PaleoFX 2017: New Products Round-Up

Just back from my 5th PaleoFX & excited to share the latest products that caught my eye.

I did not attend talks at this year's PaleoFX as I seem to find them geared toward those early in their journey & not offering new insights to me personally. I highly recommend a full pass for those just starting their conscious life & for others a trade show floor pass is sufficient to get a BAM from your time at this event.

Vendors did not disappoint at all. So many old friends & new make walking the exhibit floor a good time.

For those who like to break a sweat the show has tons to offer you as well. I did note many of the activities that in previous years were free are no longer & have price tags ranging from $25-$35 for each session. Not going to lie this broke my heart a bit because exhibitors give samples of their products all day long & I feel anyone that makes money doing what they taught in a class should offer it for free. My 2 cents for what it is worth.

Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth Capsules

This is a BAM. I thought the dehydrated Bone Broth protein powder was huge& this takes it to an entirely different level. I am so excited to see this new addition to the line of products from my good friends at Ancient Nutrition. Their entire line I love & also includes individual serving packets, 30 serving tubs & now supplements. Can it get any better? Thanks Ancient Nutrition.

Eating Evolved: Keto Cups

These little BAM's are so key for me personally right now as I committed to giving up natural sugar (honey, maple syrup) forever. I am a true sugar addict & need to end the constant struggle once & for all. I have been on the search for a tasty alternative and these WIN! Check out that ingredient list too. All organic & all YUM!

Legit Bread Company: Sandwich Bread & Bagel Mix

Have not tried these new products from my friend Jennifer aka Predominately Paleo, but have them on the top of my list. Post after post others share their love of this product & I am ready to give it a go. Traveling for the tour makes it hard for me to cook breads, but I am hoping to share it with someone on the upcoming leg of my tour in exchange for use of their kitchen. Hang on for a tasty review in the near future. Jennifer's recipes have never disappointed so I am certain this will be a huge addition to any kitchen.

Guiltless Goodies: Skinny Donuts

I love a good chocolate iced donut like anybody else. Cannot remember the last time I had one until these yummy Paleo donuts entered my world. Love at 1st bite is my story. They are sold in a 6 pack and uber tasty. Reminds me of the old school Hostess donuts mom would buy however these will not kill you one bite at a time. All healthy ingredients with this line of donuts.

Malk Organics: Nut Milks

Finally a nut milk company not adding sugar to the entire product line. I hate that most organic coffee shops I go too offer nut or coconut milks with sugar added. Say what? It feels so opposite the message of the business I find myself walking out often not feeling like the owners are true to the mission. To me organic means consciousness & the ingredients of the products you serve should have a conscious lens also. Hoping to someday find this line served in most coffee shops. I tasted each of their milks falling in love with each sip. They even offer a cold brew so check them out.

Picnik: Butter Coffee

Words cannot describe the love affair I have with Picnik. This place has meant so much to me in my conscious life since day one when I ate at the little trailer on S. Lamar. It was the 1st time I ate out or anywhere that supported 100% my lifestyle. Never will I forget the joy in this experience. Since than every time I am in Austin you can find me at Picnik daily. The food, staff & owner are a huge reason Picnik has grown to add another location which is a full restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner/7 days a week. Taking life one step further Picnik now offerse buttered coffee to go and these are all delicious!  Dirty Chai is my favorite, but I love all of them. Literally delicious is all I can say. Try all of them to pick your favorite.

I hope you find the above helpful & know that each of these companies are filled with amazing individuals who produce products with a conscious. Having the pleasure of meeting them at PaleoFX & other shows throughout the year I can confirm that this community is a supportive, loving & conscious group whose main goal is to improve the lives of others through food. It seems we all get to this journey based on need & I can honestly say when you support companies like the ones listed above you are supporting change regarding health & wellness.

Namaste friends.

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