Why I Resigned From My Own Company

By: V Capaldi

“Clearly you are at an impasse if you believe in what you are saying. You should resign,” they all stated in one way or another.

It was close to the last day of Mercury in retrograde & I remember responding that I could not resign because of this. I had nothing else to offer all of my business mentors spot on advice.

After a long silence on the phone call after call it was clear what I needed to do was to resign from the company that came from my own life inspiration & was co-founded by me. I hung up the phone for the last time, drafted the resignation letter, signed and sealed the envelope all before noon on a Saturday.

Nervous, yet ever so certain, I drove delivering my resignation to my business partner never looking back.

This was the official beginning of my “jump” into community service.

For about 24 months prior to this decision I began the work of supporting our most in need on my days off. Volunteering at the local food pantry, touring food banks, building asset based community systems in all types of culturally diverse often distressed areas. 

Living and breathing community became so important to me I pursued a postgraduate degree in community psychology leaving my original path of becoming a psychotherapist.

During this time my health was such a fragile balance and the only thing supporting me at all in my health battle with MS was coming from weekly physical therapy, therapeutic bodywork, acupuncture, yoga, psychotherapy appointments and more. 

These modalities of therapy felt & at the time were critical to my day-to-day life. In addition exhausting almost my entire life savings.  

My thought was to build an integrated center of wellness that would offer community support as a key role through the use of community days. Investing all of my remaining life savings to ensure myself and others would be offered a fighting chance of peacefully coexisting with whatever life delivered I began to build this company.

I found a partner who was part of my healthcare team & we began what I thought was a brilliant company that would begin to change healthcare in America by offering an integrated approach to wellness for everyone.

Until it wasn’t a great idea.

Just before the center was set to open my business partner forced changes to our business model that created a company exclusive to only those who could afford to pay. Luxuries both my business partner & myself could never have afforded if we did not own the business.

These conscious choices controlled exclusively by my partner eliminated the spirit of the company from the word go causing a significant shift in the vision. Suddenly my dream became a business that supported an elitist environment only. 

I was helping no one in my community, but myself & I knew it. 

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Scared as a mother, with no money left or clear idea how I was going to survive I “jumped” handing in my resignation.  I simply walked away. 

Thursday officially marked the 1st day of my most recently announced jump toward a 100% selfless journey.  Finally after all these years picking up where I left off by offering community support in wellness traveling the USA for the next year. PaleoBOSS will offer free talks, cooking classes, workshops and raves to anyone who wants to raise the roof on life. 

All possession gone except car, dog, dog stroller, crate & car seat, kitchen musts with 50 articles of clothing including shoes is how this soon to be 53 year old is rolling.   

No home. No roof or place of my own to lay my head.

Most exciting is that still to this day I cannot afford the modalities I once believed were critical to my wellness & life with MS.  Guess what? It does not matter! 

This empowered being has a wellness routine that is an accessible self-care ritual. One that we all can learn how to create for ourselves. Living consciously gives us the tools for self care as healthcare which are accessible to all and FREE. 

I am grateful to have resigned from my own company. It allowed me to live consciously enough to truly learn self care is healthcare as well as hold true to my person morally even in the face of uncertainty.  Now I am ready to give myself to the community sharing these tools of empowerment. 

I challenge you if you do not wake up looking in the mirror happy, inspired and proud of what you do change something. We are all meant for a journey that expresses our person. For this gal clearly life is too short to have it any other way & has produced a miracle outcome that was unavailable to be before. 

Hit me up & we can connect on the road! 

I am so looking forward to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Namaste my friends and Up YOUR Volume!

PaleoBOSS Lady is happy to offer FREE support to your community so please reach out to v@paleobosslady.com. Cooking classes, workshops, talks, guided walks and movement sessions all FREE!