The Modern Medicine Cabinet

Every house has a ‘Medicine Cabinet’ filled with basically the same stuff. I am writing this blog to challenge your idea of what should be in the this cabinet. After years of touring in homes all over America I found the medicine cabinet also a victim of societal norms with little to no consciousness regarding the ‘what or why’ of almost everything in it.

Listen I am not trying to be an ass, but the truth is are you reading ingredients of what is in your medicine cabinet?

Probably not and I can tell you I wasn’t. I just bought pain relievers, ointments, supplements, band-aids, creams, mouthwash, toothpaste and filled my cabinet with products I never read the ingredient list of. I can say it looked like almost every house in America’s medicine cabinet. You know what? The sad truth is most of the stuff actually comes with ingredients that are known carcinogens.


Seldom if ever do any of us read ingredients of things that touch our face and body as medicine.

Here is a peek into my Modern Medicine Cabinet based on being WOKE. It has taken me a long time to get here and my version bio-hacked for me to live my best life, but the more I learn the more I realize the items in this Modern Medicine Cabinet holds many items we call can use.


Spams, Anxiety, Sleep, Pain and Inflammation - Cannabis -

  • Marijuana - I have used this for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis for over 30+ years. Marijuana helps with spams first and fore most coupled with sleep, anxiety and pain.

  • CBD - I have used CBD to help maintain homeostasis at the cellular level. Having a known hyper immune system CBD are just one of the steps I take to calm things down. I also found great benefit with nerve pain, anxiety, topical pain relief and sleep.

Performance & Movement - RAD roller - Self myo-fascial release helps me to move better in my body everyday. I would not be able to do half of what I accomplish if not for RAD. Their life-time guarantee and innovative products are a huge part of my best life. Each RAD product safe to touch your skin and simply heal. I am a proud certified RAD mobility teacher.

Mitochondria Support - Food - A Paleo lifestyle guides my bio-hacked best life. It is up to each of us to bio-hack for optimal eating to support our body and all it affords on the daily. My personal opinion is that gluten, refined sugar, alcohol and dairy are not meant for anyone. I am not of the school of believe gluten and wine in Europe is fine because of GMO laws.

Minerals - Grounding - I was blessed to live almost my entire life with a beach house. My childhood every summer was at the beach barefoot all day long. Then I grew up and this stopped. With great conscious effort I make sure to get my feet in the soil and allow the minerals of this earth penetrate my person. A simple much needed ritual of goodness.

essential oil bottle.jpg

General Wellness - Essential Oils - I believe in oils so much I had an award winning store I opened in 1996. Do yourself a favor and begin an education on the power of oils. They serve as another example of how Mother Nature provides in so many ways. I would recommend lavender, peppermint, lemon, orange, tea tree and chamomile being in every household. From bugs to stress you will be covered.

Pain - Topical Cream - Hemp balm is my new best friend. My love affair started when I started living in the van and my hands did not like the sliding door. The only relief came from hemp balm. I have since found I use hemp balm every day for so many things and get relief every time. Pain, inflammation are managed with hemp balm.

Detox and Brain Health - Near Infrared Sauna - The world we live is filled with toxins and no matter how hard we try all of us need a good sweat to help support our mitochondria and detox. I have been a religious user for over 2.5 years and could not imagine my life without sauna. Even my dog Gidget lays in front of my single light near infrared sauna. I have found great benefit from a single light unit and not a full sauna.

Wrinkles, Nails, Hair and Gut Health - Collagen - I credit a lot of my gut & joint health to daily collagen. I have been a regular user by starting my day adding collagen to morning coffee. I believe it has helped heal my gut lining and this is the foundation of my wellness. In addition I know collagen plays a huge role in my joint mobility. Last, but not least collagen helps my hair to be full, nails to grow like crazy and my skin simply gets tighter. This tasteless addition to my coffee, smoothie and recipes truly is a wellness power house.

Teeth - Earthpaste - If you are using fluoride please do some research and come from an educated place beyond TV ads and your dentist. Science on fluoride might surprise you. I use earthpaste on my teeth containing all the goodness of the earth in a paste complete with salt and essential oils. Earthpaste is a game changer in the toothpaste game and all I use.

Skincare - Botanical Infused Hemp - A CBD based skincare has been added to my medicine cabinet and it is here to stay. Long gone are the days of symptom management skincare. CBD enriched skincare heals and repairs the skin and I will stick with that. Funny how the least regulated consumer area is cosmetics and yet we put them on our face and skin. Healthy chemical free skincare matters friends and a CBD based skincare goes above and beyond.

Aches, Pains, PMS, Allergies - Yoga - From sinuses to Multiple Sclerosis yoga is my hero. Yoga aids in my best life no matter what I need. From the pain of cramps to having low energy yoga is a one stop shop for wellness.

Colds and Flu - Zinc - Many are told to take zinc when they feel cold or flu coming so it can ‘lessen’ the blow. I take zinc everyday to boost immune function. Supplements should offer third party testing and make sure you read your ingredient list for all supplements friends.

Inflammation - Turmeric - This ancient spice has been battling inflammation for years. A daily serving with black pepper offers benefits that have been part of medicine for a really long time. Very important to know the source of all supplements especially turmeric with organic always preferred when possible.


General Wellness - Multi-Vitamin - We get by with a little help from our friends and a multi is like a good friend. It has your back when life is hard and you need to count on something. Many don’t take a multi due to individual supplementation and I disagree with this thinking. I see my multi as insurance and the cherry on top. The ingredients listed on your all of your vitamins should read like food - whole foods - and listed as the source. Not just the front of the label the ingredient list must read like whole foods. If not they maybe synthetic which what was my issue. Little miss conscious here was making poor choices until I realized vitamins ingredients can and should list food source like basil, spinach. Sad, but true if they even put a ‘sprinkle’ of whole foods in a supplement they are allowed to say the product is ‘whole food based’ even if the actual supplement is synthetic. This was my issue until I was woke.

Sleep Aid - Magnesium - From sleep to bone health and much more magnesium offers huge benefit for all of us. Since we are not walking barefoot all day long it is nice to supplement one of the most valuable minerals in the body. Many have notable success with better sleep if taken before bed and I personally use magnesium to help with spasms. The power of Magnesium supports the entire body and brain making it vital for all of us.

Gut Health - Pro-biotic - Gut health matters and in an effort to keep the gut flora full of the best bacteria to aid wellness a daily pro-biotic is a good look. Kombucha and kraut are also great things to add to your diet for gut health. However - most of us don’t have them enough for optimal living. A daily pro-biotic is a simple and powerful tool to maintain a wonderfully balanced gut flora.

Stress Relief - Fresh Air - Making time to be outside is so important. Ask yourself are you outside everyday? I bet other than walking to your car or in and out of somewhere most would say they spend little time outside. Yet we need to breathe fresh air, the earth’s minerals and vitamin d from the sun. Low vitamin d levels are responsible for many serious illnesses and obesity at an all time high. Making time to get outside is one of the most valuable things you can put in your Modern Medicine Cabinet.

Pain Reliever - CBD liposome - is what I keep in my Modern Medicine Cabinet for things like headaches, sinus pain and even joint pain. Liposome are fast acting similar to hemp balm offering almost on-demand relief. Vaping is another alternative for ‘on-demand’ help from CBD.

Take a look at your medicine cabinet and read the ingredients of what you have.

See if you know exactly what you are putting on/in your body and begin to make conscious choices here. Consider adding or swapping out some items that don’t make sense now that you are woke. I think you will be surprised how different things will look over time as you begin to question the status quo and create your bio-hacked Modern Medicine Cabinet.