Flower Pot BAM - Granola & Nutmilk

A good friend of mine posted a video showing a bar that made a cocktail similar to this. I took the idea and added a few modifications to present Flower Pot BAM - Granola & Nut-milk.

This simple, fun and visual BAM makes everyone want granola any time of day.


Easy to make and many varieties to choose from with KitchFix granola. I love that you have it delivered right to your door via Amazon making it easy to say bye, bye to sugar free unhealthy morning foods. Adding a cute presentation element like a flower pot every member of your family will be begging for this in the morning.

Flower Pot BAM - Granola & Nutmilk

Total Time: 10 minutes


  • Flower pot

  • Mason Jar & straw lid

  • Metal Straw

  • KitchFix Granola

  • Nut-milk

  • Fresh Rosemary

  • Optional - cup of brewed coffee & plastic zip lock bag


  • Place mason jar or plastic zip lock bag filled with nut-milk into flower pot.

  • Place straw through lid hole.

  • Cover and fill flower pot with granola until covered to top.

  • Add rosemary sprig to center and serve with a spoon.

  • Optional - brewed coffee added to nut-milk

Drink a sip of the milk and a spoonful of granola.

Simply a fun and delicious morning start!