Sign Our Petition to Make Sure People on Food Stamps Can Access Healthy Food

Guest Post From my Friends at Thrive Market:

Making healthy living available to everyone—not just those who can afford it—is Thrive Market’s mission, because hunger is a huge national problem. A whopping 15 million kids live in food insecure households; that means one in four doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. And although 46.5 million people rely on food stamps (SNAP benefits) to help supplement their budgets, there’s a huge problem with the program. Benefits are nearly impossible to use in food deserts, the low-income areas where a substantial number of residents have limited access to a supermarket.

Currently, those who receive assistance can only use their food stamps at qualifying brick-and-mortar retailers. This is a problem due to:

Access: It severely limits the options for millions of food stamp recipients who live in food deserts—sometimes hours away from a SNAP-approved grocery store. And only 30% of those under the poverty line have access to a car.

Price: Brick-and-mortar stores also have overhead costs which get passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

Here’s the surprising thing: 74 percent of food stamp recipients have internet access.

That means if they were able to use their benefits to buy groceries online—that would have an enormous impact on food accessibility. And that’s why Thrive Market and its coalition of partners -- nonprofits, media partners, health food brands, and bloggers -- have launched a petition asking the USDA to change their stance on food stamp usage.

Join the movement and sign the petition at to make food stamps easier to use and redeemable online, and make healthy living possible for more Americans!

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