Managing a Sugar Addiction

Sugar continues to be my drug of choice. I am a full blown addict who craves sweetness all day long. Yes my sugar comes from natural sources like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, sweet potato, fruits & other veggies. No matter what it is sugar, I love it & crave it 100%.

Since becoming conscious my sugar addiction has evolved all with the thought of overcoming this strong addiction.

It took me about 17 years of effort to overcome a strong addiction to Coke. I had the hardest time giving up 1/2 of a small can. I would sip it all day long many days not finishing the can, but still 'had' to have it.

I used to eat cookies everyday with cake & pie's too. Now I limit my sugar to natural options, however I still find it to be too much for optimum health. I have had a plan to end this & I thought you would like to hear about it.

I feel as if I am about 1 year to 18 months out of totally conquering this addiction of life & it has been a concentrated journey for almost 6+ years. Slow & steady has been my mantra always during my miracle life.

In order to live a truly conscious mindset & life as a Wahls Warrior I need to stop eating these types of foods in excess. MS hates sugar of any kind. It took hard work, but I did give up pizza, bread & gluten filled options & did not replace them with Paleo substitutes, but sweets are another thing all together. I have taken the slower road to this victory.

When I first started my conscious journey I ate about a 1 pound jar a week of local, raw honey. Literally I would simply put the spoon in the jar & go to town. This was how strong my addiction was that I had to consume large quantities of honey just to cope with the mental & physical changes happening from giving up refined sugars.

The next step for me was to do Whole 30 challenges.

These challenges are strict for 30 days with an automatic reset if you make a mistake. The competitive person I am did not ever have the need to reset & in the 1st year I did 7- Whole 30 challenges.

In the last year I decided to take it up a notch & do Whole Life Challenges.

Whole Life Challenges are 8 weeks and offer a few more elements to the challenge than the Whole 30 that I like. In addition to the time of the challenge being double a Whole Life Challenge offers several lifestyle goals & habits that also need to be met. It is not an all or nothing competition & has a scoring element that helps me to work even harder due to my competitive nature. Currently I am doing 3 of these yearly with each one limiting the amount of natural sugar I can consume helping to control my addiction.

The problem with both the Whole 30 and Whole Life Challenge is that when I am not participating I am back to consuming natural sugars & the addiction appears out of control.

Once I begin eating I eat it all. Not one cookie, but all the cookies. This is what I need to fix. This is where my issue lies just like any addiction. My hope is that after my next Whole Life Challenge I plan to not turn off the 'sugar' button because it is time to say goodbye to sugar foods forever. I am not going to allow myself to turn it on with compliant cakes, cookies & more for the last time.

Binging on foods during the off challenge times is not a good look & needs to stop for good so my body can have another level of healing.

I am hopeful this transition can happen & my sweet tooth can finally turn off so that living my best life will elevate to another level. Last year giving up booze was a huge step toward overcoming this addiction & I believe helped set the tone for me to overcome sugar this year & I am ready to make it happen.

Saying forever goodbye to sugar is the last piece in my food as medicine journey. Rome was not built in a day & my healing process has followed this mantra. I have worked consciously since 2011 to heal my body using food and this would be the final step & obviously has not been easy.

I am confident I can do this & have build a community of support with 5 other friends who are cheering me on & agreed to be my mentors. In addition I will be identifying several non sugar options to satisfy my temptations for the 1st 6 months with a plan to eventually weed those out eventually. I believe overcoming the need for 'something' after a meal is the behavior I am changing.

Wish me luck.

Have you given up sugar? What were your steps? Share below so we can all inspire each others journey.

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