Sexual Healing: G Rated

Funny how when you live with disease the sex part of the journey no one ever really addresses. Shit no one talks about it if you are not living with disease imagine if your sex life may need 'modifications' due to an uninvited life partner? Oh my.

Truth be told there are little to no conversations around the topic of sex beyond the marketing of sex. How sad.

Don't worry this blog is not about sex directly. It is about sexual healing. With or without a disease many of us need sexual healing. In fact this gal only realized I needed a sexual healing because I had a disease.

This BOSS has always believed the real work of being a miracle happens between the ears. The conversations I have with myself are all that matter in driving my miracle status. I ask and answer the why about every step in my life to tap my miracle. Sex was no different.

Here are some of the questions that have rattled around in my brain over time that produced the sexual healing part of this miracle journey known as PaleoBOSS Lady:

  • What were "my internal conversations" around sex?
  • What was important to "me" sexually and why?
  • Had MS played a role in my sexual life? If so how?
  • Define sex as I understood it?
  • What was intimacy?
  • What was vulnerability?
  • How did I see my sexual future?

I really had no idea about any of this stuff prior to getting conscious about my life.

Sex was sex.

I always enjoyed sex, never lacked for a satisfying experience, knew what sexual roles & situations I felt comfortable with & thought myself worthy of an A+ rating in the sex department. I also agreed & knew that consenting adults the #1 rule sexually & felt I was fairly open from a sexual lens.

Yet once I started having a real conversation with myself about sex I realized sex defined by me had zero to do with any of this. My sexual healing had very little to do with the act of sex and everything to do with intimacy & vulnerability.

Intimacy mixed with vulnerability are my top 2 key ingredients to have a truly orgasmic sexual experience. Yes our bodies play a role, but are only a small part of the whole sexual BAM is how I see it.

The funny thing is I spent almost 50 years searching for the right "sexual" partner & little did I know that it was inside me the whole time.

Your 1st real sexual healing happens when you hang out with a party of 3.  Defined as me, myself & I or body, mind & soul. Tapping into oneself with true intimacy & vulnerability means hard work yet it lays the ground work for a sexual journey of nirvana proportions when sharing with others (or not).

True sexual consent is raw & flawed, spontaneous & abrupt, natural & elastic. Mastering your sexual power within allows ourselves to authentically develop & evolve our sexual self.

Sex should never be a one size fits all. Sex evolves as we evolve.

My sexual evolution prior to consciousness was filled with magazine & movie ideal's having very little to do with my needs & thoughts on intimacy while lacking vulnerability at every turn. Literally I insisted on sex in the dark hating my own body.

How can one ever be vulnerable when you cannot even look at yourself naked?

Sexual healing starts with you & the conversation you have!

  • How do you see yourself when you are naked?
  • How do you feel when you touch your body?
  • How you treat your body?
  • How do you think of your body?
  • What makes your body happy?
  • What doesn't gel with your body?

Take time to really get to know you. If you have not in a long time reintroduce yourself. Get comfortable with your needs, wants & desires knowing that sexual energy is natural, necessary & healing. Get some & let the sexual healing begin.

Shocked it was G rated? Not me. Sex talk in 2016 involves a narrative that is new, raw and welcome.

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