The Art of Making Love

It is so funny I spent my entire adult life wanting to be a good lover to find out I have been and just didn't know it.

In case any of you missed this I am a person who has always worked out. Since the early days of "Jane Fonda" I have loved to get my sweat on. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) also required daily movement if I want to move my body.

A typical 'self love' session lasts anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 depending on what my body is telling me married to what I may be asking of me that day. These loving sessions usually include yoga, stretching, meditation, dancing, hula hooping and ball rolling. In some form or another most will be included  somewhere in my day.

Another thing you may have missed about me is that I am voluntarily homeless. To date and for almost 2 years I have lived with friends or strangers almost full time. Although this will change once the BAM van is done for now it has me couch-surfing full time which means many witness my self love sessions on the daily.

One universal truth holds true when others see watch me day after day host my self love sessions and that is their comment about the vocal part of my workout. Everyone says it sounds like I am making love. To which I respond, "I my body."

Little did I know until this kept happening that I truly was making love to myself.  Not only was I doing it, but that I was damn good at it. The art of making love I have on lock.


How do I know I am good at the art of making love?

All of the millions I spent on western medicine bullshit were directly connected in a large part to physical therapy. The good news is that I paid attention and learned the many tools that live in my "Bag of Tricks" and keep me a walking miracle.

The art of making love for me is so perfected this gal has zero out of pocket health care costs associated with movement. No PT, yoga classes or massages. This is how I know I am damn good at the art of making love. One time not that long ago and for decades this stuff cost me $730/weekly. Today I spend zero because my love making sessions are so on point it is an art.

In addition to what I do on my own there are tools I use that support the art of making love:

  1. The MS Gym (on Facebook): This is s private page and not limited to MS only although it is the focus. Trevor & Misty Wicken are the founders and all I can say is the work happening in this room contains one of the most important steps in tapping your BAM and that is moving and getting to know your body.
  2. RAD Rollers: Are a system of tools to help you to perform the healing modality of self myo-fascial release. The fascia are connected throughout our body and often get stuck to the bone. By using the tools RAD Rollers offers one can work the fascia themselves to move better in their body. This work is essential to use my hands and feet on a daily basis. In addition my neck , jaw and head are greatly supported too.
  3. Yamuna Foot Wakers: I have had this lover in my "Bag of Tricks" the longest. These little prickly 1/2 balls are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to needing acupuncture married to reflexology. I do a sequence on the wakers over about 4 minutes using my feet. This time offers a healing power that has been essential to my best life for almost 15 years.
  4. Knot Out: All sizes of these are in my "Bag of Tricks." I start big and work down rolling my feet and nothing has ever hurt so good. Loving my feet a huge part of my ability to use my body. It is amazing how connected your feet are to so much.
  5. Yoga Tune Up - Alpha Ball: I have all the different balls from this company, but find myself using the Alpha Ball the most. This is my IT band destroyer. I suffer from strong IT band pain on the daily and rolling on this ball is how I kick it to the curb. I have had the same ball for over 5 years so it is also longer lasting than other YTU balls which average about 6 months.
  6. Affirmat: I have had my share of yoga mats and need to be honest this mat helps my practice. Having wonderful affirmations on my mat when I am getting in and out of poses is my jaunt. I love it and have been a fan for 5+ years. You can even custom design your own. I love my Affirmat.
  7. Hula Hoop: My friend Crazy Amy gave me my hoop. I can tell you it is a portable weighted hoop made to fit my height. It is best to take a class to find out what hoop size works best, but don't be discouraged everyone can hoop. Size matters here! I consider this a great aerobic work out and fun.
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The real 'Art of Making Love' is a solo affair and a true union.

I lived for 49+ years not connected to my body behind it being a vessel. Today my body is my hero honored daily loving it for all it affords me with my diet and lifestyle choices.

This is the "Art of Making Love:" loving yourself with intention, adoration and respect.

Are you making love daily? If not 2018 is your year to perfect 'The Art of Making Love."

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