Food Intolerance

As someone who travels all over living with others sharing all I know about conscious living I have seen first hand the power of food intolerance testing to help change the narrative in many lives.

I wanted to know for myself, but was not motivated to go to a lab to have the test done.

I travel all the time and somehow this never got checked off my to-do list when I am back home visiting in Southern California. As much as I really wanted to know it never happened.

Not going to lie as I continue to bio-hack my body regarding food I have less and less real knowledge of where to go. Most of my choices have been based on science I have read and how I feel. I have been eating consciously since 2011 and bio-hacking ever since this way.

My life always has a yearly healthcare goal that involve changes regarding various areas of my wellness plan  and food is one of them. This year I decided it was time to know for sure what my body liked and struggled to like. Food Intolerance testing was going to happen.

I decided to take an at home Pinnertest.


This test was the answer to my prayers and made the issue of finding out food intolerance a breeze. I actually did the test at 5am in the comfort of my kids home and in less than 10 days the results were sent to me in an email.

The kit includes all you need. It comes complete with the return box and postage so once you are done simply put in the mailbox and BAM results will come to you via email.

A Pinnertest involves a few simple steps, which does include a finger prick. I am not going to lie I was a little scared to do this even after self injecting for almost 2 decades with a drug for Multiple Sclerosis. Silly me because it was a joke and nothing to even get your self worked up over.


Pinnertest supplies a lancet that looks like the cap of a pen. You wipe your finger with a swab and place the mechanism on your fingertip. Next you simply push down and BAM it is done. Apply 3 drops of blood onto a collection card they provide, seal it up and mail it away.

It is simple and takes like 5 minutes start to finish.

When the email came I was excited to see my results and grateful the labs are easy to read and understand. Zero learning curve, which is huge. Pinnertest checks 200+ foods to see for intolerance and also rates the level of intolerance. It is a laboratory blood test that measures IgG molecules that react with commonly consumed foods.

They also rate the intolerance by levels from 1-3 which I like and find helpful. I am proud to say that I had only 5 food intolerance issues. Even my naturopath said she never saw so few. This gut is healing like no bodies business is my story.

My issues were with foods I could care less about except for one of them. I am grateful the one I care about was rated the least worrisome with a number 1. For me I will take this year to figure out a plan to eliminate it from my diet.

Here are my results:

Level 3 (being highest intolerance

  1. Pineapple
  2. Anchovie
  3. Shrimp
  4. Swordfish

Level 1 (least intolerance)

  1. Pork

I always heard most with autoimmune issues should not eat pork. However I chose to ignore this with bacon being the original gateway drug to Paleo. Today it is not even bacon I care about as much as my pork sausages and pulled pork. I will pick a 6 month period to give it up and reintroduce noting any changes in my body. I can say it took me many years to bring eggs back, but I have and using Pinnertest I will continue to bio-hack my body to keep my gut healthy.

I am super proud to have Pinnertest offer my followers a $60 off code. FREE world wide shipping too! Simply type PaleoBOSSLady in at check out and SAVE.

Without question I highly recommend you and your adult family members consider learning how to ‘harmonize your diet with your immune system for wellness.’

Keep me posted!

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