Kombu-WHAT?!!? Answered.

By: V Capaldi & Hannah Crum

Guest Blog post! It seems like yesterday I was gleefully sitting with Dr. Terry Wahls having lunch at PaleoFX when across the room she spotted Hannah Crum, aka the Kombucha Mamma!

From the 1st moment we met & to the present day this woman exemplifies qualities such as unique, smart, caring & a true brew master. 

Hannah is the co-author of the #1 selling book, "The Big Book of Kombucha" released this year & taking the home brewer to a whole new level.

The Mamma of Kombucha: Hannah Crum

The Mamma of Kombucha: Hannah Crum

"Booch" is an elixir of health, love and passion in a bottle. Listen to Hannah's great podcast on Up Your Volume where she shares the secret ingredient for the best homemade booch ever! Click to have a listen.

Hi, I'm Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma and president of Kombucha Brewers International. If you're thinking "Kombu-WHAT?!!?"--well, that was what I thought when I first heard about this wonderfully healthy and exquisitely delicious fermented tea.

My first taste of kombucha was a DEFINING MOMENT--you know the kind, the angels sing and a beam of light shines down from heaven, and even if you haven't washed your hair recently, it suddenly shines with halo-like beauty. In other words: IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

Before Kombucha, I was a standard American diet with an environmentally aware edge making what I presumed were “healthy” eating decisions, when it suited me; liking the idea of organic produce, even though I didn't often spend the extra money for such "luxuries." But as soon as that booch passed my lips, I was transformed. When every nerve cell in your body is electrified, it's hard to ignore!

Kombucha became my hobby, ignited into a passion, and has now turned in a career. I feel as if I’m an ambassador for this amazing culture and I’m here to tell you it means you a world of good!

If you wanted us to know one thing about you and/or your brand what would that be? Symbiosis. That's the most important thing I have learned from Kombucha. The culture is called a SCOBY--a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Bacteria and yeast, two totally different organisms, form a mutually beneficial relationship that produces Kombucha tea. Symbiosis doesn’t mean “kumbaya” rather it means healthy competition in a diverse environment and when its commensual, then healthy boundaries are key to strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Alex LaGory is my husband, business partner and like the SCOBY we thrive best when we support each others strengths and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Like minds with different skill sets, together we have accomplished much more than either of us could have alone. Case in point: our recently published work, "The Big Book of Kombucha," (Storey Publishing, 2016).

What was the last time you danced & to what song? I LOVE to dance! We often work long hours in the office, stuck behind our computers, but at some point in the day or evening we just crank up the music and boogie oogie oogie! We call it the “Kombucha-cha!” Lately, I’ve got the House Chill station from Spotify in the rotation.

My favorite way to get sweaty...besides dancing? Well, you're going to think me a wimp--but I've recently gotten into Pilates, and even in plank, I break a sweat! What I love about this work is, it's foundational. I can practice when I'm sitting at my desk or walking the dog--just focus my attention on my posture and alignment. It's challenging, yet feels so natural.

What do you or your brand want to represent to the world in one sentence? Regeneration this planet and our bodies are beyond sustainable, we are regenerative beings on a regenerative planet provided the appropriate inputs in living form are available.

What are you listening to musically right now? I have to admit, I’m the type that is perfectly fine listening to “silence”. In my car, I have jazz & classical. At home, I listen to what my hubby’s into – right now in the rotation is Tove Lo – she’s a fantastic and edgy pop singer from Norway with a great voice. Also in the same vein, Marina and the Diamonds soulful, thoughtful female voices.

How do you get mindful and how often? Every day I am aware of my posture. Like many others, I've become a "victim" of gravity. So every time I notice my shoulders creeping up to my ears, I take a moment to consciously use my muscles to train my shoulders down my back, shift my posture and realign my body. And while I'm doing this, I take a mental inventory of my body and my surroundings. For that brief space of time, I live in the moment and savor the gift of life.

Can you share “one small step” you have taken in your life that has offered huge returns? The small step that has literally transformed my life on every level is starting the morning with a glass of Kombucha on an empty stomach. As it courses through my body providing me with nutrition in a living form, I feel my internal organs relax and am re-connected to the biofeedback loop. I highly recommend this to everyone. It will lead to a revelation of all the ways in which our bodies communicate with us on a daily basis, when we take the time to tune in and really listen.

Your favorite word? I make up words all the time. My current fave is rEvolution--using nature (evolution) to (re)-create effective solutions. With our human ingenuity we can leverage nature's ability to detoxify our poisoned bodies and planet. We owe it to the planet and all of its inhabitants to develop strategies that work WITH nature, not against it. (This is another example of symbiosis: We and nature working together to re-create paradise.)