The Daily Struggle of Living With Multiple Sclerosis

One of the most debilitating things I have dealt with living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been my inability to regulate my body temperature. So much so that is why I moved to California not knowing anyone and leaving my family behind because the weather by the beach in CA does not require heat or air conditioning so my body can self regulate.

Southern California beach weather has virtually zero humidity.

Although I no longer live by the beach I am still within 30 minutes and go often. The temperature where I live now requires air conditioning mid-morning until early evening: August - October. Otherwise the windows open with ceiling fan are enough to regulate temperature in my space and for my body.

Heat married to humidity I become like a wet noodle and cannot move my body.

Actually the MS attack that eventually resulted in my disability was triggered by heat. I was walking the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey when it got really humid and I overheated and could not cool down. For days I simply continued to sweat until the elevated core triggered a series of MS attacks that resulted in my disability due to MS effects on my body. I still have an elevated core temperature to this day.

Needless to say I am so afraid of overheating I can be crazy about it.

I never do hot tubs and try to never do anything that can potentially elevate my core. Sauna has always been taboo for me. I even spoke with Dr. Terry Wahls about this casually and she agreed with my healthcare team that I simply should stay away from sauna. No matter what the therapeutic evidence suggested and even though Dr. Wahls has MS with no temperature regulation issues it never felt like sauna was ever going to be a good look for me and my body.


In fact Dr. Wahls does Sauna Space 4 light panel enclosed for a full body sauna often with no negative results.

In 2017 I was at The Wahls Seminar and Sauna Space was a vendor who had their sauna line for attendees to try. I did walk by the booth and politely declined expressing, “I could never use any of their products.” That is when I met Brian Richards, founder and chief nerd at Sauna Space. Brain asked me about my comment and I shared the above with him.

Immediately he walks me over to the Photon and said, “I invented this light for people just like you.”


Now he had my attention and told me that if I sat in front of this light throughout the day he believed I would gain benefit to my mitochondria, inflammation and cellular health without negative ‘heat’ consequences. I agreed to give it a try and the next month a Photon arrived at my door.

Today I am one of the most proud and shocked believers in near infrared sauna.

Literally never would have believed shining a light on your body and sweating would be some of the most powerful healthcare I know. After I got my Sauna Space, Brian the owner followed up to see what I thought. To both of our surprise and delight my body temperature regulation issues are manageable due to Sauna Space.

The daily elevation of body temperature issues that plague me throughout the day gone as long as I Sauna Space.

Holy shit is all I can say. This is STILL a huge issue in my life if I am not in front of my Photon by Sauna Space. In fact I just came home from over a week in Hawaii and struggled everyday because I did not have my Photon. My body temperature would have huge elevations and struggle to come down all throughout the day on vacation. I spent most of my day concerned about how to manage my core temperature because without the daily Photon help my body goes back to how it has always been which is almost unmanageable.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone add infrared sauna to your modern medicine cabinet.

Adding sauna is so easy and yet a hugely powerful tool for all of us. Simply put it on your desk, flip it on while at the computer working or on the floor while watching nightly television. My dog Gidget LOVES to lay in front of the Photon.

Sauna Space healthcare adds no additional work to your life beyond flipping a switch yet offers healthcare benefits that change the course of your best life.

The science on the benefits of using sauna huge and I am here to say that using my Photon has changed my life and continues to be the case. I typically have the Photon on while i am on the yoga mat in the morning and/or on my desk. Using my Sauna Space is so easy it is ridiculous.


During my time touring I visited the home office of Sauna Space and had the tour and officially became a part of the family. I spent a few days learning so much while meeting the small, but mighty Sauna Space team. This is a small business that supports many young families. I have such a soft spot for the community of Sauna Space knowing they are a collective of change makers working hard everyday who are proud of their products and their work.

So much so that Sauna Space offers a 100 day money-back guarantee! Sauna Space are made in America by a collective of individuals that I admire and respect.

I am proud everyday to be an ambassador and believer in Sauna Space. Thankful to share a discount code making it easy for you to add a huge BAM to your modern medicine cabinet with Sauna Space. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I believe you can use PayPal Credit to purchase making things even easier if you want a full size sauna. Give George a call at Sauna Space with all of your questions and tell him V sent you.

I love you Sauna Space and am thankful for you everyday of my life. Namaste.