It's a Family Affair

Okay folks believe it or not getting conscious about food is a family affair! Do not get it twisted thinking this is only the work of one in a household especially if the one is someone using consciousness to overcome a life hurdle.

Hate to be the asshole delivering the message, but what family member or loved one would not help you achieve a goal regarding an obstacle in your life?

When deciding to get conscious especially if you live with others this MUST include discussions, changes & support from members in your household. If not, success will be either short lived or unattainable. Sorry not sorry, but this is more than true.

For some of us sadly this is our escape route. By not including others in the process it provides a great excuse for why it is hard to succeed.

If you do not clean out your pantry of crap you will not succeed and the same holds true for your house. Yes folks anyone not willing to help support your mission is exactly the same as what is toxic in your pantry from this lens. This also has held true based on 1st hand coaching, working & supporting members of the community of conscious eaters.

Getting conscious about food is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. In order to change ones lifestyle for success the entire family needs to support this. Especially if the choices are focused on improving a health outcome.

What does it say about loved ones if they are not willing to support this journey?

What does it say about us when you don't include them in the why, how and the entire thought process around this decision?

For those who depend on others to prepare the foods needed to get conscious this question is even larger and more important to answer. If you are living with others who choose not to provide, support and work together with you to live your best life I would ask is that part of my health problem?

It blows my mind to see it time and again a fellow brother or sister unable to care for themselves & family members or loved ones who refuse to support diet & lifestyle changes for themselves or those in need of a desire to make these changes.

How freaking cruel can someone be?

Refusing to support a loved one who is suffering is unacceptable!

Yet sadly those in need often feel like so much of a burden they silence their desires filled with hopes of changing their outcome through conscious living.

There are ways to help make this transition easier for everyone. Simple steps that are proven to make a difference & help to begin the conversation of changes needed to up the volume on life & living.

We are Family Steps:

  • Whatever lifestyle changes are desired provide family members with the data, research and/or information that supports your lifestyle changes & talk about it. Answer any questions, concerns or comments they might have.
  • Be certain of you needs holding firm to your commitment of self awareness & need for change.
  • Set a time line for committed changes to occur without error & as a collective. (It is recommended 90 days to be the best timed effort for real changes to happen for any desired outcome.)
  • Collectively clean out the pantry reading all ingredients sharing new found knowledge.
  • Make it fun, exciting & not a lens of restriction. It is a freedom of choice & lifestyle.
  • Identify what you all will miss the most & find acceptable substitutes that together everyone works to make as a new alternative.
  • Find local support groups, meetups, bloggers, podcasts and/or social media experts who are sharing a similar journey you can all learn from.

I have found myself hearing time & time again "My significant other, children, roommate does not want to make any changes so it is hard." Which I always respond with "So they are not willing to help you potentially heal enough to overcome ________ because food is more important? Even for 90 days to see if your quality of life improves?" To which the response is often silence.

Folks you need to ask, explain & define all mentioned above so those who love you can understand the power of what you are asking of them. If after all that resistance remains than I ask you what is more toxic in your life?

Loved ones who do not support, encourage & help with changes to overcome a life obstacle may be the hurdle you need to overcome.

Damn it I have done it again. Raised an eye brow or two!

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