Steroid Nation

It is funny because I am sure if you asked most people who know me they would say I want everyone to live a Paleo lifestyle. However this could not be further from the truth.

"My dream is for everyone to get conscious about how they treat their body."

You would think by nature we are. Yet this is not the cultural norm for most of us worldwide. Today's lifestyle choices are based on autopilot living & have nothing to do with consciousness & everything to do with the here and now of instant gratification. The lifestyle of this century is an up to the minute existence offering very little time to get conscious in this current universal equation.

Since the end of April I have been voluntarily homeless & freed of possessions. This has presented a new lens with which to view the world that in a short time has become a huge learning experience. Once you realize how little you need to live a full rich life your lens will forever be different.

Autopilot has no place in possession-less life. The mere act of freeing oneself of possessions brings consciousness to the forefront of daily living.

In this time I have learned how seldom if ever does anyone consider or do the following:

  • Read ingredients of any non-whole foods they consume
  • Consider what is in a product beyond the consumer driven marketing messages
  • Believe their body will be anything but healthy & act accordingly
  • Base decisions solely on desired outcome

These lessons have come in all forms appearing to be ageless, sexless and/or classless. Universally day in and day out our actions solely based on desired outcome having no thought or attention to the net effects the process may have on our person & especially our body.

You see since the age of 23 I have been fighting with every ounce of my BOSS person to stop my body from blowing up as it was self destructing almost daily. Words cannot ever express how freaking hard it is to hear, witness & engage in watching others take deliberate acts that serve only to deliver an outcome without consideration of the cost to play on their body or their person.

These realities I bet we can all relate too:

  • How many of us have been on vacation or away on business feel some sort of sickness coming on and found a doctor to hook us up with antibiotics?
  • How many of us have been willing to take the latest 'diet' aid to lose weight?
  • How many of us have taken steroids to treat inflammation?
  • How many of us alter our body based on visual lens alone?

Almost all of these situations can be effectively treated by diet & lifestyle choices science has shown time & again. If you are reading this blog you already know this to be true. Regardless the masses continue to dictate their daily actions motivated by desire rather than self respect.

The real message of the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady has nothing to do with Paleo. It has to do with getting conscious beyond desire.

Paleo is my path. That does not mean it has to be your path. I am not in your body.

Paleo is my consciousness and modified at that. I follow The Wahls Protocol which is a modified form.  This protocol offers 3 levels and even in that I follow a level I invented with my body which I call level 2.5. The Wahls Protocol focuses on providing my cells with the nutrients needed to support a healthy life. As a result my ability to live my desired life appears limitless without need for outcome driven decisions.


Outcomes are easily achieved when consciousness of being are the norm.

It pains me to watch the intelligent, talented & gifted folks we all are take our bodies for granted or treat them with zero respect beyond desire. An outcome driven life is based on human desire having nothing to do with respect of our body.

Last time I checked we have only one body to live during this energy space. However we treat it as if owes us something & get mad when it breaks or does not preform to our desired needs. Almost as if to say "How dare you body!"
  • I wonder if we all started being respectful to our bodies what disease & sickness would look like?
  • Would 1 in 5 be disabled in America?
  • Would hospitals and pharmaceuticals be 2 of the fastest growing enterprises?
  • Would our youth be dying from heroin addiction often fueled by doctor induced drug addiction at alarming rates?
  • Would we have walks every weekend raising awareness for another group that needs funding?

In the end we are all kidding ourselves if we truly believe that an outcome driven life does not have negative impact on our body. You simply cannot artificially alter your temple to suit your needs before it cracks or breaks.

Your body is you & learning to honor, respect and worship it is how you get desired outcomes. Not artificially altering it because then it is no longer uniquely YOU & now has become 'theirs.'


Up your volume & own your shit with pride. Raise the roof on life!

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The end.