The 1st Ever Dr. Terry Wahls In-Person Symposium Wrap Up


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

"100% compliance not 80% compliance!"

Dr. Terry Wahls

Words will never express the gratitude I feel to have been the one to open the symposium!  I still cannot believe this & that I am my own miracle! Enough already!



From the moment we looked into each others eyes for the 1st time we knew.  Each of us knew the other

like we have for a lifetime. None of us needed to share anything to get to this place!  

One of the most magical experiences of my life happened at the symposium with the above two sentences describing it!  We all knew Dr. Wahls would empower us, but the community that happened, the family that developed and the spirit that remains are beyond forethought of any kind.  We became a family as soon as we met eyes!  #universally

The location of the event at set the tone from the word go!  This magical venue offers a very Frank Lloyd Wright feel with the indoors coming in!  Complete with meditation room, outdoor patio and a labyrinth the venue was an outstanding choice with lodging and meals available to several of our travelers.

The kitchen at Prairiewoods and Rodney the manager are the icing on the cake!  Volunteers cooked the most amazing, Wahls complaint food for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by!  Served with love and treated with care every step of the way are what all of us encountered at this facility! Rodney is quite simply the greatest life energy you could ever imagine making us feel at home every step of the way!  #Bravo


Made With Love!


Having an intimate setting and the presence of Dr. Terry Wahls for 1.5 days

was a nirvana moment for all of us.  

Dr. Wahls took attendees through a handful of functional medicine forms that are used to draw a roadmap regarding our life and the significant events that have taken place.  Many of the events noted question the status quo and step outside of the questions a 'traditional' doc would normally ask!

Were you delivered vaginally?  

Did you experience a lot of antibiotics in your life?  

What type of fillings do you have?  How many?  

Any emotional trauma in your life?  

All drawing a picture that often shows a path of repeated abuses.  Which will need to be healed at the cellular level to create change of disease course.  Symptom management is not offering this option and that is the basis of traditional healthcare today. The Wahls Protocol is designed to aid in cellular healing! #BAM

The Wahls Protocol is designed to offer optimum nutrient density to aid and promote healing through the food you eat.  For several hours Dr. Wahls talked about how this is done and gave detailed information supporting the book. All attendees were able to ask questions during a daily Q&A that addressed anything from food as medicine to types of shoes to wear!

Dr. Wahls empowering each of us with every word!

Every attendee was given a roadmap to maximize their efforts toward wellness using The Wahls Protocol (TWP).  It was noted that many arrived participating at some level regarding food, but very few focused beyond food.  TWP is much more than food and Dr. Wahls stated this quite often!

We were taken step by step through a stress relieving self massage and encouraged to continue to identify ways to incorporate these types of activities into daily life.  In addition, Dr. Wahls stressed yoga, the water, Pilates, Sauna and Electric therapy.  In addition to ice paths, bone broth &  strengthen training being noted as vital to success.  Focus on how  to keep muscle mass up to maintain wellness.  Dr. Wahls suggested meeting with a physical therapist to get a plan in place.  No matter what get moving was a clear message! #daily

Each step of The Wahls Protocol involves talking with your doctor.  Dr. Wahls offered insight into how you can educate your own doctor to her findings and those in functional medicine.  Dr. Wahls shared how often a doctor may not be receptive suggesting  ways to help manifest change.  #ByExample

In addition, Dr. Wahls spoke about the people in your life and how important this element is!  She stressed toxins are not only in food.  You need to surround yourself with those who are supportive and understanding of your life, person and situation.  Community matters and was stressed as well.

I am certain that if anyone came to the symposium without community left with community!  #Magic

Finally the message was about creating a plan and sticking to it!  100% no questions asked and just do it!  No 80%, no cheat days, no nothing!  Compliant and that is it.  In order to do that set baby hurdles knowing you will get there.  Maybe just give up gluten 1st!  Maybe sugar.  #DoSomething

Developing a road map and journaling this offers a path to success that has changed Dr. Wahls life and many others.  Nothing happens overnight, but hard work does pay off.  The future is bright for all of us as we continue to learn about how food heals with leaders and visionaries like Dr. Wahls leading the way!



So many sponsors and give aways it was like Christmas!  Everyone went home with a present and that was so well thought out!  Discount codes and support at every turn were a constant theme felt and encountered!  Dr. Wahls was accessible, supportive, loving, warm, smart, funny and a real trooper answering question after question from a room full of eager healers!

The Board of Directors of which I am  a part of consists of simply the greatest group of people you could ever imagine!  This event was my 1st in person meeting & my heart is overflowing with love, respect and admiration! #WeRock

All of us agreed the movement is growing and we are a Wahls Warrior Family!  Anyone following the protocol or thinking about it join us as we question the status quo in an effort to live our best life by changing our own personal narrative regarding healthcare! #selfcareishealthcare

Next year we decided to meet and go dancing in the streets! #MiraclesHappeningAllTheTime

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