The Road to Minimalism

By society standards I am a minimalist with less than 100 possessions to my name. This process took years to achieve and I believe is one of the most powerful tools in my ‘Bag of Tricks.’  Funny thing is that as with everything in my healing journey this is opposite from where I was when I was at my sickest.

I believed for most of my life that the person with the most possessions wins. Isn’t that the American dream?

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You can’t have your eyes open for one second without a consumer driven message appearing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but especially in America we are always being encouraged to spend, spend, spend.

I bought into all of it.

It was only 15 years ago I was the girl with the gold & diamond Rolex, 3 carets in each ear, tennis bracelet and only couture. Had several homes, cars and even a 40 foot RV that was the envy of many. I was also sick and my life was driven by fear and money.

Today I have little to nothing and I am homeless (who is days away from living in a converted van). To most I am the American dream gone wrong.

My lens sees this life as someone who took 54+ years to wake up and define his or her version of a best life. Prior to getting conscious I lived a life based on societal and cultural norms with little thought to consciousness.

For more insight into how amazing these norms can be and how they truly deeply played a role in my life. Take a minute to check out a video I did about the roll cultural plays in our subconscious life. Enjoy friends:

Minimalism is more than limiting how many possessions you have. It really places a value on this life that I did not have before. I was the Target consumer who believed clothing and many household items were seasonal and new was the mantra for each year. No value was placed on anything beyond instant gratification. I thought nothing of a new season meaning a new wardrobe and household 'freshen; complete with new bedding, bath and kitchen items.

This was my life and all of my neighbors. Each season had a decor and holidays added a whole new level. Are you kidding me I had the best in the business custom make all of my bows and wreaths I so bought into it. Hook, line and sinker. Just typing this it sounds insane and yet it was my life and I worked hard to make this happen.

The truth is the more I had the less I was able to freely move my body, live pain free and have healthy relationships. Today with so much less (a hair away from poverty by American standards) I have no pain, move my body freely and toxic people have left the building.

Minimalism helps you to really have a clear understanding of what you need to live your life to the fullest. It spills over outside of possessions by the nature of the thinking regarding minimalism. If you are only equipping your life with what you need than relationships will enter into the picture at some point. I appreciated this aspect of minimalism because it allowed me to clear my ‘house’ from top to bottom.

Top 5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Minimalist:

  1. If you have no worn it in 6 months donate or sell it. This does not include seasonal items like winter coats, gloves etc.
  2. If is does not fit you it has got to go.
  3. If it is in need of repair it has to go or get fixed.
  4. When you buy a new item and old one gets donated. Example: A new pair of shoes means an old pair gets donated kind of thinking.
  5. Have a wardrobe that is mix and match like you do for 5 year old kids.

They say that life happens outside of your comfort zone. No matter where you are mentally with your relationship to possessions this process will find you feeling like you are in uncharted territory. Hang on and enjoy the ride. I promise it will deliver surprises to your life you never considered.

As someone who most would define living the rags to riches to rags story I can tell you with certainty that my life today is the most joyful and rich I have had to date. It is purpose driven and no longer consumer driven.

Who the fuck knew this would be the answer???

It is completely the opposite message society shoves down our throats daily and yet somehow living almost entirely outside of all societal norms: I get to be potentially the most healed with Multiple Sclerosis in the world. Not only that, but I do it using ONLY diet and lifestyle. No docs. No meds.

Really in all of this I finally get to be V and that my friends fucking rules. I found V becoming a minimalist and I am pretty sure you would find YOU.

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