One Small Step Week 2... treading water


Happy Sunday! I'm writing while sipping my first homemade Bullet Proof Coffee. Not bad!! Although it could use a little cardamon (gotta put that on the grocery list!)

Welcome to a recap of week 2 of our conscious living, pre-paleo adventure without refined sugars and processed foods.  Poor Week 2...the redheaded stepchild of any good adventure.  None of the shiny new penny excitement of week one (where we coasted along on the momentum of a fresh decision) ... and none of the solid results (like weight loss and lots of energy) we hope to see with later weeks.  This week was a bit tougher than the first.  Have you found that, too? It's not so much that we feel deprived of anything... we've been eating great stuff!!  And fruit is very abundant in the summer, so we still get sweet treats. Perhaps, like any good trek, the shiny sparkle of a new adventure begins to dull once you've been out on the road for a bit.

That said, we definitely had a few wins and shiny moments...

I successfully got my family to drink Dandelion Greens without them being aware of it!  They were shocked when I told them!  (tip:  don't give away the food secret too quickly!  I waited until they had enjoyed a few smoothies with avocados & greens before I told them.  I knew that if they were aware too soon, it would color their perception of how it tasted.)

tropical green smoothie... sorry for the lighting! I'm no pro! :)


Halfway through the week it was cool & rainy (very autumnal), and all I wanted to do was make chocolate chip cookies. So V came to the rescue and turned me on to a killer Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread from the Civilized Caveman. It was amazing, and it totally satisfied my taste craving well as my need to bake! I didn't have the Paleo friendly chocolate chips, so I used dark chocolate & honey. The family polished it off in 2 days!  It was my first time cooking with coconut flour.  I love the texture and taste... although I have to admit that I missed the nutty density of the whole wheat & oat flour mixture that I use in my banana bread recipe.  Paleo bakers out there... should I try a little almond flour mixed in as well?

perfect coffee break!

Other than the rain, which we desperately needed (not as badly as California, I know!!) the weather this week was absolutely amazingly gorgeous... especially for the Mid-Atlantic.  Low humidity, clear cool breezes, puffy white clouds, and gentle warm sun.  I had to work inside for most of it, so I made a point to get outside and enjoy either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  I worked on just being present.  Not letting my mind race through everything I hadn't done yet. I soaked in the sunshine, reveled in the smells of hay and dirt and greenness.  Listened to the crickets, tree frogs & cicadas.  We tried to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower, but I totally crashed out before we saw anything.  Still... it was really nice to sit and watch the stars for a bit.  Haven't done that for a while.

I hope you're having a great weekend! I'm off to prepare my meal plan for week 3!