Fasting: A Super Power BAM

Is fasting the new black or just one of the hot new biohacking tools? Neither!

Fasting has been a long tradition in many cultures & nothing new really.  In fact my uncle carried the tradition of fasting for 30 days yearly over from our motherland, Italy. The tradition of fasting has long been rooted in my Italian culture as in many others. In today's global society that lives by the pleasure principle fasting appears to have been only instigated by religious customs.

Today in the conscious living world fasting is the new drug of choice.

Studies show that fasting has the power to turn on all kind of cell making goodness.  The theory so good that fasting can often trigger rejuvenating outcomes at the stem cell level. During fasting the body shuts down the longer you fast. Fasts that last 5+ days often act as a conduit where old cells die off and new cells become rejuvenated creating an almost new you.

Eating plans that offer 5 days of conscious eating with 2 days weekly of fasting have been shown to have great impact on those suffering from autoimmune issues.  Studies with mice have confirmed that not only did fasting kill off the bad cells in mice it also created the space for new myelin-generating cells to form.

The above results prompted a limited study using both a Mediterranean diet & 5:2 or intermittent fasting with individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The initial results showed promise offering better symptom management with improved mental, physical ability offering a better quality of life.

In 2016 I began to biohack my way into fasting on average nightly for 10 hours.

Continued healing coupled with my upcoming trip made me want to biohack fasting into my life hoping to offer my body every possibility to decrease inflammation while assisting the healing process. The results to date have prompted & driven the upcoming "Taking it to the Streets" Tour.

My body is responding with further repair of function since fasting began.

My time using self care to perform the smallest acts continues to lessen with every month that passes. In the past for me to have use of my hands required more time with self care than ability to use meaning 2 hours of self care could produce 30 minutes of hand usage. As my diet and lifestyle choices grew to become conscious this outcome changed greatly with the amount of self care needed decreasing, but still out of balance requiring more time for self care than actual usage granted.

About 3 months ago my hands started working without hours of self care to jump start them.

For the first time in decades I can wake up and begin using my body/hands 'normally' without hours of self care to perform a simple function like brushing my teeth or washing myself in the shower. Fasting is the only major change to my life that could be connected to this outcome.

This result has prompted me to add fasting into my weekly routine by having one fast day a week. Not going to lie I was skeptical as to whether I could fast & somewhat fearful.  I decided my 1st full fast day would be using organic fresh pressed juice from Suja Juice.  Suja offers all type of suitable options for many levels of fasting from 1 to 5 day options.  In addition you can choose the assortment that will best support your journey.  In an effort to keep my mitochondria happy I chose the Core Fresh Start which limits sugar & is for the green juice lover in all of us.

The Suja Core Fresh Start uses 6 organic, fresh pressed juices for the fast that will be consumed in the day with large quantities of water.


Each juice was delicious and filling during my fast. I did experience hunger pains twice lasting for about 10 minutes. The 1st one hit around 'lunch' time and the 2nd around 'dinner.' I was able to increase my water intake while meditating through the pains turning this into a hiccup and nothing more. The fast itself was quite easy & actually the last juice I struggled to drink feeling quite full.

I would be lying to say this one day fast offered huge outcomes supporting my biohacking life, but it did trigger the desire for me to dive in further. With a 1-day fast not really challenging me mentally & physically beyond my ability to succeed I have decided to do a 21 day 5:2 fasting schedule starting August 1st this time using bone broth for the fast.

My objective is to do a 21 day fast prior to starting the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour hoping to give my body the extra love it might need to have a successful journey around the USA.  I am doing a bone broth fast married to my Wahls Warrior style of eating which includes between 6-9 cups of fruits & veggies a day. The basic fast will be a biohacked version of the Bone Broth Diet by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. The biohacker in me will be making changes to support my desired outcome during these 21 days such as allowing for morning bulletproof coffee and adding ghee to my bone broth.

Over the years I have learned my body loves fat & more fat. Rather than break something that is working I am going to hack my bone broth fast to reflect my own needs in hope of producing the best outcome.

Once the 21 day fast if over I plan to do a Suja Core Fresh once a week to continue the optimal healing platform I have created for my body. Stay tuned via social media and my blog to follow this journey of fasting in 2016.

Who knows maybe someday I will cure myself of MS! For now living almost 100% symptom free is enough, but this BOSS will never stop trying to figure out how to one day say BYE BYE MS YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!

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