I Can See Clearly Now


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

For almost the last year I have been maintaining my life 100% physically alone.  

No physical therapy, no bodywork, no one driving me, no help cleaning my home and this gal is even hitting the laundry mat every couple weeks! #soproud

In hope of inspiring, engaging & empowering others to live their best life I began filming this journey at the onset.  Every step of the way questioning the status quo changing my life narrative through consciously living! #empowermentproject

During this journey I became aware that the goal is to truly empower another and not hold them hostage in any way!

PaleoBOSS Lady has worked hard to develop tools that are for EVERYONE!  #nohostageshere

Many of us know that our narrative needs adjusting yet we don't have the slightest idea how to adapt this.  For most changing how we eat is a first step which is a huge leap, but not enough.  If this is the only change many times we fail because these attempts do not become a lifestyle change and resemble just another current fad reality.

For PaleoBOSS Lady the key to kicking secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb has been more than being a food goddess (LOL).  It actually started with mindfulness!

One of the keys to any success is having a roadmap or a plan based around your ideas or thoughts.  By taking your ideas or concepts one step further and allowing them to truly be considered and idealized with the potential to be constructed to produce a result often results in actualization.  This process is the foundation of a 'roadmap' and a path for realization.

This roadmap I believe becomes more essential to those of us who may be compromised in any way with things such as MS or any type of illness either mental or physical.

One of my recommended 1st steps is to create a 'vision board' for your life!  

At least the next 12 months of your life!  

This BOSS Lady strives to compose her board the week between Christmas and New Years Eve and it has become an empowering tradition for me once I began my journey of a conscious life!

Enjoy my video talking about this great mindfulness approach to creating your life narrative!


As many of you know I have what I call my 'bag of tricks' that has been developed over the course of almost 30 years of having MS as a life partner.


In an effort to empower ALL OF US PaleoBOSS Lady embarked on a journey of 12 months of self empowerment.  I am honored to have this journey unfold before your eyes with video real life accounts of how this badass bitch continues to kick MS to the curb all day everyday! #ohitgetswild

I hope you enjoy my hard work albeit raw as f*uck!

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