Paleo Perfect Jambalaya


They really know how to party in New Orleans with Mardi Gras being the grand pupa of them all. Music, food & parade are all apart of the tradition each deep rooted with cultural influences. If you ever had the pleasure of attending Mardi Gras you will undoubtedly learn that anybody can easily develop a strong love affair for all of the traditional dishes consumed during this weeklong celebration. One of the traditional dishes of New Orleans and Mardi Gras is Jambalaya.

In today’s lifestyle choices many are now migrating toward a Paleolithic way of life regarding food and below is a recipe that offers a Paleo perfect alternative to the traditional recipes for Jambalaya often found served in New Orleans & in most cookbooks.

This entire recipe is prepared using a slow cooker from Cuisinart. The Cuisinart Central Multi-cooker ‘s offers options to steam, slow cook and brown & sauté.

The Brown/Sauté option is the answer to anyone living a Paleo lifestyles wish list. Cuisinart obviously recognized the truth that food gains added flavor when seared before slow cooking. However, in our fast paced lifestyle many find themselves opting out of this tasty step with regularity. Having the ability to use one cooker for a completely delicious meal takes slow cooking to a new level and Cuisinart has done just that.

From the moment one opens the box the Cuisinart Central Multi-cooker impresses the chef in all of us. Most cookers are heavy and bulky yet the multi-cooker is light offering a slick design. The handles never head making the cooker easy to empty and clean. Setting & starting the multi-cooker offers little to no learning curve with the clear step-by-step instructions. Once desired temp is reached using the Brown/Sauté option you simply add your items to the cooker and start sautéing right in the slow cooker. Once done sautéing simply added all the remaining ingredients, gave them a mix through and set to slow cook to your desired temperature & get on with your day. It is that easy.

Living a Paleo lifestyle many use the slow cooker for at least 3 meals a week. This helps to manage the use of only clean foods in a fast paced world. The Cuisinart multi-cooker ups the game and adds a flavor the traditional cookers are unable to get give without the added step of searing in another pan prior to slow cooking. In addition once the Cuisinart Multi-cooker’s timer goes off the unit will automatically switch to warm making any dish easy to prepare in the morning to come home later with a healthy meal ready. This story goes beyond the meal and notes the Cuisinart multi-cooker is also super easy to clean with its non-stick surface! A definite must have for every kitchen!

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