The Adventure of a Lifetime Begins RIGHT NOW!

I cannot believe that as you are reading this today I am most probably in my car with Gidget for the launch of the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour sponsored by Nutiva and Natural Habitats heading to my 1st stop in Indio, California. 

My person is literally numb with joy, wonder & determination right now.

I have worked so hard for so long & never in a million years did I think this would be my life reality. Yet here I sit writing this blog realizing that in just over 24 hours I will begin a year long commitment of giving myself 100% to the community in an effort to create a grass roots movement of change.

This BOSS Lady believes she can help her brothers & sisters raise the roof on life & living leading by example in the company of the community I serve. #ohmy

My daughter came by last night & I would catch her looking at me through eyes I never saw before. Felt how I must have looked when she was leaving for Berklee College of Music. I was so proud to see the years of hard work pay off as she achieved her lifelong dream of studying music and finally be among her piers. This is the lens I think my kid was seeing me through last night & it was a first.

This tour will finally have me face to face with my tribe.

I am certain this time next year I will be fearless. No doubt the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour has me facing every damn fear I have remaining in this person. I am beyond ready to kick fucking fear out of the building for good. I wasted to many years living a life ruled by fear & this tour stands to end this once & for all.

Bye bye fear you freaking asshole. I am way over your sorry ass.

Leading by example I hope to share with my brothers and sisters all that I have in my "Bag of Tricks" to inspire their miracle journey. The next critical step is we continue the process by sharing with others leading by example. This is how change happens: one person at a time.

By the end of the tour my message stands to be heard by 30K in over 14 states & countless cites. This grass roots movement focused on creating sustainable real change one person at a time.

Join me America as we RAISE THE ROOF on life and living! Free events all year long!

If you are dying to get involved with the upcoming tour donations are appreciated. Beyond cost of gas the entire tour has been self funded.


My good friends at Nutiva & Palm Done Right paid for all the gas expenses needed for the tour & I am so very grateful.

In addition there are expenses for accommodations that are needed along the way. These are necessary stopping points for safe travel respecting my bodies limitations. Please consider donating! Together we can up the volume!

Wish me luck! Tribe I am coming for you! BAM!