Paleo is Chicken and Waffles

Oh shit now I am sure I am pissing off many with my title, but I am serious. There are so many out there who are so ‘strict’ in their view they totally discount a ‘harms reduction’ approach to living which includes a Paleo lens.

I remember having a huge conversation about this in 2015 with the CEO of a company (in this space who I respect 100%) and we did not see eye-to-eye in any way. They were stead fast in their thinking that a pastry although made with compliant ingredients is not Paleo. Not for one second did they believe pizza, pasta, waffles, granola , cookies, ice cream or dessert would ever be Paleo.

I call bullshit!

I believe cavemen would have made cookies if they could, but the role evolution played they missed out. Bummer for them and BAM for us! Seriously we live in a time that cultural and societal norms not only play a huge role, but the internet and media also have large scale impact and a Paleo lifestyle not on the consumer driven agenda.

Products that are made from clean ingredients offer a community approach to Paleo which has been found to be key to sustaining the lifestyle.

Listen I am a HUGE fan of things like the 12-Step Program and Whole30, but I also know this approach does not help everyone. As much as we would like to believe it does to have one path for a Paleo lifestyle shows it is not sustainable. For most of us when we start evaluating our relationship with food we are also learning about food addiction and its role in our lives beyond nourishment.

Harms reduction can serve a vital role in food addiction and adopting a Paleo lifestyle.

Touring I saw first hand how a harms reduction approach created the space for others to listen and often engage their family. For me the last piece to my miracle puzzle was food and I took a harms reduction approach. One year I gave up gluten and that was it. I actually gained 25 pounds it was such an unhealthy approach, but it was a start. Next year Paleo and Whole30 with the help of a nutritionist followed by The Wahls Protocol (based on her TEDx alone). All of this happened within 3 years. Not overnight and each step a harms reduction approach.

Slow and steady wins the race and for me it has proven true throughout my life.

Last year I was at a green blogger convention called “Shiftcon” and a company was serving chicken and waffles. I lost my shit! I almost cried when I saw this because I never thought I would ever have chicken and waffles again. So I had a sample and another and another and another… Honestly I became obsessed with how wonderful this was and excited at the same time.

I knew this meal would help change the narrative of conscious eating in the communities I serve and that alone is a huge BAM.

I knew Kitchfix products could help an entire household to up their conscious eating lifestyle approach. Waffles done right and 100% Paleo a huge win for most families/households. Simple solutions like this continue to allow current food narratives to stay in place rather than alienation that often comes from a higher level of consciousness.

Kitchfix has a mission to “make healthy choices easy” and they hit the nail on the head with every product plus in the Chicago area they offer a meal delivery service.


 The Kitchfix line of products make it easy for every household. They have reinvented traditional foods with a healing and healthy lens. CEO, Chef Josh leaned first hand helping a client with cancer the power of foods to heal or harm.

I encourage you all to consider widening your lens on what is Paleo.

  • I believe Paleo means eating foods that include conscious ingredients.

  • I believe Paleo is void of gluten, refined sugar, legumes, grains and dairy.

  • I believe Paleo is a consciousness of being fully alive.

  • I believe Paleo includes mother nature and its gifts daily.

  • I believe Paleo is a community of conscious thinkers.

Check out my next recipe for the most amazing chicken and waffles made easy thanks to my good friends at Kitchfix.


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