years of my conscious lifestyle & healthcare docs as we know them I have also outgrown.  My family doctor can no longer support the path I am on which I never saw coming.

The fact is traditional healthcare is symptom management alone & based around expensive tests with no focus on root cause. Beyond yearly physicals I do not see a place for traditional doctors in my life.

Today I see a functional medicine doc whose is working with me to understand my body at an even deeper level than before. A doctor whose intake form did not ask about family history as we know it they asked about how I was delivered as a baby, when I first took antibiotics in my life, what were some trauma's during my life & how did I handle them, what did my stools look like & how was I sleeping, managing stress & what my healthcare goals were. 

The 1st appointment was 1.5 hours long with my doctor getting to know me & my body from head to toe by asking questions & engaging with me. No physical exam just a doc who dug deep to get to know me, my body & my history from a view unlike traditional healthcare.

My healthcare goals are to find root causes of the final 2 remaining health issues that plague me & traditional healthcare has never been able to support beyond drugs that cause great side effects & only mask the problems: allergies & hormones. Working with my Functional Med doc we are doing stool tests to saliva to look deeper into my body & really see what is happening so I can make lifestyle changes to support my best life rather than drugs & continued suffering.

Today at the age of 53 I have no pain, manage all symptoms of MS through lifestyle, live at optimal weight moving my body freely & at will taking no drugs, no MRI's or neurological testing or injections.

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