The Narrative of the 20 year lens...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Since acquiring my MAP I have been in the 'funk' of  "What the hell am I going to do with my life?"  I know I have been here before I have just not been 51 and self-healed from Multiple Sclerosis!  This is an entirely new look trust me!

Since 2001 I have been legally disabled and now I am trying to embark on 100% self-sustaining life!

My life with MS has always been responding to what MS decided. Every job, place I lived and move I made have been dictated by MS.

MS lives in me and has many rules that I need to play by.  The difference is I am now writing the play book not MS.  

If I keep on my daily path of movement, clean eating and mental un-cluttering MS is a distant memory.  Step out of the boundaries and MS is in control.

Took me 27 years to figure this shit out and in the meantime I gained an MAP!  

I'm 51 years old and although I still have a good 50 left I am making decisions with a new lens.  This lens is how do I want to spend my next 20 years & potentially  last years of my life.  Lets be honest dammit the clock is ticking!

This narrative has been so hard for me!

SO... I am back to hibernating while driving my family, confidants & mentors crazy!  I have gone from living in Vietnam on $300/month and meditating for the rest of my life to moving to Utah and becoming a sister wife!  Not really, but the Vietnam part is really true.

Let us add a cherry on this decision making cake and I HAVE SELF HEALED FROM MS!  


This reality alone opens up doors and possibilities that I never imagined or thought about!  I have been searching the job market and this gal is powerhouse and qualified for many executive level positions!

Do I want that?  Is that how I am rolling for the next 20?

I have lived in Venice almost 10 years and that went by so quickly.  To think only 20 more makes this a really big mental process for me.

I never thought I would reverse MS!  I am not going to waste my life not continuing to question the status quo and how I live it!

Part of my charm is I JUMP!  I see the entire world and every idea imaginable to be within my grasp and will JUMP to get what I want.

So I ponder daily and believe my life will unfold before my eyes if I allow myself to listen to my thoughts.

Several years ago I went to Burning Man to hear my life question answered.  I was disabled, going broke getting sicker and sicker and I sat for days staring into the playa asking life's energy to guide me.  My present reality are the answers I heard in Black Rock City.

Today I am sit almost daily with my feet in the sand listening for the narrative of my life to unfold.  I have no doubt the answer is there I am just waiting to hear it.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

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