Paleo Slow Cooker Spicy BBQ Herb Rubbed Pork Butt


We all know that barbecue is a flavor attracting many pallets. For most of us a year round season of outdoor barbecuing is simply not available. Which leaves us all to often waiting for the 1st yearly BBQ to happen. No longer is there a need for that “weather only” permitting thrill. Simply adding woodchips to a crockpot offers a fun & simple way to bring barbecue flavor to food all year long. As noted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association, for almost 30 years the barbecue industry has remained consistently strong showing that BBQ flavored cooking is here to stay and not wavering. No doubt a lot of this has to do with flavor and you don't always need a barbecue grill to achieve that delicious just cooked BBQ flavor.

This is where the Cuisinart multi-cooker comes into play. This kitchen cooker is the perfect slow cooker for so many reasons. The Brown/Sauté feature allows you to perform the tasks of Brown/Sauté right in the cooker itself immediately before slow cooking. No need for extra mess and fuss with the Cuisinart multi-cooker. Another feature that makes this cooker and all-around winner is the timer, which no doubt is the perfect feature for those days when you just need to throw it in, set and go. Added bonus is the “no need to ever worry about time you get home feature” because once the cooking cycle is done the Cuisinart multi-cooker immediately transitions into warm mode for that perfect meal every time.

As noted by Elite Daily, studies show that pallets preferring spicy are usually a determination of personality type. The spicier you like it the more adventurous and a newness junkie you are likely to be. A Paleo lifestyle may find many of you liking it hot in the spice department with the recent growth of the Paleo movement if these studies are true. The next recipe is dedicated to the spicy side of eating with a Paleo lens.

Now there are all types of spice and our own personal pallets ultimately define levels of hot. Culturally, heat provoking, spices are often found outside of traditional styles of American cuisine. When looking to incorporate spice into dishes inspiration can be found exploring many older cultures such as Indian, Spanish, Chinese and many others. By adding spice to BBQ flavor the pallet is offered a marriage of many influences producing an explosion of yum in your mouth.

What one can learn regarding spicy food is slow cooking seems to be a universal standard. The Cuisinart multi-cooker sets the perfect stage for all types of cooking, but especially cooking that requires a little palatable snap in each bite! An amazing feature about the multi-cooker relates to how the handles never get hot. No matter what phase of the cooking cycle you are in rest assured the handles remain room temperature. Not to mention how the individual timing and temperature controls allow you to regulate your dishes preparation at every turn. The Cuisinart multi-cooker allows you to be the cook every step of the way becoming the master of your creations with pride.

A gradual mild spicy dish offers an experience that almost every guest can appreciate. Rather than a meal that is hot from the 1st bite with consistency. A graduation of spice with a mild heat ceiling also allows for those with a stronger pallet tolerance to add additional spices using peppers, easy homemade Paleo condiments or store-bought natural sauces. Whatever your pallet for spice is this dish has you covered with cooking made fun and simple using the Cuisinart multi-cooker.

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