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By: PaleoBOSS Lady™

What the hell am I thinking right?  It is Monday, a holiday week & I want to talk about poop!  I know, but I cannot help myself.

My dog Rita has been on a raw diet for only one week.  Within 2 days I noticed changes to her poop which translates to she barely poops!  At first I was concerned thinking she is blocked or the food is not agreeing with her.  Yet I could not deny her bright shiny coat, that Rita is no longer eating herself to death with hotspots, her breath is a little sweeter & her energy increased!

I immediately went to Dr. Google to find out why her poop was missing!

Funny as I reading I found myself reminded of my Paleo journey.  How my body had transformed in quite the same manner.  Many of you have heard me refer to my body as a 'well oiled machine'.  I know crazy for a body with MS to be referred to as this, but 100% true.

Once I started using food as medicine the body of PaleoBOSS Lady started to function effectively & like clock work!

Poop is what your body no longer needs!  When eating a Paleo diet your body uses all the food as energy and nourishment! There is little to no waste!

Amazing how it only took 48 hours for my 12lb little hotdog I now call "Raw Rita" to remind me how food is an energy source for the body! If you put what your body needs in very little comes out.

Quite simply: when you eat processed shit you shit!

No one needs to get a medical degree to know when their body is or is not working properly.  I wonder how many really know what a properly working body feels like?  With 80%+ of the foods in our diet processed I bet not many. Before Paleo this lady & her dog didn't!

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Thank you so much and pay attention to your poop! It is always telling the truth!

What is in poop video: