I am Addicted to my Chaos Known as MS:


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® How fucked is that title?  Right?

Hate to sound like a broken record, but since graduation I have been in a mind space that is completely wild.  #blahblahblah

1st: I sleep for 2 days once I officially get my Antioch walking papers and flash mob taken care of!  #partofmycharm

Adrenal fatigue maybe?  

7 years of waking up at 3-4am 7 days a week to read/write papers while self healing from secondary progressive MS finally caught up maybe??!!!  #brickhitsforehead

Antioch 2014 Graduation FlashMob

2nd:  I run around like a chicken with her head cut off post graduation trying to get a 'job' like everyone else!  Somehow forgetting that I still do have MS and probably need a little help.  In addition I need accommodations.  #charmsmarm



I learn that I often find myself at a loss without the devastation MS causes in my life!  #fuckedupright  

I remember when my mom got sober I was in AL-ANON and realized that I was struggling to live in the sober world. Finding the chaos of life the norm and it hard to live in the calm space of mothers sobriety.

Well guess what? This BOSS Lady is right back at the same spot! #listening

Be careful what you wish for is often a life reality for me.  I would never change my wellness and continue to dedicate myself 100% to sustaining this outcome.

Changing the narrative of your life often allows for 'openings' that create new possibilities for oneself.  #iamabosslady


I had to take ownership for the loss of the chaos caused by MS.  PBL had to began to focus that energies loss toward something intense but  not harmful to myself.

By listening I realized the chaos of MS shall become the chaos of ownership! #iownmylife

Owning your life is harder than anything MS has ever thrown my way!  I actually believe that without this step MS will own me!

#byebyeMS and don't let the door kick you in the ass!  This BOSS Lady owns her shit.  All day & everyday!

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