The decade of surgery...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Not to be an ass, but I consider myself similar to a fine wine since I have improved with age!  No one can deny this reality!  Even strangers because I have it all on film.  Clearly you see my transformation which is a direct result of  using food and movement as medicine.

Life is an amazing journey and my decades have played out like this:

20's everyone gets married,

30's everyone has babies,

40's everyone gets divorced,

50's everyone has surgery...

Swear to God!

Social media is so great about bringing forth connections to so many in a rather intimate forum.  Many times when someone is sick social media offers a wealth of support for those friends which I love about social media.  Therefore it is common to be aware of a friends health because somebody somewhere will mention an illness hoping for prayers & support.

Gallbladders, thyroid, backs, knees, sinuses and the list goes on and on…surgery everywhere!

I have run out of hands how many people I know my age who have had surgery in the last 12 months!   I am not talking cosmetic either.  It blows my mind!

Interesting when you are PaleoBOSS Lady how this reality sits with others.


Seldom do those having surgery ever want to hear from me.  Quite honestly they 'dislike' me.  I coach 100% accountability for self which means self care is healthcare.

It is who I am and what I scream from the rooftops daily!

The folks that want to hear from me are those who question the status quo regarding healthcare.  Somewhere their own health reality brought them to a place that does not feel right and they are peeking outside of the traditional box. #YIPPEE

If you live in 'the box' of traditional healthcare, PaleoBOSS Lady will only stand to annoy you!  Self-care as healthcare is the foundation of my being.

My person cannot stop my dedication to this movement!  My passion increases daily as I watch the art of consumerism cut open another person I care about rather than give them a plate full of healthy nutritious food & a movement program 1st.

If you have not seen my videos I encourage you to watch just this one of my 1st Paleo Year.  It blows my mind that this video stands to annoy many, but it does.

PaleoBOSS Lady 1st Paleo Year

Consider for one minute right now:

How the F*CK did we get here?

Why are we so willing to stay here?

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PaleoBOSS Lady is committed to the movement of awareness for living and I hope to inspire, engage and empower you to love the life you live!  Thank you for being here!