LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


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First I must say I LOVE culture and tradition!  It is the core of my Italian soul!  My 1st trip to LA was on business and I had an extra day off between meetings thrown in so I took a trip to the LA Farmers Market!  I remember seeing my 1st celebrity at the market and enjoyed strolling the quaint vendors & shops.

A good friend posted on Facebook, "Did anyone want to go the 80th Anniversary Taste Of?" $35 for 50 different tastings this is for me!  The Market has an engaging history and this visit was 2o years overdue! #timeflies

A Farmers Market is certainly going to have healthy fruit, veggie and meat options. With 50 food options at $35 this was exciting and going to be perfect!!!

NOT SO MUCH! (a strangers plate of food pictured. #OMG)

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I find it irresponsible for anyone in the food industry to not take notice to what a movement like Paleo is saying beyond what you can and cannot eat. Especially when you have 50 chances too make this happen!

Paleo is not a damn diet or fad it is a movement! A movement of eating consciously!

I don't have a gluten sensitivity, I DO HAVE an issue that 85% of the food available to me in the grocery store & served at restaurants includes processed/chemical ridden shit!

How did we get here and why are comfortable staying? I do not for one second ever consider I gave up pasta.  I gave up killing myself and I AM NOT LYING.  #LITERALLY

Simple steps like:

Maybe Magee's House of Nuts next year will offer nut samplings rather than sandwiches.

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On the flip side Magee's Kitchen offered the BEST OPTION  for anyone with food sensitivity with their delicious Chicken, Asada Tacos on corn tortilla's!

I look forward to next years event and hope that someone wakes up in LA and organizes an event that respects the culture of all those who support the market!  Many of us do not eat nor want processed food especially at a FARMERS MARKET event!


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