Final 25 is how PBL is rolling...

By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ In case you missed all of my other amazing kick ass blogs I can get you up to speed…

I recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in Psychology and have been freaking out about what I am going to do with my life!  I also recently self healed from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and now have my life back!

This situation has been oppressive for me. Literally! Hard to get my head of the pillow kind of bullshit!

Or hard to get my head on the pillow!  Nothing has been feeling right and I have been depressed!

PaleoBOSS Lady never get depressed and I can count 2 times in 51 years that I identified with anything other than happy!

For the last 4 weeks I have worked hard personally & in therapy to identify what was happening and how to change the narrative.  Instead of being proud of me I was miserable!

Problem for me was that I kept trying to answer my life question through the lens of my culture and not the lens of PBL!

My cultural lens had me believing I needed to get a "job", pay my bills in hopes of growing my life and that I needed to build a nest egg working hard long hours to get ahead.

God Damn it since the age of freaking breathing I have been self sufficient, financially stable, lived with excellent credit and at this phase in my life all of these are secondary to me.

I do not give a god damn about my credit score (which is 800…of course it is)!  I give a damn about my happiness and leaving my mark!



PaleoBOSS Lady hopes for 50 more great years, but would rather plan as if it is my FINAL 25!

That being said after long hours of self reflection, talking to loved ones, working with my therapist and chatting with my dog: PBL officially "jumped" this week into the world not following the rules once again!

I have decided to commit myself to this mission of conscious living without a clear plan and am willing to be lead by the power of the human spirit!  Quite honestly I did not know I was going to be PaleoBOSS Lady and continue to be overwhelmed with my life reality.

The best thing I can do is inspire, engage and empower others by LIVING my life consciously and publicly.  I am officially an open book!  My life is my job no matter what!  End of story.

I am my own miracle and that should be enough to leave my mark on life. Now to teach others...

"Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don't make it wait any longer." Dr. Steve Maraboli



Hang on folks cause it has been known to get wild!

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