Italy Meets Granola...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™

"I'd hammer out danger, I'd hammer out a-warning, I'd hammer out love between

my brothers and my sisters all over this land."

Peter, Paul & Mary, 1963


PBL was born in 1963 and I remember this song clearly, every word!  I think it is the 1st recorded song I can recall other than Kumbia!  For some reason this has been like a broken record in my mind.

"Love between my brothers and my sisters…"

For the last 4 weeks I have committed to making conscious time to listen to the energy of my life.  Allowing & affirming it will guide me to my purpose.

Since graduation from grad school I have been self searching & in typical PBL fashion exploring some bold choices.  Which I call jumping to the challenge of living.

"…all over this land…"

Questioning the status quo and changing the narrative are happening through silence right now.  For the last 2 weeks I have stopped talking & committed myself to listening.

How does that happen?


If I Had A Hammer: Peter, Paul & Mary

I affirm out loud everyday.  I make conscious time to sit quietly  & engage being quiet with intention.

Once I have played the mental game of chess I have to allow for the process to unfold.  I have to stop thinking.  In the 12 step program they refer to it as "Let go and let God."

"…I'd hammer out danger…"

Peter, Paul & Mary are the sound track of my current conscious life & this song is playing.  Over and over again!

Life I am listening!

Who knew a BOSS Lady would be here?  Peter, Paul & fucking Mary??? Really…I was kinda hoping for "Life is a Highway and I Want to Ride it all Night Long…"


My goal is to inspire, engage & empower you with my posts.  I would be honored to have you subscribe to the blog and share it with the entire world & everyone you know.  Not lying.  Thank you for being conscious about your life & always love the life you live!