I Still Don't F*cking Fit In The Damn Box…


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Trying hard to figure out what I am meant to do with my life at 51!  

Achieving a Masters of Art is Psychology allow this BOSS Lady to feel relevant  for the 1st time in over a decade!  It also provides a huge does of societal pressure.

So proud of me!  #HardWorkPaysOff

What the fuck! #AllEyesOnMe

Got my graduation papers & in typical me fashion hit the ground running!  Going here, doing this and doing that!  Chasing my tail, moving, not moving, staying, leaving and all of it just simply exhausting!

I beat secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis! I am my own miracle! I have a grad school degree & I can do anything!  Off I went! #CrayCray

Last week was the Ancestral Health Symposium in Berkeley, California!  I was so excited to be amongst my piers learning & networking for several days!  Days filled with self empowerment!  #AHS14

I was also reminded that I do indeed have Multiple Sclerosis!  #OhYesIdo

I moved to Venice beach in 2006 to heal or be homeless.  Most of the big MS triggers for me like temperature issues were going to be removed just by my location leaving time for me to fight other MS battles.

This BOSS Lady has the habit of forgetting that she has MS!  #LikeEveryDay


This healed person lives at the beach for a reason!  This body does not have its own temperature regulation and tends to get stuck being too hot or too cold when weather changes.  Temperature issues have caused/triggered all of my MS relapses and the initial onset of MS in this freaking body!   #TheEnd

Next up there was a lot of walking on a 'hilly' terrain and I did have one night of dAncing!  11 days later and my shins are still struggling with severe cramping & rigidity that MS loves to give us! Literally unable to complete a yoga sequence I have been doing for years and leaving the class!  #SonOfABitch

Why am I doing so well?  Because I have questioned the status quo regarding my life and changed my narrative to reflect a life that supports ME with MS! #DamnIt

Yes I can be self sustaining!  Yes I can care for myself!  #WithoutADoubt

No I cannot live anywhere.  No I cannot function no matter what. I need accommodations and that is my reality.  #PartofmyCharm

How will you survive now that you are not going to be homeless or institutionalized is what everyone wants to know?  Since you are your own miracle & graduated from school that means you can fit back into societal norms and get a job to provide for yourself.  

How is it going to work?  How will I survive? Time in running out! Plays over and over in my mind.  Day after day.  

I am PaleoBOSS Lady and that is all I know.  If I stop being PaleoBOSS Lady I stop working.  My body no longer cooperates.

Being PaleoBOSS Lady  is how I will survive.  That is all I got and quite frankly has to be enough.  

Somewhere. Somehow. Someone is going to realize just who much value what I have done really is so that I can teach others about this movement.

Last time I checked I am a living, breathing, fucking miracle by the same societal standards that want me to 'get a job'!  What is my job?  Being a miracle.

Living this life is my job everyone!  

Glad many of you have a spare rooms.  I won't be homeless, but I am PaleoBOSS Lady and that is it. This my friends is my job!


#OhItGetsWild and I really hope you will subscribe to my blog!  Literally I am sincerely asking you to support my efforts by reading, sharing and participating when it feels right!  I cannot stop myself, but to dedicate my person to the movement and sharing its reality for me!  The miracle of my life is overwhelming and I believe many of us can learn from each other.  This page is  to inspire, engage and empower you to love the life you live! Get some! xo PBL