The Power of Doing Nothing

One of my most common pieces of advice when you are struggling is to do nothing.

I don't mean when an action is required ignore it. I mean stop pushing your life. Stop "doing" to make life happen in the direction of your dreams and just chill the "F" out.

Doing nothing is the most powerful weapon toward miracle status we have. It is also the hardest thing to do.

Allowing your mind to stop doing can be a huge challenge. I found it to be almost impossible for years. Yes folks I said years. In typical V fashion I did not stop until I got to QUIET and boy am I glad I did!

The 1st time I learned my mind was quiet happened on the yoga mat at the Brandywine YMCA in Delaware. There I was in yoga & for the 1st time in years I elevated my hands bilaterally above my waist! This amazing achievement took 6 months of religiously going to class 3 days a week for this miracle to happen. A miracle that coupled with breathing provided what my body needed to function.

I have been working hard to recreate this outcome since & now believe I have mastered the art of quieting my mind. Which equals almost 2 decades of conscious practice to get to this place. 

If this concept is new to you or if you have just stepped out of practice here is a peek into my "Bag of Tricks" to help you shut the "F" up so the real shit can go down. Damn it.

Energy: Create the desired energy needed to relax your mind. For each of us this is different so there are no rules how this energy should look or feel. My space has a yoga mat, something burning, a room honoring sunrise, music playing and a dog present. This currently is my energy space where my brain stops conscious thinking & moves to the magic space.

Intention: When you want for something the outcome is equal to the input. Wanting seldom produces miracles & often only feels unsettling. By setting an intention believing the journey will provide you create the space for miracles to manifest. Without true intention nothing ever really manifests. Sure things happen without action and those situations the focus should be on how we respond and have less to do with how they happened.

Affirm: Affirm that you know the answer is out there waiting for you. By affirming your person to the understanding that without a doubt the knowledge is within our reach the space for it to be heard is accessible.

Every time I am on the yoga mat I have a pad & pen by my side with a lit candle to be able to write down the many idea's that often arrive during my time on the mat. I affirm before each practice my believe that the space is open for divine energy to show me the way. Often the outcome appears in a stream of consciousness when I am in my most meditative quiet state. Seldom does it appear when I am actively thinking because I have not affirmed to myself the space is within me therefore I cannot tap the resource needed for the energy to be received. I personally need the mat to help create the space of affirmation.

Dedication: Saying you will not think does not deliver this blogs message. Dedicating time each day to quieting the mind becomes one of the most necessary steps you can take to making this powerful tool work. It can be defined however you want and many are surprised at how that can happen with the only rule being a solo tour.

Gardening is a great way to dedicate time to quieting the mind. This type of practice requires you to focus on gardening often quieting the mind of daily stress creating the space for desired outcomes. Cooking can often be the same for many as well as working out. However a key point is the dedicated time is a solo time not to be shared with others.

Believe: The underlying theme in all things is to believe they will happen & you are willing to accept any outcome that comes you way knowing it is the right one. With this mindset you can move mountains. If your person can truly believe the journey of life is delivered exactly how it is supposed to be you create the space for how you want it to be. Believe it or not and if you think about all that is written in the blog and its focus on energy you will begin to see how powerful this step is above all others.

The beauty of this is that is costs nothing, is inside all of us & can make our lives richer, fuller & a mirror picture of our desires and yet the power comes from the art of doing nothing. Now get busy doing nothing & tap your miracle life.

I believe in you.

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