Learning How to Love My Body

A few weekends ago I took an online certification course from RAD Rollers. As many of you know self myo-fascial release has been a huge part of my wellness program. I credit this modality with helping to move my body freely as well as teaching me to learn how to love my body.

At least some part of my day involves work on my fascia.

I learned how to do this work in physical therapy and taking classes at a wellness center I co-founded almost 10 years ago. It has been 8+ years since I have worked with a physical therapist on this or taken a class so my fascia work has been fueled by self discovery and internet video’s.


I would say 90% of how I use RAD roller, different ball sizes and various tools rollers I have learned by trial and error.

The only rules that I knew were to always go against the grain and with the grain, do the same on both sides, no one with cancer should ball roll, not near bone issues and never over spine or kidneys.

Using those basic principles I became a ball rolling fool who self moderated.

Quickly I felt the power of working and supporting my fascia. My yoga practice is the only other time I experience such a profound BAM in my body. To day you can find me 5+ days a week on the yoga mat with a collection of RAD products lined up. I have my favorite Sauna Space single light near infrared sauna shining on me, music softly playing and the self love sunrise festival begins in all of its glory.

I live for my mornings on the mat and doing yoga and RAD rolling as I like to call it.

Before I even get on the mat I try and have an early morning dance party. This allows me to listen to my body and understand where it might need some extra attention on both the mat and using my RAD products. Most often my trouble area’s are felt in my hands, feet, shoulders, rotator cuff, hips, back and neck. Aka my entire body. Damn it.


That being said my whole body requires some love and attention.

After dancing I get on the mat with the Sauna Space (code paleoboss saves) light about 6 inches from the top of my mat. I do a yoga sequence that focuses on the above area’s with emphasis on core strength, inversions (legs up), glutes and gaining that extra inch back through elongation.

During my sequence it becomes quite clear the areas of my body that RAD work is needed.

After my yoga sequence I will begin my RAD Roller BAM. I typically find I start with either the block/RAD Roller head/neck sequence, the Helix rolling out the IT Band area or green ball on wall working back, arms and hands. Some days I need all of it. which does happen at least once a week.

So now I take this course and for the first time I am learning exactly why my body loves RAD and what it is doing to help me live my best life.

The course is set up with modules where you gain insightful video instruction and demonstration with PowerPoint style notes. After each module you are given a test with scores needed ranging from 80 to 100%. Not going to lie this was not easy and nor too hard, but I had to listen VERY carefully mainly because I have not much prior knowledge to anything fitness or body related from an anatomy perspective beside the lungs which made it a bit challenging.

Each test helped me to really learn the material because there were quite a few I had to retake several times. Each one they change the question order and the answer matrix making it truly an educational learning experience.

RAD Certification assures you are going to learn about the body and the role RAD plays in bio-hacking for optimization.


I learned so much about the power of supporting your body with fascia work and the role RAD plays in this amazing wellness tool. The most powerful and eye opening for me was the role the nervous system plays in muscle performance and response. This course really enlightened me to understand how sensory drives muscle. Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) this really explained a lot to me about my body. MS has a tremendous impact on my sensory and the nervous system. Losing feeling was my first symptom of MS on my body.

In addition for many of us, myself included, muscle spasms get so severe our bodies become rigid and like a metal rod unable to move.

Fascia plays a huge role in this and by using RAD Roller products my body no longer struggles with rigidity. If I don’t use RAD the rigidity comes back. I am sure the nervous system connection is playing a huge role in this and having MS helps me to understand the power of this connection and why having RAD in my “Bag of Tricks” is essential so that I can move my body freely. RAD also plays a large role in helping with stability and I can attest as someone who has fallen and once unable to do stairs for years due to body instability. My instability due to hypo-mobility and RAD a huge BAM. RAD helps every mobility from hyper to hypo.

Fascia connects the entire body and all systems.

Flushing and stability drills are now added to my wellness program post certification. I never considered the role RAD would play in helping detoxification and inflammation. I had only considered the role of self massage and fascia release and yet it is doing so much more.

I was grateful to finally understand something I noticed that was my body response when using RAD products that rolling my foot would often release a tension in my shoulder or head. RAD instills the concept not to roll where you feel the pain. To roll where the connections to the tender area may be. This has been my body response since day one. When I have tightness in my neck I start with my feet.

I have had the same set of RAD products for 5+ years and they are like brand new. Learned they are made to last a lifetime. What a great investment for every modern day medicine cabinet. I cannot stress enough that if you desire moving your body without pain and freely a program equipped with RAD offers you the best chance I know. Highly recommend you talk with your wellness team about how to add RAD as soon as possible or better yet take the online certification and learn just like I did. I 100% believe in RAD. .


I am hoping to take the next level in person class.

Not sure if I can pull it off, but there is one coming up in Burbank. If not then it will happen as soon as I can make one. I want to get RAD everything and dream of teaching a class at a local yoga studio some day. Words cannot express the power of RAD and yoga in my “Bag of Tricks.”

You too can get RAD certified. I am happy to share my good friends at RAD offer a nice discount to each of you. Simply use code and this link to get your RAD on.

Just an FYI… I am working on sharing more video’s of me getting my RAD on and hope we can RAD together so I recommend you get the All-in-One kit! Looking forward to community RAD roller evens online Coming soon and I can’t wait!

Grab your RAD here. Use Code PaleoBOSS to SAVE!!!!!


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