I Need Your Help

Not sure if that title is too much? No it is not just an attention grabber. Damn it. 

"The fact is I never ask for help easily & realize that this time it makes sense for me to ask the community for support."

For those who do not know I will be traveling the United States for a year offering FREE workshops, cooking classes & talks to as many people/organizations as possible. I have sold all of my possessions & am now voluntarily homeless spending the summer saving & preparing for this upcoming adventure.

The brand of PaleoBOSS Lady has over 50K followers on social media & continues to grow daily.  In addition the PBL message can be heard on a live morning show podcast, weekly newsletter, fresh new website & in monthly engaging content produced for others delivering a powerful 1 million viewers weekly.

In addition in 2016:

2 films will be released sharing the PBL message of conscious living to miracle status to an even larger international audience &

since announcing the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour PBL has been invited to over 50 locations & events. 

Planning to Drive 20K Miles

After much thought, feedback & conversation with myself, the community & my body it is decided I will be traveling in my adorable Fiat with my side-kick Gidget. Our goal is to stay with friends, family & the community keeping costs very low while offering maximum opportunity for change.

"The PBL way is to lead by example. Positive outcomes happen when others get to see how I live day in & day out. From this lens others begin to create their own roadmap tapping the miracle that lives inside themselves."

Allowing for much needed "down days" of travel where I just rest, sleep & eat are needed. Currently it is estimated a maximum of 5 monthly hotel stays will be needed for the year. Mainly for those point to point trips that require down time off the beaten path due to distance & limitations.

"This is key to be able to support the community having both mental & physical down time to refuel my personal energy well."


Events are as simple as having your friends & family over for a cooking class, an informal introduction into conscious living or something larger involving a group or organization. All invitations are appreciated, considered & every effort will be made to accommodate requests. You can head to the website for state & monthly listings. The hope is to have an International version the following year for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Ireland based once again on the community I support. 

The community plans the event & PBL will deliver.

"Words cannot express the sheer shock & joy when the outpouring of community requests clearly defined this reality.  With the community inviting me to participate in their collective makes this trip a more fluid powerful experience for all involved. It also allows me to give more & that is the biggest bonus.

Food Focus & Dance Party

Breakfast is our most sugar filled meal that starts our day & our children's. This tour is talking breakfast!

At the same time the narrative regarding exercise will be addressed.

"In a few select cities I will be holding "Pre-Dawn Raves" at local high schools. The idea is have high school bands & DJ's play the events inviting the entire school & familial community to dance the morning away. These PJ inspired events are all the rage in LA while as a collective gets families moving.
Brands such as Suja Juice and Go Raw will be offering samples of healthy lifestyle options FREE to the community at each rave helping to change the narrative around breakfast."


The ultimate goal is to create a grass roots movement built that is peer to peer, free or donation based.  A movement of conscious living supported by food, movement & mindfulness practices.

"Ultimately the vision is a peer to peer community that leads by example & without judgement."

Help Needed

I am looking for sponsors & connections to potential sponsors for this trip.

"My needs are minimal, but real."

Please read through the list to see if you can help me connect some dots.  If so reach out to me at v@paleobosslady.com or PM me on any PaleoBOSS Lady social media. I will respond ASAP.

This trip happens no matter what. This BOSS willing to use all I have personally to support the message. Additional support will only strengthen my ability to continue going for as long as the world will have me.

"I believe without question I have a moral obligation to my fellow brothers & sisters."

Join me in creating a legacy of change regarding life & living.  Thank you in advance for placing your trust in me to lead by example.

Can I Get an Introduction, a Helping Hand or Become a Sponsor

May be you want to get involved with this project? I have outlined sponsorship rates based on current average costs for items needed.

"Most of the requests are not financial & more about the connections needed to make it rain."

Hotels: Who has connections? Looking for about 5 nights FREE on average monthly? Kitchenette ideal. Know anyone who works for Airbnb? Home Away?  Have an empty second home you can lend?

Sponsorship: $1000 month for 12 months starting September 2016

Gasoline: Any one work for a gas company? Own a gas station & have contacts for gas? Have a connection to discounts of any kind?

Sponsorship: $200 month for 12 months starting September 2016

Filming & Editing: Looking for someone interested in content?  No costs to be incurred on equipment or editing on behalf of PBL however complete access of the trip offered FREE. Does anyone have connections at Go Pro? Mevo? Any film makers? Editors? Brands looking for content?

PR: Anyone have contacts with the press? Would love to share this tour & my story?

Literary Agent: Are you one? Know one?

High Schools: Any one work at a school that would like to sponsor a rave? Have kids that go to a school? Have a kid in a band or who DJ's? Any one on a school board who could help here?

Specific companies: YouTube, Google, Tastemade, Fiat, Marriot, Airbnb, Home Away, Go Pro, Mevo? Looking for connections at any of these companies.

Want PBL to Visit

Click here to see what states I will be visiting then email a request to v@paleobosslady.com

Remember you can make it as simple as gathering your family for a cooking class, informal talk or event around conscious living. All efforts are free or donation only. 

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