How Hard is a Paleo Lifestyle?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ How hard is the Paleo lifestyle?

It's all about the lens and how you view it.  I find that once I started looking at "the how" of food most decisions regarding what I eat became moral issues for me.  Not only how I eat, but what I eat and when.


Living consciously I began to ask who said that we have breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Who said that we eat certain foods with certain meals?

Why do we all so blindly agree to these ideals?  Universally and across almost all cultures?

Somehow there is a cultural collective that food that is not natural is better, food is a reward and sugar should be in every meal in everything!  Most household diets across America share these values and this cultural collective could not be farther from the truth and yet a common reality!

Once I began looking into how 90% of the food we eat falls into this collective and how all of this ties directly into the increase in disease and sickness my lifestyle became necessary and easy!

Food a reward??? Really?

Think about how this reality came to be.

For one minute just stop all that you are doing and think about why we eat cereal for breakfast.

My personal reward  was disabling Multiple Sclerosis that took my health, my life savings and my family from me!

The hardest thing about a Paleo lifestyle is allowing the time it takes to deprogram a cultural collective regarding food that goes deeper than what you eat.  It is when you eat, how you eat and why you eat that also needs to be questioned, answered and reprogrammed.


Living a Paleo lifestyle is not about giving up, dieting or losing weight it is about looking at food through a conscious lens, taking ownership for your body and how you live in it.  Living a Paleo lifestyle is as hard as living a conscious lifestyle.  Conscious living means freedom and I will never consider my right for freedom hard.